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Celebrating TWO moms

by Novlet Allen 10 days ago in Childhood
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Secrets revealed on mother's day

Wijdan on Unsplash

I love you both lots

My two moms

But I ask you why am I so lucky

To have two mothers when

All my friends have one mom

And one dad

You then tell me that I am especially special

For two mothers are just as extraordinary

As a mom and a dad could ever be

But my friends say that I am a little weird

I cannot be born without a mom and a dad

I tell them, "I can too be born. I am here aren't I"?

So, I looked it up for myself, since you say that

You will let me know when I am older

I am older now, I am EIGHT and a half years old

Nastya Dulhiier on unsplash

I secretly got the books from the Library

I told the nice school Librarian lady that

I was doing a school assignment and could she

help me to explain how two moms could have

A beautiful baby girl without a daddy

My friends say that the daddy has to donate sperm

Or I will not become a fetus in my mommy's tummy

I do not know what that is, but it is important

Aren't you a bit young for this topic love?

The nice lady smiled and gave me a funny look

No, I am not, I almost yelled. I need to know

Sai de Silva on unsplash

So she sort of bent down and whispered in my ear

That it was ok to have two mommies and be

just as lucky as anyone who has a mommy and a daddy

I felt really great when she did this

Then she said that maybe I should ask my mommies

Edward Howell on unsplash

To come back with me and get the books

And explore the many possibilities that life

Has to offer to have happiness in so many

Many different and wonderful ways

The many adventures that life can offer

To a fine grown up who was all of

Eight and a half years old and becoming a little lady

I smiled and thanked her politely

Then I went and got my friends and

We got some books and sat at the back of

The library and read about the sperm

Element5 - digital on unsplash

It said that they inject the sperm into one of my mommy's tummy

And in nine months I actually became a baby

My friend asked if the sperm was free

All three of us shrugged and decided to ask

the nice librarian lady about purchasing sperm

Her hand flew to her mouth and she stared at us

For a really long time, we were very puzzled

It was a really serious and important question

Finally she asked where we got out information

Books! We told her. Pointing to the bookshelves

Oh dear! She whispered.

Again, advising us to return with our parents

she put the books back upon the shelves

so we went and asked grandma about the situation

Grandma said there is a bank, just like ones with money

where two moms can make a withdrawal, like money

and receive a beautiful baby boy or girl

The only difference is that they will have to wait

a whole long nine months before the baby arrived

I am that gift that arrived after they made their withdrawal

She said she loved me and my two mothers

and I should be patient and wait for them to

explain it in their own time

I googled it when I was nine years old

I knew it all when you explained it when

I was 10 years old

I never told you that I understood what actually

having two moms really meant

Honestly, now that I am grown

I want you to know that I was very happy, but

for a long time I really wished that I had a dad though

Sofiya Levchenko on unsplash

All my friends did, and I felt left out

I am better now, I understand and accept life

I love you both moms

Always have

Always will!

With lots of hugs, kisses and girly snuggles

Sofiya Levchenko on unsplash

Happy Mother's day to both my mothers.


About the author

Novlet Allen

I am an aspiring writer and poet. I find words delightful. Every poem, or story that I read or write, enriches me. 'Read a thousand books (or stories), travel a thousand miles'.

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