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Bow to your dreams

by Kiel 4 months ago in Friendship
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She is an ordinary person, who knows both resistance and compromise. She enjoys the happiness brought by music, but never avoids the responsibility of life. She lives optimistically and complains nothing. She has lived an independent life, which is unique to individuals.


I was my friend's guest teacher for half a month in a summer guitar class. When roll call, unexpectedly have a prim middle-aged woman answer "ARRIVE". I was surprised, according to her age and dress, should appear in the district of Yangko team or park aerobics ranks. However, she is holding a guitar, sitting in a group of youth flying in the middle of teenagers.

The delicate fingers of the young people, such as the fairy in favor, pluck and sweep, easy and free, will soon play a simple tune. Her hands were thin and rough and stiff. A week went by, and she was still awkwardly practicing grid climbing.

At first, I was afraid that some classmates would laugh at her. But everyone seemed to respect her so much, including the parents, that I was surprised. At the end of the course, I finally got to know her story from the students.

When she was five years old, she fell in love with her friend's piano, and the well-behaved child cried and made a scene. Although the family is poor, but she is also the little princess of her parents. Her father promised to give her a piano when she was 15. She always afraid of parents forget, so, every birthday with jiao, they promised to promise again. But when she was 15 years old, she finally realized that the burden on her parents' shoulders was too heavy, and the whole family was supported by their shoulders.

When I was 15, after lighting the candle, my father and mother looked at each other with some awkwardness. Sensible she took out a harmonica, laughing and blowing the "Happy Birthday". The humble room was full of laughter as younger siblings fought to eat the cake. She held the harmonica and felt that it was her own piano, only smaller and nicely pressed against her palm.

After graduating from junior high school, she worked as a waitress in a hotpot restaurant. Working late every night, my legs and feet were swollen and my hair smelled of hot pot. Can think of their parents can reduce the burden, but also slowly save money to buy the piano, her heart became the keys, "ding ding dong" sounded some small happiness.


After marriage, her husband loved and understood her deeply and was moved by her dream. He whispered to her, "Trust me, in three years, we will have a piano." She shook her head. "No, let's buy a car first." The husband drove a taxi and had always dreamed of having his own car.

Her husband bought her many cassette tapes of piano music. As long as she walked into the small house, there would be music she loved. She did housework over the music and texted her husband over the music, urging him to drive carefully. Even my little son will dance when he hears piano music. Looking at her intoxicated son, she felt a pang of happiness in her heart. She quit her job as a waitress and went to a wet market where she specialized in slaughtering chickens and cutting fish. The work is hard, but I earn more than before.

In the vegetable market, pop songs are singing enthusiastically. Her ears catch the sound of various accompanying instruments. Everything is good. If you meet the piano, you will smile like you meet an old friend. There are happy people in the heart, will have that understanding smile.

Their son is in primary school, and while they are looking for a piano, their uncle in their hometown calls to say that his little girl has a leg disease and can't afford an operation. The family agreed to transplant the dreams of two generations into the legs of a 16-year-old girl. That young girl, also should have a lot of crystal dream.

At this time, the two old people have gradually become a frequent visitor to the hospital. Their husband and wife are the eldest in the family, take care of the elderly, to help the younger siblings, all the burden of a rush to pressure over, the day has been busy. Before I knew it, my son had already entered high school. That's a good boy. He gets the first scholarship every semester.

But her hands began to ache for no reason. After a long delay, the diagnosis was rheumatoid arthritis, and the knuckles were stiff and deformed. Take medicine, physiotherapy, the effect is not obvious, every morning pain to convulsion. Her son bought her a guitar with a scholarship. He said, "Mom, you try this first. Stretch your fingers. Later, I'll buy you a piano."

Her husband signed her up for the summer program, so she showed up with her guitar in her arms. "From harmonica to guitar, I'm one step closer to piano," she said with a smile.


I turned to gaze at my student -- she was playing the etude intently, each note carefully.

On the morning of her graduation, she also performed. Though she had practiced it well, it was clear that those naughty notes did not want to be dictated to by those convulsive hands. A simple piece of music, she played with great difficulty, the forehead is out of sweat. I thought silently: her hand, must be very painful.

The students sang softly for her in the audience: "You have come back, my sorrow dissipated, let me forget, you have been wandering for many years, let me believe that you love me as before, many years ago, many years ago......" I was stunned. I had never heard such a moving chorus before.

Stiff and difficult playing, gradually become soft and moving. I studied the 42-year-old student: her lips were thin, her face quiet, her eyes light. This is the most obsessive lover of music I've ever met, an honorable man.

At the end of the song, all the boys stood up and clapped for a long time. They took turns to hug her as if she were their mother. I also stood up quietly and bowed deeply to the student, who was 19 years older than me.

She is an ordinary person, who knows how to fight and compromise. She enjoys the joy of music, but she never avoids the responsibility of life. She lived optimistically, without complaining about anything, she lived out the unique wonderful life of an independent individual.


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