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Being a nice person?

Is being a nice person gives any advantages ? I doubt .

By VerboseThinkerPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Being a nice person?
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Treat everyone fairly . Be polite, doting , sagacious , scrupulous and compliant . Do not bear any grudges . Do not be cranky or nefarious . Always give helping hands to these who are in need. You must find the common ground , despite the fact that your stomach is turning , when this person is emerging in your horizon. Do not desecrate anyone. Do not strike back at these people who offended you. Kindness is going to vanquish and spearhead the gaudy luminosity in this violent and grey world. These phrases which I have learnt by rote have been reiterating from my grandparents , parents , teachers and even strangers .Conviviality and clemency are the most potent tools on which our perceptions are decreed on , but why am I obliged to put up with someone’s negligent and big-headed behaviour . Why must I turn up blind eye on person’s awful misdeeds toward me? It is not fair . However , no one was listening to mine squeaks , I was clammed up and left to grapple with my own musings and questions in hush and blackness.

From my early childhood , I have been raking my brain with numerous questions . Such as , why teachers are bigging up only quick-witted and erudite children , while other apprentices were just left in the back burner , heartbroken and clamped down . Another question which was always finding its place at the back of my head was why do I need to be a nice person ? Throughout my puberty and adulthood I have befallen with a bunch of predicaments and obstructions , bad-tempered people who were treating me so awfully and obviously with other people who were leaders-in world without violence . But this world does not exist and if I start putting up with everything , what consequences are about to arouse? Being nice and approachable can be sufficient , but not in every single situation . People are gushing with ferocity and guile , they will use your kindness for their own sake . And you are going to grin and bear it? I wasn’t this person . I was showing defiance towards that. Parents were not satisfied with my raucous and abrasive character and neither did I understand the point of being nice?? Personally for me , these people were always akin to vapidly deceived people . It may sound acute and straightforward , but how I can be polite and nice , when the person who I was admiring from the bottom of my heart has betrayed me and vanished from my life. Teacher who did not love and endorse me has mucked up my school report card , which has deteriorated my portfolio in my applications for universities . My friends have framed me for doing , what I did not do and everyone believed them and started spreading the nastiest gossips and hearsays . My beloved mates who were fibbing into my face so explicitly , but behind my back were dousing me with the grungiest words . However , someone was still professing kindness and talking me round to become nicer person .

Come to think of it , I am not trying to persuade others to become so gory and atrocious people without a grain of remorse and politeness towards other people , but are these personality traits still valued and cherished in our society ? Apparently ,no. No one is taking a notice of specifically kind and gregarious people , on the contrary everyone is drawing attention to your blemishes , nasty sides of character and flaws . The reality is surreal , but in order to survive kindness will not help .


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