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As I Embark on a Mystery

Unravel the truth

By Cheryl A Nocera Published about a month ago 3 min read
The mystery begins

As I embark on mystery I untagle every piece of truth like ribbon or tape all around me. One nice morning I was at the beach taking photos of the sunrise, and a handsome younger man approached me. We started taking photos and talking about the colorful, astonishing, and beautiful sunrise. Then we took a small walk getting to know each other, and eventually becoming what is still unknown.

The intersting piece about this story I was going to go back to bed that morning, but something in me kept saying go to the beach, and see the sunrise. Also, for some reason I do not always know the answer to this either, but the cougar kept coming up. I had this gnawing feeling in my gut that would not let me ignore it. The photos I took are pictureques. We exchanged numbers, and he did text me that day, and that was it.

The next day I messaged him, because I was still unaware did this man like me, does he just want to be friends, or what he wanted in general. I have been single for almost a year, so this was really exciting for me. No matter what the answer was. That morning was so magical in so many ways. The beautiful sunset, handsome man, and the energy that surrounded us was so intense. Honestly, I felt like I had known this man forever after knowing him for maybe at best 20 minutes.

Getting back to the next day we did meet up, and I got my answer. Again, we went for a walk at the beach, and kissed. The sparks that was flying inside of me were very real. I felt passion, love, and kindness that I have not felt in awhile. Every fiber in my body is screaming this is amazing.

However, being the age that I am I know there is more to this story than meets the eyes. I also know this is one mystery I am going to see through. I am not going to put any bets on it just yet. For once I am going to enjoy the ride.

As most people who read my stories know that I am all about signs, mysteries, and excitement. There are times like that morning that blow me away, even though I have lived most of my life like this. That morning got my wheels turning. I know I should take it as slow as I can. However, I really want to see this through. I also know that I should walk away, but I am going to keep this story going.

As the pages turn I unravel a piece of truth. Each time and touch the more the mystery becomes alive. As I embark on this new journey my heart becomes alive. Explosions go off like fireworks deep inside of me as I race to the finish line. There are no parts of me saying run at this point, so it is safe to see this through. Every breath I take the more I desire, and fight to let it go. I want to forget this ever happened, but reality for me has always been the unknown.

Is there some truth to passion, and desires that continue on a deceitful path? Can there be a little of the truth and lies ravelled in a one big stack? I honestly do not know what will come of this, but I have never felt so alive. I still cannot believe one morning of nature's gift turned into rollercoaster of emotions all at once, while questions still remain.

Tic toc, tic toc, my thoughts are racing along with my heart not knowing what is to become of this mystery. However, this is one untold story of the unknown I will see through. I might not like the ending, but I will enjoy the ride for now.

Cheryl A Nocera


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Cheryl A Nocera

I am an educator, writer, photographer, and singer song writer. I have a podcast [email protected], and talk show CTS: Cheryl's Talk Show on Spotify I love to share & learn new things. Come join me on this adventure.

Cheryl A Nocera

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  • The Writer about a month ago

    Yeah At least memories were made

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