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An Evening To Forget


By Elaine DembowskiPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
An Evening To Forget
Photo by Rahim Sofri on Unsplash

One evening in the summer, the weather was nice and warm. The sky was clear without a cloud. It seemed like the perfect evening to go out. I was in such a good mood.. I was over my boyfriends house for the day and we decided to go for a walk. After walking for a short time, I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to go out to eat. He said sure. We decided to pick up his son first. We called ahead and told him to be ready. Then we stopped to pick him up. We went to one of our favorite restaurants, a short drive from the house. After we got seated, while we were looking over the menu, I ordered a margarita. My favorite, a frozen strawberry one. I kept my phone on although I try not to look at it when eating out but you never emergency can happen . Shortly afterward, I got a text message from my friend with a picture of a margarita. This was something that we always do. Since we both like margaritas, if we go out, we send the other one a picture of our drink. I sent her one back as I had just gotten mine. I thought it was funny cause the background in the picture was similiar to mine. I looked around the restaurant and saw my friend eating with her husband. She saw me about the same time. She came over to our table to say hello. She told me that they was leaving shortly and gave me what was left on her gift card to put towards our meal. After I thanked her, I told her that I would see her in work the following day. She and her husband left the restaurant. We then ordered supper. We sat making small talk until the food came. The food was good, as usual. After supper, we left the restaurant and I walked ahead of my boyfriend and his son. Everything was going perfectly. Nice warm weather and a delicious meal. The sun was starting to go down, but it was not quite dark. The moon was full in the sky. I walked over to the car and opened the door. I was a little surprised because my boyfriend always locks his car when we leave it. But maybe I just didn't hear the opener beep. Just as I was ready to get inside, I noticed that my water bottle wasn't there. That was strange. I always bring a bottle of water wherever I go. I knew I didn't bring it into the restaurant. Then I noticed that the interior looked different. Seats were different, color different.. There was a sweatshirt lying on the seat… I backed up and heard my boyfriend and his son say, " what are you doing? That isn't our car. " I looked at the exterior and it wasn't the same model or brand. And now looking at it, it wasn't even the same color. My boyfriend owned a Toyota Rav 4 and this was a Cadillac Escalade. Then I noticed a group of people walking behind my boyfriend with puzzled looks on their faces. They whispered to one another and looked over at me. As we quickly walked away, they walked over to the Cadillac and got in. I was so embarrassed and really didnt know what to say. I hurried over to the Rav 4. My boyfriend opened the door and I got in. There was my water bottle. I explained that I had thought that we parked right in front. His son said "but thats a Cadillac. They don't even look the same," I didn't even realize it. I did learn to walk next to my boyfriend from then on. In fact, he holds my hand.


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