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A love letter to bath bombs

I love bath bombs

By Christina EpperlyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
A love letter to bath bombs
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It's February the month when we celebrate love! Loving yourself is one of the most important kinds of love that there is. It is easy to forget to take care of yourself in this crazy world. Self-care is more than a trend it's an essential part of preserving your mental health. There are many different forms of self-care. Some forms of self-care include exercising, keeping a journal and spending a day at the spa. I decided to write a love letter to one of the self-care items that I love the most! I used to just take showers until I discovered the relaxing powers of baths. Baths are great on their own, but they are pure luxury when you add other things to them like bubbles and bath bombs! Bath bombs come in many different colors, shapes, sizes, and scents. There is so much to choose from. It usually is not hard to find a bath bomb that is perfect for you. I hope my cute and fun love letter to bath bombs inspires you to add some beautiful bath bombs to your next bath or to at least put them on your shopping list.

Dear, bath bombs my sweet, lovely bath bombs you truly make bath time the best time of my day. Your gorgeous colors and uplifting scents send me into magical world of beauty and relaxation. Before I go any further, I can’t forget to say I love how hard working you are. When I put you into the warm bathtub, you get to work right away as you dissolve and become one with the warm water. A delighted smile lights up my face as the water changes into a brilliant color. I love how sometimes you make bubbles as you become a part of the water. However, the surprise I love the most is the surprises that you sometimes hide inside. Even when you have become one with the water. You leave behind a squishy toy or a charm as a reminder of the unforgettable time we spent together. Every cent I have ever spent on you was more than worth the money. You bring me peace, relaxation, and joy all at once. This world is a stressful and strange place but when we are together all that melts away. When I'm with you I'm wrapped up in your comfort and protected from the world's daily stress. When you melt into the water you melt my worries away. The world is an unpredictable place I never know what is going to meet me every day. However, that is not the way it is when I'm with you. When I with you I know I can expect things to be calm and peaceful. Even though our time together is short It is truly beautiful in every way possible. I never want to think of a world without you in it. You make the world a better place even if you don't know it. You bring relaxation, peace, and joy to millions. You are great to give as gift because your worth is well recognized. You not only help me to forget my worries for a few wonderful minutes, you bring that comfort to many. I love you when you smell of lavender, fruit, or peppermint. I love you in any shape and size. When I see you in the store you will always be something I want to buy. Before I end this letter, I have to say please keep being your amazing self! You are a rare beauty in this world we live in and I’m so happy that we met.

Love you forever, Christina

I hope you enjoyed reading this love letter to bath bombs. What self-care item would you write a love letter to?


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Hello There ! I'm a blogger, writer and bucket lister! My bucket list has over 300 items on it. I am big believer in enjoying the little things in life. I also love collecting toys.

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