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A Letter to Mom

by Latoya Giles 4 months ago in Family
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Dearest Mother...A Poem

Dearest mother, you brought me into this world, my favorite girl, I think I am yours too.

Dearest mother, I appreciate you for all you do, but I have something to say...

Don't react right away my dearest mother, hear me out in full, in other words, wait until the end to speak you piece, ok?

*takes deep breath* Here goes nothing! I'm ready to start. Oh my goodness *grabs chest* my heart! you know that spot on the wall in your room? The one under the light switch that is a different color blue?

I am sure you do. You have to look at it every day, more than once probably. You never knew what happened, or who did it. Well, it was me.

There, I said it! Blurted it out and finally got it off of my chest. There is more though, let me tell you the rest.

Everyone knows that kids are curious, kids have questions for days. Well, dearest mother, this is how it went: I wondered if nail polish remover could take off paint. You weren't around to tell me, so I sat down to think.

I found a bottle of remover and grabbed some tissue. I rubbed it on a small spot on your wall under the light. To my surprise, it went from blue to white!

Dearest mother, I was in complete shock. It had actually worked! WOW!My question was answered, but, uh, now what? I had to figure out how to fix it so you wouldn't get my butt lol.

I found a bottle of blue nail polish, I figured "this can help!" So I opened the bottle and started to paint it myself.

"Oh no!" I panicked because the blues did not match. The nail polish was a darker blue so I knew you would notice that.

I was at the point of no return, what had been done was done. That is it.*shoulder shrug* and as I knew for sure, when u noticed it, you would have a fit.

You asked my little brother and me, "who did this? Come clean!!" We both innocently said, "mommy, it wasn't me!"

Dearest mother of mine, I lied to you that day. #0 years later, I am telling the truth. I am so proud of me. Now that you know the story in it's entirety....

What are you thinking? Mommy, how do you feel?

Think about it my oh so dearest mother, it has been such a long time, let us just forget it forreal. *shoulder shrug* Deal?

You one and only favorite daughter,


P.S. I have another confession. Actually, there are a couple. I figured I might as well get it all out there, right? Ok, so remember that time you woke up with rollers in your hair that you didn't remember putting in? I'm sure you do. Just think for a second. You remember? Ok good lol. So not only did I put the rollers in your hair while you were sleeping, I also cut some of your hair. A yellow roller had gotten tangled in your hair. I couldn't pull it out without waking you up, so I cut it out. I'm sorry mommy. I figured I didn't cut too much off because you didn't even notice. I think I am going to stop there. We have gone over a lot in a short amount of time. Take it all in. Think about it all. Aren't you proud of me mommy for being so honest? Did I do a good job mommy? Well ok, I will talk to you later mommy. Lots of love as always...


About the author

Latoya Giles

I'm just a single mom tryna make it. Come with me on my journey through life in writing... "A dream deferred is not a dream denied"

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