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A Letter For You

("In Another Life" Book)

By JPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Let this be my final letter,

Because my words fall on deaf ears.

I know you could care less about me & what I have to say regardless of the matter,

But hopefully these words touch your heart so you can hold them near & dear.

I can apologize 1,000 times for the past, but it makes no difference,

Simply because "it's whatever" like you say as a reference.

But sadly, it means everything to me,

Because you were once all I wanted even when you couldn't see.

Love made us both blind, but our mistakes made us ignorant,

To the fact that we love but also hurt each other as if nothing else is important.

But at some point, everything just changed,

& The love was lost while we just became estranged.

Even now I have this overwhelming sadness,

Alongside with this worthless madness.

I can't stand the idea that another man has you,

Especially since that I am the only one that would truly bend time itself just to build anew.

But even if I managed to restart time,

It wouldn't change your mind, nor would you be mine.

As much as I believe & know you are My Soulmate,

It seems we are at an impasse & hit a stalemate.

It hurts my heart, poisons my mind & taints my soul,

But I have accepted it all & shall live with this emptiness, this giant hole.

I would've done anything to see us together again,

Especially for that chance to have our daughter see her Mom & Dad a happy couple until forever & then.

So with this I apologize for ruining that dream,

I can't believe that things ended but we will always be a team.

I won't ever leave your side even if you don't like it,

But you will never be alone especially since we have a beautiful child together like it was meant.

As it is all written in The Stars Above,

I will always feel this way about you because what I have for you is Unconditional Love.

I take full responsibility for everything,

Even for what I didn't do because I made a vow to right every wrong when I gave you that ring.

I know I failed you & drove you away,

& For that I will never forgive myself; not now or even when it's the End Of Days.

I wish I could take it all back & redo it all,

But I can't so I'll just leave you alone now since you have up this wall.

But I hope you know I still Love you, Miss you, Want you, Desire you, & Need you Like No Other,

& I sincerely apologize for having to be stuck with me & being a bother.

So now I will let you go for the rest of time & won't interact,

Just know when I'm gone for good that these words will still be intact.

I wish I could find the words to say or knew what to do to get you back,

But I don't so I'll stop writing these poems for you, get all my feelings together & just pack.

If you ever change your mind or heart, then I'm here to listen but I know probably won't because you made the very clear.

So as of now I'll let you go & won't bother you anymore, so this is I guess a goodbye too,

I know this was kind of long but thank you for changing my life for even taking the time to read this because this is A Letter For You..


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- Jacob

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