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A figure clad in respect

by SondJam 6 months ago in Family
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I have heard your name from TV, from newspapers, from the words of Yimeng people.

I finally met you that day. In the Yimeng Red Sisterhood Memorial Hall, you are speaking for a group of Yimeng veterans who have just been discharged from the army, the story of the Red Sisterhood.

In fact, you are the red sister-in-law, one who insisted on supporting the military for nearly two decades, loving the soldiers like a son, from the "soldier sister" to the "soldier mother" of the contemporary red sister-in-law.

You said you like red, because red symbolizes light and warmth, is the external expression of their own hearts. That day, you were wearing a red blouse. You wore it to the northern frontier, in the snow and ice, and the soldiers at the post together to make dumplings, to have a red-hot New Year's Eve, but also to the Alashankou border, in the frontier line and the soldiers hand in hand with the wind, to experience first-hand the hardships of patrol. Flying sand and rocks, you are like a swaying red peony, blooming in the hearts of border guards.

People say you are a strong woman. You said, that year the enterprise closed down, I was laid off. I am still young, what should I do? I was born in Yimeng, grew up in Yimeng, confused and remembered the red sisters-in-law of Yimeng. The noble quality and personality of the old red sisters-in-law showed me the way forward, and the "red sister-in-law spirit" of love for the party and the military gave me strength.

You started a difficult business, first set up a tricycle transport company, and then changed to do ice gourd, and later set up a food company with frozen dumplings as the main business, the business gradually flourished. Since then, you have thought of using their own modest efforts to do something for the troops. 2003 SARS rampant, when the TV saw the PLA medical team stationed in Xiaotangshan can only be fed with boxed lunch, you did not say anything, immediately with a car to pull up 5 tons of frozen dumplings, sent there overnight. 2020 early, you pulled up 20 tons of dumplings, personally sent to the PLA medical team stationed in Vulcan Mountain Hospital, Thunder God Mountain Hospital .

Shenyang Military District, an anti-aircraft regiment has a soldier Xiao Zhang, his parents died one after another in two years due to illness. Before his mother died, she handed the soon-to-be-enlisted Xiao Zhang a bill totaling 130,000 yuan, urging him to pay back the money no matter what. After the troop leaders learned of the situation, they once donated money for him and applied for special hardship allowance for him, but they couldn't pay it off for a while.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Soon after, you also paid off 100,000 yuan for his debt. When the "soldier son" was on family leave, you made up his bed at home, cooked delicious meals for him, and brought him the warmth of home. Later, you also matched him with a female accountant in his own company, and eventually tied the knot.

"One person embraces the army red a little, everyone embraces the army red a piece." A vivid and touching report will end in a warm applause. You faced the audience with a deep bow, turned and walked off the podium. Looking at your departing back, that splash of red is like a burning fire, went to the border, went to the post, and will go far away to warm the heart of a soldier ......


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