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Ten anecdotes you may not know about Sean Bastille

Ten anecdotes about Sean Bastille

By Cucchia TinPublished 4 months ago 6 min read
Ten anecdotes you may not know about Sean Bastille
Photo by TJ Dragotta on Unsplash

12 seasons of NBA career, average data 8.6 points 4.2 rebounds 1.8 assists, career three shooting percentage of 43.7%/38.4%/74.3%, 2 NBA championships, 2 times selected for the second defense, Shawn Battier has never stepped into the ranks of the stars in the NBA, but he is a dream teammate that many stars want to work with.

In a way, Shawn Battier as a template defines a type of player, the player era of the American media to [Glue man] to describe Shawn Battier, as the name suggests glue at first glance may look inconspicuous, but it can make different items bonded together, and Shawn Battier is exactly this become a team glue to play an important role in basketball players.

With excellent basketball fundamentals, excellent basketball IQ, always a team priority, and high character, plus a long history of working with Yao Ming and serving as captain of the Rockets, Sean Battier's popularity in China is quite good, even more familiar to fans than some fringe all-star players.

Any basketball player has his own anecdotes or anecdotes, and Battier is no exception. In this article, I will compile a list of 10 anecdotes about Battier that may not be widely known, so that fans who are interested in him can get to know him better. Of course, due to the limitation of space, if there are debatable points and additions, you are welcome to share in the comments section.

A. About Battier's family background and upbringing

The first time I saw him, he was a member of a black middle-class family in Birmingham, Michigan, and his parents were well educated. Battier has been raised by his parents to be polite, tough but not at all rugged, and many black American NBA players from the streets are very different in temperament and style of play.

Second, Battier is good at playing the trumpet

Battier is multi-talented and has his own attainment in music. As a teenager, he was the principal trumpet player in his city's junior orchestra. Once upon a time, when he came to China to record a program, Bastille even played a song at the request of the host Sabine.

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Three, about Battier's basketball idol

The majority of basketball lovers have their own favorite basketball idols, and Battier is no exception. As a basketball player from Michigan, Battier's basketball idol is Chris Weber, one of the "Michigan Five" and Kings legend, who is five years older than him.

However, in college, Battier did not choose to join his hometown team and the University of Michigan, where his idol had stayed, but was impressed by the sincerity of Coach K's personal invitation to a long talk, and became a Duke legend.

Four: About Battier's eye-blind defense

Battier is one of the few basketball players who defined a classic basketball move or made it popular, and he defined it with a defensive move - the eye-blind defense. In order to deal with Kobe, in the match up with Kobe, Battier offers a blindfold defense

As for whether this move has any effect, to Kobe's own response is not, he shot the basketball have been muscle memory, do not need to stare at the basket. For the efficacy of this move, Battier after retirement once explained the answer, the biggest significance of this move is not really want to rely on blocking Kobe's vision, but the psychological game moves, because he knows enough to know that Kobe is to prove to the outside world that this move is not useful to him at all and will deliberately use more forced dribble shot to start that kind of player.

About Battier's love

Battier has always been the image of Mr. Nice Guy on and off the court, and personally is nearly insulated from negative or scandalous publicity. Battier's wife, named Heidi Uphill, is a rather beautiful blonde beauty, the two met in 2003, and they have a son and a daughter. Something worth mentioning is that Bastille once said that he had never kissed a girl before or after meeting his wife, and Heidi Fer was the only man he had ever kissed in his life.

Six, Battier is the first player who has been selected for the U.S. national team to sign a Chinese sneaker brand

As the United States national player, Battier participated in the 2006 World Championships, which perhaps only Battier fans will remember more deeply. For Battier was once the spokesman for the Chinese brand Pique's basketball shoes, I believe many fans are impressed, but few people know that he was the first American national player to sign a Chinese basketball shoe brand.

Seven, Battier is the only player involved in two 22 + NBA streaks

The Rockets era, Battier as a popular role player to assist Yao-Mai combination, involved in the classic 22 consecutive wins; the Heat era, Battier as a championship puzzle to assist the Big Three, involved in the same classic 27 consecutive wins. In the history of the NBA, Battier is the only player who has participated in two 22+ NBA winning streaks.

Eight, Battier's highest scoring, rebounding, and assist averages were in his rookie season

On draft night 2001, Battier was picked by the Grizzlies in the sixth round. In his college days, Battier was already quite a mature player, and Duke's assistant coach had this to say about him: We are trying to develop boys who come to play into men, and Battier is here because we want him to want to be a boy some more.

In his freshman season, Battier averaged 39.6 minutes per game and contributed 14.4 points, 5.4 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game, a fairly respectable performance for a rookie player. However, Battier did not follow the road to stardom, but was willing to sacrifice shots for the team, playing the role of the perfect defensive specialist green leaves.

Nine, about the most representative games of Battier's career

When it comes to the 2013 Heat championship tour, mentioning that year's gut-wrenching Heat vs Spurs finals, many people will recall Ray Allen's life-threatening three points in the final moments of G. Because of this ball, the Heat tied the score and went into overtime to finally win the Spurs with difficulty, spelling out the opportunity to enter the seventh battle.

That year's Ge, it can be said that Battier's career in the most glorious battle, and this point belongs to his heroic aura more or less by G to save the world of Ray Allen overshadowed. In G, Battier's divine three-point shot was 6 of 8, with 118 points and 3 rebounds. The most crucial and proud thing is that Battier, who topped the power forward position because of lineup problems, defended the best power forward of all time Duncan's one-two punch in the last minute 1V1 twice.

Ten, about Battier's recent situation

After playing in the 2014 Finals, the then 36-year-old Battier announced his retirement, ending his career as a basketball player. After retiring, Battier took a three-year break before returning to work for the Heat, mainly as head of the Heat's basketball development and analysis department. After September 2021, Sean Battier will become a strategic advisor to the Heat.


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