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How much does the football association owe Bruno's salary m

To top appeal to the European Court of Human Rights?

By Horse MoroPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
How much does the football association owe Bruno's salary m
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Wang Inbox, a foreign correspondent of Sports Weekly, recently said this about the case of Bruno, the former Chinese women's soccer coach, who sued the CF for the salary he was owed.

"(CF) kept appealing and losing a series of judgments to let the truth come out, and finally CF even threatened to sue the European Court of Human Rights to deny that FIFE has the right to arbitrate in such cases - as mentioned above, if CF wins, FIFE will lose even the value of its existence. would be lost."

"Those who do not know the law, of course, do not understand how divine this threat by the CF is, which is an appeal to bring down the entire world soccer system. The national football team can not enter the World Cup, the Football Association wants to put FIFE to the end".

Recently, FIREPROOF (Federation of International Professional Football Players) said in a statement: China, Saudi Arabia and other places with a poor soccer environment, as the world's worst hit areas of soccer salary arrears, to remind players to be cautious about transferring to leagues such as the Chinese Super League - apparently, like the Chinese Football Association are to the national team coach arrears, not to mention like the Chinese Super League has long been the The hardest hit area.

Manager Camacho

The Frenchman Brynner, as the former head coach of the Chinese women's football team, had a clause inserted into his contract with the CF: "Contract disputes shall be settled in Chinese courts" - a clause that is totally against FIFE rules and is now completely invalid, not to mention that it also The Chinese Football Association's ignorance and ludicrousness in the legal aspect is highlighted.

For example, like the previous contract signed between the CF and former national football manager Camacho, the CF was not aware of the tax matter, and let the other party go early, thus losing a large sum of money - reportedly 30 million RM salary, plus 20 million RM in taxes. And this time Bruno was asked to leave before the contract was finished, the CF also needs to pay more than 10 million RM.

The CF has appealed to the International Court of Sport and the Swiss Supreme Court for the case of Bruno's unpaid salary, and both have lost - if it is true that the CF will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, it is estimated that this is the last chance to appeal, but what is the possibility of winning?

I guess, can not be like in the contract between the two sides inserted in the article: "contract disputes in the Chinese courts", the Chinese Football Association will lose the possibility of almost 100%, right?

It is true, as the famous journalist Wang Inbox said: if the CF finally top appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, and still win, it is the same as overturning the existence of FIFE, so that there is a slight possibility?

I guess the main reason for the CF to keep appealing is to stall for change and to get some leverage in the negotiations with Bruno, right? --Or is this a problem left behind by the previous leadership of the CF, and the current administrators want to drag it out so they can send this hot potato all the way to the next one?

When the national team owes the manager's salary; most of the teams in the league also have unpaid salaries, more like Jiangsu Tuning team just won its first league championship, it announced its dissolution due to lack of money such as unpaid salaries, so the Chinese Super League will not mention what the "sixth largest league in the world", nowadays it is considered good to maintain its own survival.

However, if Chinese soccer really wants to survive, first of all, we have to talk about credit! "If the Chinese Football Association, the Chinese Super League team, are the norm when it comes to non-payment of wages and debts, then Chinese soccer can be said to have reached the final critical moment: because, when the system of credit is lost, such soccer will eventually collapse to the ground...


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