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Heidi and Grandpa

The simplicity of a person's heart is precious and should be cherished

By Agnes HuPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

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"Heidi and grandpa" the film adaptation of the children's literature "small Heidi, Heidi is a principal personage story poor child, but she was not because of her childhood misfortune and sorrow, on the contrary, Heidi is a innocent and lively, kind-hearted girl, so many helpful things happened to her.

Grandpa and grandson are always too sweet to resist. Heidi who brings her own buff makes people feel the beauty of the world; Cold face soft secretly humming nursery rhymes little old man inexplicably funny. Grandpa really cried when he failed to find Heidi and turned to God, but Heidi, who knew what he needed, kept his original intention and refused temptation, was worthy of his care over mountains and rivers

Heidi's parents died when she was young, and she lived with her aunt for five years. Later, her aunt sent Heidi to live with her grandfather because of her work. Her grandfather is a stubborn and eccentric man. He lives alone in the mountains and no one in the village likes him. But everything changed after the sea, she helped the vicissitudes of life, personality withdrawn grandpa become cheerful, she also taught shepherd Peter to read, grandpa also gradually accepted this lovely little girl.

But soon after, small aunt Heidi was picked up, she came to a a silver spoon in his mouth, met his legs disabled Clara, in here everywhere by constraints, this let little Heidi more miss grandpa, more miss the Alps on the beauty of the mountains and meadows, she slowly become no longer happy, was finally see the doctor, finally was sent back to grandpa's side, and the little Heidi is away With the help of Heidi and the influence of nature, Clara overcame the disease, miraculously got out of her wheelchair and stood up for the first time.

Heidi was such an innocent and lovely little girl yearning for freedom. She changed Grandpa, she changed Peter the shepherd, she changed Clara. It was as if all the people who worked with Heidi had been healed and changed dramatically. Under the influence of this little girl, everyone became sunny and happy, looking forward to a better life. In the play, I particularly like Heidi's strong and persistent spirit of resistance. When her grandfather drives her away, she will gradually let him accept and like her with her optimism and kindness. The maid taught her manners, but she remained innocent. It is the tedious etiquette that gives people too much restraint and behavioral restrictions, which to a certain extent limits children's imagination, as well as their yearning for freedom and nature. Heidi had always been able to keep her innocence, had always loved the lovely goats in the beautiful Alps, and the kind grandfather, and everything was so free here. A person's innocence, pure goodness, courage and faith can infect others and change their fate, which is probably what the author wants to say. That's what I hope and believe.The people of this small Alpine town are kind and simple, but they are also myopic and ignorant, unable to accept foreign things, ideas and ways of life beyond the scope of cognition. This is not their fault, born in this world, like dandelion falling in the wind, landed on what kind of land, have what kind of situation, will grow into what kind of people, have what kind of thoughts, these are often no choice.

Regardless of the plot, the movie is very faithful to the original book. The fantastic scenery is exactly the same as what I imagined when I read it in my childhood. The two young actors are beautiful like angels, and what is more valuable is that there is no trace of performance. The overall impression is very fresh and natural, look down the mood is very comfortable, and it is a good film to leave a lingering impression

I think in this era, we should learn to face all difficulties with an optimistic attitude, we should also have our own free space, too much etiquette is not accidental, but in comparison, it is better to give children more imagination space and freedom.

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