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1958 FIFA World Cup

by MB 2 years ago in fifa


Sweden hosted the 1958 FIFA World Cup, the sixth staging of the World Cup. The tournament was won by Brazil, who beat Sweden 5–2 in the final in the Solna suburb of Stockholm for their first title. The case is also worthy of mention as it calls the world stage debut of a then 17-year-old Pelé. The hosting tournament featured Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Sweden. Swedish delegates lobbied other countries at the FIFA Congress held in Rio de Janeiro for the launch of the World Cup finals in 1950 Sweden was unopposed to the 1958 tournament on 23 June 1950. The hosts were automatically qualified as were the reigning West Germany champions. Nine of the remaining 14 seats had been reserved for Europe, three for South America, one for North and Central America and one for Asia and Africa. In addition to the big European area matches, Wales, who placed second in her group behind Czechoslovakia, was drawn into a play-off with Israel after Israel won their group by accident when its three opponents, Turkey, Indonesia and Sudan, refused to join in. FIFA has added a clause that no team can continue without having played at least one match, something that never existed in other World Cups. Wales won the play-off, and spent time alone for the first time ever up to now. The World Cup was the first to feature the four Home Nations of the United Kingdom, with Northern Ireland debuting, also participating with England and Scotland. The match structure changed in 1954: 16 teams also participated in four groups of four, but this time each team played in their section at least once each of the other teams, with no extra time in the event of draw. Two points were granted for a win, and one drawn. Since the first two teams had to finish with the same points to decide who was second and who was first overall. As in 1954, if the second and third placed teams end up with the same points, a play-off would be played with the champion advancing. If a play-off results in a tie, the goal average of the group games will be used to decide who will go into the next round. When the figures for the target are the same lots are drawn accordingly. Those arrangements had not been decided at the time the tournament began, so they were still being discussed as it progressed. Some players protested that there was too much play-off, including three games in five days, and FIFA told the players to weigh the goal difference before resorting to a play-off before group matches in the second round. That was reversed by the Swedish Football Association after complaints, primarily because it was illegal to change the rules of the mid-tournament but also because they needed the extra money from playoff matches. Pelé had not played against the Soviet Union in Group 4 before the finale of Brazil's group match. He failed to score but in both game 2–0 and match Brazil prevailed by two points. They would have started 0–0 in what has been the first ever goalless game with England in World Cup history. Eventually, the Soviet Union and England went to a playoff game where Anatoli Ilyin scored to knock out England in the 67th minute, while Austria had already defeated. Earlier this year the Munich air crash ravaged the English side, killing three internationals on Manchester United's books including Duncan Edwards, the young star of England. Brazil and France have spent most of the first half stuck 1-1 in the other semifinal. Nonetheless, in a crash with Vavá 36 minutes into the match, French captain and the most seasoned defender Robert Jonquet suffered a broken leg and France was down to 10 players for the rest of the season. Brazil dominated the remainder of the season, with a Pelé hat-trick giving them a 5–2 advantage. Fontaine of France put his impressive tally on just one goal. The final was played at Råsunda Stadium in Solna; after four minutes, 50,000 spectators watched the Brazilians go down into a goal. Yet shortly after, Vavá equalised, and just before half-time brought them a point ahead. In the second half, Pelé outshone them all, scoring two goals including the first, where he lobbied the ball to Bengt Gustavsson and followed up with a fine volley strike. Zagallo put a spike in between and Sweden has struggled to hit a consolation goal.



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