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The Vengeful Child's Blade CHPT 2

A story of woe, happiness, and revenge-

By Abigail LylePublished 8 months ago 3 min read

Chpt 2

Naiad is in her room, sitting on her luxurious bed. The sounds of raucous laughter and the clanking of mugs still reverberate through the halls and into her room. She has everything she grabbed that day spread out everywhere, sorting it. "This one is for Clay, this one is for Marie, and this one is for Jackle." This went on for a couple of hours, and then she went around the ruins, setting the little trinkets outside everyone's door, a silent gesture of her appreciation for the family she had found in this unlikely place.

After everyone's gifts were given, Naiad slipped out of the castle ruins and descended a winding path, through a little patch of forest that whispered secrets of the night, over a few gentle hills, and finally arrived at a quiet moonlit beach. The silver glow of the moon cast enchanting ripples on the water's surface as the gentle waves lapped at the shore. Here, under the watchful gaze of the stars, Naiad found solace.

She sat on a smooth, weathered rock, her thoughts drifting like the ocean's tides. The vast expanse of water stretched out before her, a reminder of her connection to the element she had learned to control. It was a place of peace, where the troubles of the world seemed distant and insignificant. Naiad closed her eyes, feeling the cool sea breeze on her skin and the rhythmic lullaby of the waves cradling her in their embrace.

As the night wore on, Naiad reflected on her journey, her mother's prophecy echoing in her mind. She knew her destiny was entwined with the ocean, with the powers she possessed, and the mysteries that awaited her. With the bracelet on her wrist, she felt the subtle surge of water's energy, a reminder of the hidden power she carried within. She slides off the rock, taking her shoes off, and walks through the soft sand and into the water. Tiny baby waves lap at her feet, and the seagulls continue their timeless conversation in the distance. These past few months have been rough, plagued by nightmares every night of a dark, shadowy figure and a woman. Each dream unfolds in a different scene, with the shadowy figure always ending the woman's life, stabbing her in various places. The only constant in these disturbing dreams is the weapon used – a silvery blade with emerald and jade stones embedded in the hilt.

The chill of the ocean water encases Naiad, washing away the day's anxieties and bringing a sense of calm. She immerses herself, feeling the moonlight's reflection on the water beneath her feet. The sea whispers its ancient secrets, reassuring her that she is not alone in her quest. With each step, she can't help but wonder if the dreams are more than just night terrors. Is there a connection between the sword in her nightmares and the mysterious jade merperson on her bracelet?

Naiad's resolve strengthens as she gazes out at the vast, endless expanse of the sea. With each wave, she gathers the courage to unravel the mysteries that haunt her dreams and fulfill the prophecy her mother spoke before her tragic end. As she stands there, surrounded by the timeless beauty of the moonlit beach, she knows that her journey has only just begun, and the sword's secrets will be revealed in due time, beneath the watchful gaze of the ever-present sea. As she walks further into the water, the familiar tingling in her legs travels through her. She wades in waist-deep before diving in. She swims deeper and deeper, the water getting colder and darker. The tingling sensation in her legs intensifies, growing more pronounced as Naiad delves deeper into the ocean's soothing embrace. She can feel her body responding to the call of the sea as if the water itself were a part of her DNA. The transformation, one she's experienced countless times before, begins gradually.

First, her toes gently fuse together, skin stretching and sealing, creating a webbed appearance. The changes continue, a symphony of fluid transformation. Her legs elongate, growing supple and sleek. Soft, glistening scales emerge, spreading in an enchanting pattern of deep aquamarine and iridescent sapphire. The sensation is strangely comforting, like an old, familiar song.

Naiad's breath catches in her throat, but not from surprise—rather, it's an expression of connection and unity. As the change completes, her legs have seamlessly become a shimmering mermaid tail. She feels the pulse of the ocean within her, a timeless rhythm that resonates with her very essence.

Now, with her full mermaid form, Naiad glides effortlessly through the water, her scales capturing the moonlight's enchanting glow. She continues her journey, feeling perfectly at home in the liquid embrace of the sea.


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Abigail Lyle

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I'm pretty new to vocal, I hope ya'll will enjoy my stories! hmm, a little bit about me, I love pickles, swimming, wolves and panthers, reading, writing, art, and music!

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  • Alex H Mittelman 8 months ago

    Great story! Cool ending too!

Abigail LyleWritten by Abigail Lyle

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