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The Vengeful Child's Blade

A story of woe, happiness, and revenge-

By Abigail LylePublished 9 months ago 5 min read


seventeen years ago

. . .

The rain was pouring, and the faint sound of bare feet slapping against wet stone echoed against the close-built houses. Her breath came out in desperate pants as she ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Still weak from recently giving birth, she held her bundled-up child close to her chest, the wool blanket quickly becoming soaked with the rain. She was in trouble, a LOT of trouble. When she was younger, she joined a group, a group of thieves and murderers. Back then, she didn't fully understand what she was doing, and by the time she realized that what she was doing was very wrong, it was too late to turn back. There was this one guy, though, who helped her at least avoid going on raids, which meant everything to her. But, as these stories usually go, they end up falling for each other, which breaks one of the most important rules of the group. Members are not allowed to form relationships with other members, love creates weakness, and weakness will destroy us. Their love grew and grew, and a tiny, wailing gift, was the result of it. Unfortunately, shortly after finding out she was pregnant, they were found out, and all hell broke loose. The leader sent for them, but she was already gone. With the help of the man she loved, she was able to escape and hide in a hospital for the entire nine months. She had many close calls, for some members of the group checked in on the hospital nearly daily, but she was able to find a hiding spot, although it got harder and harder as she got bigger. unfortunately, not even three days after she gave birth, she was found, the nurses "accidentally" made a big mess, blocking the members, making it so she could get away. It didn't take long for the leader to find her, he started to follow her, slowly creeping closer. She ran hard and fast, arriving at an orphanage, where she left the child at the doorstep. She ran in a different direction, down a dark alley, hoping to lead them away from her child. It was a mistake, for she ran straight into the leader... and his blade. Her gasp was silent as she took a few steps back, the sword sliding out of her chest with a wet, bloody squelch. Her body fell to the floor, and her last whispery words were of a prophecy...

"In a land shrouded in sorrow, a child shall be born,

To a mother whose life, by a villain, was torn.

Raised by the hand that caused her mother's demise,

In the same darkness where vengeance lies.

The blade that stole her mother's innocent breath,

Shall become the instrument of revenge, their bond to death.

The child will grow, resilient and strong,

A silent harbinger, to right a great wrong."

Then she died, right there on the rain-soaked stones that made up the street, blood mixing with water as it's washed down the road. They searched for the child, but couldn't find her. Back at the orphanage, a young lady opened the door and was surprised to see a baby, sound asleep despite the pouring rain, on her doorstep. She quickly brought her inside and cleaned her up. The child didn't have much, just a blanket, and a piece of paper wrapped in a very expensive-looking bracelet, covered in water droplet diamonds and a single merperson made of jade. The lady unwrapped the paper, and on it was two words. A name. Naiad Riverwood.

. . .

The rain continued to fall, a somber backdrop to the tragic events that had just unfolded. A woman's life had been cut short, leaving her child, Naiad Riverwood, as an orphan in a world filled with uncertainty. The young lady who had discovered the baby on her doorstep, her heart heavy with sympathy, took Naiad into her care.

As the days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Naiad grew in the loving embrace of her newfound guardian. She was a child of mystery, her origins hidden in the shadows. Naiad's water affinity manifested early on, captivating those around her. She had an innate connection with water, displaying an uncanny ability to manipulate it, making ripples dance and droplets glisten in her presence.

Naiad's life, though marked by a tragic beginning, was filled with love and care. She learned to harness her unique powers under the guidance of her guardian, who encouraged her to use them responsibly and wisely. But Naiad also carried the weight of her mother's prophecy, etched into her very being, a reminder of the darkness that had claimed her mother's life.

As Naiad grew older, she became determined to uncover the truth about her mother, the forbidden love, and the ominous group that had hunted them. With each passing day, she honed her water abilities, becoming a formidable force. She knew that one day, she would confront the shadows of her past and seek the justice her mother had foretold.

The legacy of Naiad Riverwood was just beginning, and the world would soon witness the emergence of a powerful force for change. The prophecy whispered in the rain-soaked alley would guide her on her journey of retribution and redemption, as she ventured into the same darkness where vengeance lay, armed with the blade of destiny.


. . .

People barely notice as a shadow slips past them, disappearing into dark spots, then appearing just to snatch something of value, and then disappearing again. Swiftly hopping from person to person, bumping into people, then slipping a hand into their pocket, snatching whatever was there. The shadow decided that its haul was good enough today. It heads back to its home. It seeps into a little crevice in the wall of the old castle ruins, just outside of the city. Slipping silently into the main feasting hall, it walks through the many men and few women as they drink their minds away, while wild but merry music is being played in the background. Creeping up the small flight of stairs, till it's standing in front of the most feared of bandits, the leader. His loud booming voice echoes through the large chamber as he stands lifts his hands and shouts, "My daughter has returned!" Everyone stopped and turned to stare at the shadow, who was no longer a shadow, now it is among friends. They all shout with joy, some call, "What have you brought us this time lassy?" "Yea! What treasures have you nicked?" They all chatter excitedly. The shadow raises its arm, the necklace it has had since childhood wrapped around its wrist, a single jade merperson dangling next to the sack of goods it pinched. Her voice was loud and clear when she spoke, "Just a few trinkets, lads, and lassies, but do not fret, I've got something for everyone!" They all cheer and go back to their merriment. She turns to the leader with a smile, "I think they're glad I'm back." The leader smiles back at her, "I think they are as well, we always enjoy the little treasures you bring us, you've grown up so fast, and learned so well." He sits back down, "I am so proud of you my daughter... My precious Naiad-"

Plot TwistTrue CrimeRomanceFantasyCliffhanger

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Abigail Lyle

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I'm pretty new to vocal, I hope ya'll will enjoy my stories! hmm, a little bit about me, I love pickles, swimming, wolves and panthers, reading, writing, art, and music!

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Comments (1)

  • Abigail Lyle (Author)9 months ago

    just realized it says necklace instead of bracelet- also, for anyone who gets a little confused, she doesn't actually turn into a shadow, I just mean that she's really good at sneaking.

Abigail LyleWritten by Abigail Lyle

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