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Mount Zebal Institution

By Abolarin EbenezerPublished 3 months ago 12 min read
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•They lost their powers and became normal human beings, dwelling in the human world, they gave birth to children and their love continues forever" Salome read the last chapter of the book " MYSTERY" and she sighed.

"This ending was somehow bad, why did they lose their powers, it would have been more fun if they still had their powers, they really love each other to sacrifice their powers for love, I need a sweet boyfriend like Omarion" she smiled and dropped the book on the reading table.

Salome has been a lover of books concerning the supernatural and mystic worlds since she came of age, she can use her last money to read books without giving a second thought about it.

She left her house before dawn and came early to the city library to complete her book.

She smiled, giving out her cute dentition, she yawned, stretching her body out.

Her eyes fell on the next book she wanted to read, and she started staring at it.

"The shadow of the moon, 5pundus, where can I get that money from? I really want to read it" she pouted sadly, looking at the book on the second row shelf with her bright eyes.

"I think you have finished reading "The mystery"?" A voice asked behind her and she turned to meet the Liberian.

"Mr Tanus" she called.

"It's Tannos, Salome" he corrected and she smiled.

"I'm sorry Mr Tanus" she replied, repeating the same name.

"Gosh!! You won't listen" Mr Tannos said, touching his forehead.

"Do you want to read another book?" he asked.

"Yes but I don't have any money with me" she replied, looking so cute, and he smiled.

"Come here early tomorrow, I will give you a free treat by allowing you to read twenty chapters of the book you want to read" he said and she stood up from the reading chair.

She jumped on Mr Tannos and started kissing his cheeks happily before coming down.

"You will live long and you will marry 100 wives" she said, jumping on that spot.

"100 wives? What! You can never be serious, start going now, I want to go somewhere" he said.

"I will be here early, wait! I will be waiting at the door before the day will break" she said and he smiled.

"Bye, I love you Mr Tanus" she shouted, running towards the door with her gown flying behind her.

"She is my favorite reader that comes here, so full of energy, her scent is unique" he smiled and took, going to the first row to place the book back to its original position.



Being the highest ranking superior, he has his own house in the institute, he's not using a single room like the rest of the disciples.

Abel Norman, he was dressed in his favorite goat skin pants, a cool expression on his face, it's always there on his face. He's simple and humble but there is one thing about him that you should be scared of... HE'S SLOW POISON..

Don't underestimate him because of his cool personality.

He has different abilities that it's hard to mention and no one even knows how many he harbors in his body.

The sexiest and hottest of all the disciples.

His hands were folded behind him and on his knuckles there are tattoos on it.

On his back, there's an eagle tattoo there.

He was staring out of his window, looking at the institute from his room.

He was standing there, the air blowing slowly around him and the room.

The door suddenly opened and someone came in, he didn't look back till the person got to him and stood beside him.

"Abel" Ramos called.

Ramos Donvo is a superior and a friend to Abel, there are two more superiors in the institute but Abel authority surpassed them all.

"What are you thinking about?" Ramos asked.

"Five disciples are joining the institute tomorrow" he replied without looking at him, his eyes were still out.

"How do you know?" Ramos asked but quickly laughed.

"I can't stop being silly, so are you worried about it?" he asked.

"No, why should I be?" he replied and finally took his eyes to Ramos.

"You finally look at me" Ramos said and Abel smiled.

"I told you to stop smiling at me, I might turn gay because of you" Ramos and Abel laughed.

"You want me to start frowning?"

"No, but stop smiling at me, I don't know if goddess Evlyn took a year to create you, this beauty is too much, too much of everything is bad" Ramos said and Abel smiled but he looked away.

"I didn't create myself Ramos" Abel said.

"When is the training?" Abel asked.

"At noon" Ramos replied.

"Let's grab a drink first" Ramos said and Abel nodded but he suddenly felt a chilling air and a strong presence in the room, he inhaled the scent.

"What is wrong?" Ramos asked.

"You didn't notice the change in the room?" Abel asked.

"No, I don't have that sharp sense you have, maybe it's a strong supernatural" Ramos replied.

"You are right, can you excuse me? My mother is here" Abel said and turned around, facing a direction in his room.

"Don't forget about our drink" Ramos patted his back and walked out.

Immediately Ramos stepped out, a woman came out of the shadows and her face came to view.

"Mother" Abel called.

"Abel" Sapphire replied, her finger rings glistening on her fingers, she came from a lineage of royal supernatural but she was disowned when she rejected her mate.

"What are you doing here? How's the streets of Samaria?" He asked.

"You saw the new disciples that will be joining the institute right?" she asked.

"Yes" he replied.

"You didn't notice anything?" she asked, looking at him with her sharp eyes.

"What should I notice?"

"Things won't be the same when the disciples arrive, be careful of one of them" she said.

"What are you talking about?" he asked.

"You are a god yourself Abel...."

"I'm not a god" he said calmly.

"Shouldn't you be classified as one?" she smiled.

"You will get the answers when it's time, bye son" she said and disappeared.

"Does she has a knack in confusing me?" he asked and his eyes went to his wardrobe, the door opened on its own and he started searching the shirt he will wear, he found the shirt and it appeared on his body, he brushed his hair with his fingers and walked out of the room, he was walking to meet Ramos when he picked up a sign of someone in danger.

His eyes became white as snow and he groaned.

"Rain at it again" he said and disappeared.

At the passageway, the disciples were gathered as they watched Rain deal with a disciple. The poor girl was bleeding from her mouth and nose as she fell on face, bruises on her whole body.

The disciples were watching with no say, try interfering and you will be putting yourself in big trouble.

Rain is another superior and she is feared so much because of her anger.

The girl was getting punished just because she bumped into her and stepped on her new shoes.

Her eyes turned black and the girl started choking herself, she started struggling to break the spell but she was no match for Rain.

Tears came out of her eyes, she tried talking but her throat made no movement.

The disciples felt pity for her but there was nothing they could do.

Suddenly Rain flew to the wall, crashing so hard into it, the bricks there cracked and she fell on the floor with a broken bone, she groaned and got to her feet, the broken bone came into shape again and her eyes turned deep red as she made to attack the person but Abel appeared there and the disciples started making way for him.

His expression was cool but inside he was so angry.

"Abel" Rain called, her eyes returning back to the original.

He looked at the girl on the floor and her bruises disappeared, she stopped bleeding instantly. She stood up and ran away.

"I thought you wanted to fight me?" he smirked and she swallowed.

"You are a superior and you take pleasure in hurting the junior disciples" he said angrily.

"She bumped into me and you know how much I hate making contact..." An invisible slap landed on her face and her eyes widened as she held that cheek, feeling the sting.

"And what?" he interrupted with a yell.

"Abel" she called.

"I warned you about bullying the disciples" he said and his eyes flashed green.

He was about to sped to her when Ramos got there and took him away, speeding away with him to another direction.

Rain stormed out of there angrily.

"You wanted to hurt her? She is a superior" Ramos asked.

"She is giving me reasons to hurt her, you know how much I hate bullying" Abel said.

"Let's go for a drink" Ramos smiled.

"Where is Alfred?" Abel asked.

"Probably eating up a p*ssy" Ramos replied.

"Let's go" Ramos said and pulled Abel away.


Salome got home and stopped at the door, she smiled and opened the door slowly, she peered in and without seeing anyone in the house, she went in and started walking to her room but two people suddenly came out of the curtains, and she gasped, falling on the floor.

"Where are you coming from?" Sam asked (her father).

"Where else? The city supernatural library" Brenda said ( her mother).

"Did you even take your bath before leaving?" Sam asked.

"No" she replied with a cute face.

"Dirty girl" Brenda said and Salome frowned.

"I'm not a dirty game" she hissed and stood.

"Which girl at your age will leave her house early in the morning without bathing, that's why you can't have a boyfriend" Brenda said teasingly.

"Brenda!!!" Salome called, she calls her that anytime she is annoyed.

"That is the truth" Brenda said.

"You took the two pundus in my room right Salo?" Sam asked.

"Yes father" she replied innocently, and Sam fell on the chair.

"I hope you won't kill me one day" he said and she came to him, sitting on his lap.

"I love you so much father" she said, hugging him.

"You don't love me?" Brenda asked.

"Don't talk to me" Salome said, burying her face into her father's chest, Sam and Brenda exchanged glances and smiled.

"Your punishment for leaving the house so early, there's no breakfast for you" Brenda said and started going out.

"No!!!!!" Salome stood up and ran to s

Brenda, hugging her tightly from behind.

"I love you mother, I love you more than father" she shouted.


"You are the best, I love you too" she said, making cute baby faces.

"Please mother punish me with something else, I will die if I don't eat, please" Salome said, hugging her.

"Go to the kitchen and take your food" Brenda said and she smiled widely.

"Yayyyyyy!!!" she screamed excitedly, running to the kitchen.

Sam and Brenda exchanged meaningful smiles.

"Ahhhmmm!!!!" Salome's screams could be heard as she came out of the kitchen.

"There's no food in the kitchen" she said and started crying.

"Really? Oh! I forgot we didn't keep anything for you" Brenda said.

"We heard reading books satisfy one's hunger" Sam said, standing from his chair.

"I hate you all!!!! Ahhhhhh!!! You are not my parents anymore" Salome shouted, crying.


Rain came into her room with deep red eyes, that's how her eyes are when she is extremely angry.

Abel just disgraced her in front of the disciples.

"Ahhh!!" she shouted and her room started shaking.

The things in her room started scattering to the floor, the door opened and Maria came in but a chair flew to her, she was fast in breaking it with her hands.

"Rain" Maria called and Rain faced her.

"Maria" she called and her eyes started returning to normal.

"What happened? Who made you angry?" Maria asked, looking at the scattered room.

Her anger is something else.

"Abel disgraced me in front of the disciples"

"I heard about it, you can't do anything about it, you can't face him"

"You know I can't do that even if I'm stronger than him, why must it always be him?" Rain said and sat on the bed.

"Calm down friend" Maria said, patting her shoulders.

Her eyes became normal and Maria smiled.

"Let's get your room arrange" she said and arranged everything with her eyes.


It's night time and the whole family went to bed after dinner. Salome was sleeping in bed but she wasn't sleeping.

She was thinking about Omarion, the male lead in the book she read.

She kept tossing on the bed with a smile.

"I want my boyfriend to be sweet like that" she said in her mind, and smiled widely.

"Omarion, my invisible crush" she whispered.

She didn't sleep till it was midnight, when a knock sounded on their door.

She looked up from the bed.

"Who could be knocking at the door at this hour of the night?" she asked herself.

From Sam's room, him and his wife heard the knock on the door.

"Who could be knocking at our door at this time?" she asked.

"I don't know, I will check it out" he said but she held him.

"I don't feel good about this, what if it's thieves" she said.

"I don't think so, I will check who is knocking"

"I will go with you" she said and he nodded.

He took the lamp and they walked out of the room.

They got to the parlor and looked at each other before he went to the door.

"Who's that?" he asked.

"It's Peter, please open the door"

"Peter? That's not Peter's voice" she said.

"Open the door, I'm in trouble" the voice cried, and Sam opened the door.

Immediately he opened the door he was pushed to the floor, and five hefty guys came into the house with cutlasses and axes.

"Please don't hurt us" Sam pleaded.

"We need 100 pundus, give it to us now" the leader said.

"We don't have that" Sam replied and a punch met his face.

"Please, we don't have that, we only have 10 pundus" she said and the leader grabbed her hair roughly.

"Don't hurt my wife" Sam yelled and tried to move to her but he was held down by the four guys.

"I'm saying this for the last time, if you don't cooperate, you will be losing your lives, we need 100 pundus, give it to us" the leader said cruelly.

"I swear to the goddess, we don't have that amount in this house" Sam said.

"Kill them" the leader said wickedly.

"Please, spare us" Sam and Brenda started begging when Salome got there.

The thieves eyes went to her.

"Salome run" Sam shouted.

"Get her " the leader said and before Salome could make a move, the four guys went after her and grabbed her.

Brenda was already crying so hard.

"What are you trying to do? Father, mother" Salome asked, struggling with them.

"She is good looking, boss" one of the thieves said.

"She will be sweet down there"

"Since you can't provide what I want, I'm going to replace your daughter with it" the leader said.

"No!!!!" Brenda shouted.

"Please, don't do it" Sam begged.

"Take her, I will do it after you" he said and a big smile appeared on the four thieves faces.

Salome spat on the leader's face.

"You bastard, what are you trying to do?" she shouted, struggling with the four holding her.

"I like hard ones, guys go on" the leader said and Salome was pushed to the floor.

They started tearing her clothes.

Sam and Brenda looked away in tears.

"Please, she is a virgin, don't do it, rape me instead" Brenda said.

"A fresh p*ssy is the best" the leader said.

"No!!!" Salome shouted as tears came out of her eyes.

Her gown was gone in the next minute, and they started taking her vest off when her eyes started turning green but the guys didn't notice it.

"Ahhhhhh!!!!!" she gave out a loud scream and the four guys flew away from her, crashing into the wall.

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