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Porsche Man: The English Premiere West Ham

Chapter Thirty-The Magpie Appearance

By Marc OBrienPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
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Due to an international break, Porsche Man had enough time, preparing for the annual Magpie festival engagement. Formally, a divided old guard the modern New Castle United compound still had the mythical setting needed for unbelievable occurrences.

Stepping out into the beautiful cloudless afternoon, Porsche Man made her way to the royal appearance appointment and free taste testing celebration.

Crossing the deteriorating moat, the tempting tease peered down seeing only toothless murky water, symbolically protecting the leadership.

Standing straight, forming a fist, knocking the door, revealing an attractive guy filled with angelic honesty, “St. James,” Porsche Man declared.

“Porsche Man,” St James responded, “Come on in.”

Following his lead Porsche Man invaded the hallway, “you do realize I know you are not a Saint.”

“Well, Porsche Man, what you said was wrong, a foul,” Saint James stated, “and I now have a goal.”

Taking a step back Porsche Man thought about her diplomatic words as the two ventured into the magpie feast.

“Look at all these magpies,” Porsche Man gasped.

“Enough for everyone,” Saint James ensured, comforting her guest entering the enchanting ballroom.

Breaking away, Porsche Man independently visited each booth, window shopping desserts. “This one seems to be good,” she mentioned, making sure the vendor heard.

“I call it the Antonio,” the elderly baker announced.

“My friend is named Antonio,” Porsche Man clarified.

“We at the New Castle, are well informed, you have a friend Antonio,”

“He gets me a goal,”

“Then we are even.”

Continuing down the sweet path, she noticed a man fiddling with a notebook, and Porsche Man flexed her verbal muscle, he approached the talented theatrical tease, and played out the party’s final first half extra time.

“Porsche Man, the star spangled who has a banner,” the stranger introduced, “I hear you took advantage of a brain injury to get a goal,” he put pen to paper.

“Is that what they told you?” Porsche Man questioned, “it was a simple scratch, situation was kudos, and I got a goal, yes.”

Surprised by the statement, the intrepid reporter disappeared allowing Porsche Man privacy, inspecting the magpies and in the end found the scholastic teacher special.

“This reminds me when I was in high school watching,” Porsche Man paused and went into her Juile Bowen character seizing a goal, “that is right the event is ready to end and I have three goals and Saint James over there has only one.”

Hearing this power play proclamation, Saint James quietly planned strategy watching Porsche Man pack up, leaving.

Confronting Porsche Man, Saint James graciously thanked her triggering an enthusiastic emotional outburst. “I have three goals,” Porsche Man shrieked throwing her arms around the monarch.

“Porsche Man, you hammered out three goals tonight, but you once again committed a foul and now I have two.”

Separating from the hug, distancing herself, apologizing for the kind gesture Porsche Man smirked, “it doesn’t really matter, Saint James, that is enough to collect three points.”

Saint James watched her strut confidently outside, being a west ham united, “have a nice evening Porsche Man,” Saint James replied shutting the gate, “Barnes, get down here, Barnes.”

Within in a second Barnes accepted orders, “follow Porsche Man off the property and if you succeed, then I will get two late goals and you will have a story to spin your grandchildren.”

“Yes, Saint James,” and Barnes headed into darkness.

Catching up with the all-American star lite, Barnes told her, ‘it was his duty to escort her off the property.”

“You were very lucky to get three goals today,” Barnes commentated.

“I will take my three goals and go home,” Porsche Man stated crossing the border.

“Well,” Barnes made clear, “if I accompany you, Mr. Saint James, will get two real good goals.”

“Yeah, “Porsche Man retaliated, “I have three real good goals.”

“And you had two fouls that gave our New Castle four goals,” Barnes reminded, shocking Porsche Man, “which means three points are mine.”

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Marc OBrien

Barry University graduate Marc O'Brien has returned to Florida after a 17 year author residency in Las Vegas. He will continue using fiction as a way to distribute information. Books include "The Final Fence: Sophomores In The Saddle"

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