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By MissclickedPublished 10 months ago 4 min read

ONORA (meaning honor)

Appearance: straight Black hair, black eyes, pale skin, and almost a 5 '7 height. 24/7 expression of ''I don't give a shit unless you are Blair''. Dresses modestly with only dark shades of autumn.

College status: Business and finance major at the University of Siena (Italy)

Family background: Only child of a rich family. Completely disgusted with any kind of family gathering. Mom passed away from a terminal illness when she was 7 years old. Doesn't give any importance to family unless it's a business talk. Speaks only when required.

Highlights: She is highly intelligent and has been considered a gifted child since birth. Often insensitive with words, she regards emotions as barricades in her life. Has a soft spot for Blair, who is her childhood friend. She takes pride and honor as top priorities and isn't hesitant to sacrifice anything if it comes to the same.

ELAILA (meaning dusky night)

Appearance: Dark brown shoulder-length hair, dusky skin, ocean blue eyes, and a 5'7 height. Dresses in loose clothing like it's the weekend. Wears contacts to hide her blue eyes; nobody knows why.

College status: Artificial intelligence and Robotics major at the University of Siena (Italy)

Family background: Raised by a single dad during her childhood days, she now lives with her grandmother in a vintage cottage across the city. She Just moved to Italy to study. Always skips the topic of her mother.

Highlights: The spice character we all need in life who isn't afraid, doesn't bow, and you cross paths with her once you wish for more. An Extrovert who loves to party around lots of people. Used to be the top troublemaker at all her previous schools (changed schools many times). She developed an interest in the latest technology while growing up and is now an actual PRO. She is obsessed with making technical gadgets but never shows off her skills.

BLAIR (meaning meadow)

Appearance: Long light brown hair, pale skin, brown eyes, and about 5'5 short. The most easily approachable person ever

College status: Medical student at the University of Siena (Italy)

Family background: She belongs to a small and loving family. She is the eldest and has a little brother. Her father used to be a great boxer in his time, but now he is a coach. She takes after her mother, who is an extremely kind woman and also used to be a nurse.

Highlights: Nickname "Fairy", personality almost similar to a golden retriever. Her dream is to become a doctor and treat all kinds of illnesses. She is patient and considerate—almost the opposite of her childhood friend Onora. She often outdoes her potential, exhausting herself both physically and mentally. Even though she is friendly, yet finds it hard to make friends due to past experiences in high school.

Dexter (meaning fortunate)

Appearance: Brown curly hair, brown eyes, dusky skin with freckles, and a 6'2 height.

College status: Business and finance major at the University of Siena (Italy)

Family background: smallest of the two sons. His father is a remarkable corporate lawyer, and his mother is a housewife. Doesn't have a decent relationship with his rowdy sibling and considers Rune a long-lost brother.

Highlights: He was named Dexter because the family considered him a fortunate child who would bring lots of fortune to the family. Has always been a bright child in academics and tries his best to live up to his name. Referred to as ''Dexi'' only by Rune, they met each other a few years ago when Dexter moved to Italy when he was in sixth grade. Since then, their bond has been unbreakable. Isn't much talkative but has a kind heart towards others. Loves lo-fi songs but strangely, knows how to draw a knife as well. He lives in a dorm room provided by the college to avoid quarrels with his brother at home, yet he visits his mom at weekends.

Rune (meaning secret)

Appearance: Wavy black hair, pale skin, black eyes, and almost 6'2 tall. Wears gray, white, and black in combinations.

College status: Medical student at the University of Siena (Italy)

Family background: Both parents were doctors and were lost in a pandemic. He and his little sister, Ryu, were later taken in by her aunt, and now all of them live together. Her aunt is a human rights lawyer and a workaholic (unmarried).

Highlights: A combination of the cool kid we all knew in high school and the guy who was always absent from class yet always got the top scores. Has a memory similar to a supercomputer, all thanks to the brilliant genetic combination he received from his parents. Terrible at accepting his mistakes and apologizing, he would rather die than do that. Doesn't appear as a soft character yet knows to oil paint quite well. He loves to ride his bike around, although it is currently forbidden by his aunt as he and Dexi broke a few bones together while performing a stunt a year ago.

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  • Babs Iverson10 months ago

    Fantastic!!! Left a ♥

  • Eshita Bhati10 months ago

    Well Me, reading it again here 🤭❤... As told earlier, the characters are amazing. Keep going Girl!!

  • Oooo, this was really fascinating!

  • Jay Kantor10 months ago

    Dear Ms. Click ~ You always amuse me ~ So now I know why the girls never dated me; I just didn't 'SizeUp' J-bud

  • Sid Aaron Hirji10 months ago

    like the sound of this book idea

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