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Man and Wife: A new dawn

Chapter 3 - Mourning heart

By Arazella SnowPublished about a month ago 5 min read

~ LUCA ~

I never was one to find solace in the company of flowers, yet, here I was, sat in the garden room, having developed a sudden urge to examine the horticulture in this space.

It was seldom of me to linger around home.

Usually, I would have made leave at the wake of dawn once my business here was completed, but after Rhode left, for some reason I chose to linger back.

Now, I tell you, I wasn't particular about staring at the greenery or the bloom of these beauties which Adams, the gardener cared for, but you see, my mind having gone battered in less than a minute ago, had led me all the way down here, with memories of one woman building abode in my head.

What was this ache?

This darning pang which sought not to spare me some rest? Why couldn't I rid this burn off?

How could I be locked on one person so well, to the detriment of my own health.

The absence of my wife had left a hole in my heart. One which expanded at each passing day. I was only a second away from having the cruel hands of quietus claim me.

I could feel it.

It gnawed on me so bad, ate at my soul just right.


It was breaking me...


I was jolted at the call of that voice, turning around only to find Paoletta gaping at me with apprehensive eyes.

She had a scrubber in one hand, and in the other, a wiper.

I bored my scrutiny on the form of the girl, noticing how she chose not to meet my gaze.

It was only half a year ago, when Patrizia had travelled back to Italia for a visit to her family, only for a call to reach us weeks after her leave, with news that she had been involved in a dastardly crash rendering her legs immobile.

Paoletta had been brought to England months after the unfortunate incident, with her uncle stating that they sought a guardian for the girl. And with my father's long relationship with her mother, he made no hesitation to take her in, which now ended the Nineteen-year old working here in duties of her mother.


I pushed my figure off the garden bench, advancing onto where Paoletta stood. And of course, the girl chose not to spare me a glance.

It was no secret how terrified I had left her since the first day she arrived here.

Was it my usual tantrums? How I would crash things every now and then, once I awoke from those God-forsaken nightmares. Perhaps, it was the manner at which I brought women in and out of my home every now and then.

Whichever it was, one thing remained, my actions were speaking ill of me to the girl.

"Signor Ricardo has arrived" She spoke in a mellow tone, gaze affixed on the ground.

"Ricardo?" My brows pulled into a furrow, eyes shifting towards the yard. "He never made mention of coming over" I stated.

"Forgive me, Sir" Paoletta began, "He forced himself into your office"


And at the utterance, I hurried out of the garden room, making my way back into the main building, and all the while I made my exit, I could hear the voice of Paoletta falling behind, going on about how sorry she was, but bless the girl, for my agitation was in no way because of her, it was of the fact that I knew so well the cause of Ricardo's visit, and it was one which I wasn't ready to delve in.

I waddled into the space of my office, only to find that figure who I had been avoiding for weeks now, relaxed in my seat, eyes locked on a newspaper which he had secured in his hold.

At my entry, he pushed the papers out of view, gaze settling on my form, and at the approach of my figure, I watched his eyes relax on me, scrutinizing every bit of my being.

"I got Paoletta's call" The tosser began. "She stated that you arrived last night with yet another lady"

I sucked my teeth, making my way to fetch a glass of rum from the bar at a corner.

All through the time, Ricardo only watched as I poured a drink for myself, perhaps awaiting response.

"You're gonna put the girl in trouble having her monitor my every movement" I uttered.

"She's only concerned for you"

"I don't need anyone's concerns"

"You're scaring the kid"

"I'm paying her to work for me, not to nose in on my business, and report every of my movements to you" I made mention at once.

"It's for your own good" Came his words.

And at that, I slammed the glass in my hands onto the floor, shattering it in a second.

"Cazzo!" I spat, making my way over to the plonker. "I won't have you on my tail every now and then, that is what I won't allow!"

One would assume the blare of my voice would have Ricardo touch enough to drop the issue, but he only gazed on at me with that blank stare, figure still settled in my seat.

"Look around you, Luca"

And there he began... Those talks which would only send me to and fro yet another voyage of a mind-darning ache.

"You get yourself acquainted with a new lady every day, have her sign some papers, and then go to bed with her"

"This is sick, Luca!" He spat.

"Are you bothered about those papers they sign, or is your concern for the ladies?... You know I do it for confidentiality, and to part with whatever business I might have had with them"

"Don't you think it's time to part with the past?" His utterance had left me paused here, gaze only watching the blank one of his.

"You screwing randos every now and then won't change a thing" He added.

"Funny that's coming from you" I chortled in response.

"She's dead!" He bellowed.

"Don't you dare speak on that again!" I thundered, advancing his way in threatened movements, yet, my friend only remained watching me with all empathy in his gaze, eyes heavy with worry.

"It's been three years" The voice of Ricardo was certain to leave a twinge in my heart.

"Three whole years, Luca. It's time you moved on and find a lady at your side"

"I won't take a rest until I find her" Eyes affixed in the adamant ones of his, I dropped those words, tone strong.

I spun around to fetch another glass of rum, while the voice of Ricardo resumed behind me, the sound of his footsteps drawing even nearer.

"The people from Italia all say the same thing" He uttered.

"There is no news of Bastiano, not a single paper of his whereabouts. He disappeared." He uttered. "You shot him, Luca. He died that night. You very much know so"

"No, he didn't" I interjected, spinning to face the profile of Ricardo. "I know so well he survived. For who then do you think left me with this scar?" I muttered in response, tracing my finger down the scar trailing my neck onto my shoulder blade.

"Isabella's alive" I affirmed. "And I will find her"

"On my life, I swear to bring my wife back" I dropped those words, right before making my way out of the room, leaving the fellow lodged in sheer despair.


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