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Love's Requiem

A love story carved in flesh

By Rebecca Lynn IveyPublished 2 months ago 6 min read
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"Romania, where beauty conceals a whisper of the abyss, seduction unravels secrets, and intrigue fuels nightmares. Reality fractures, revealing truths more chilling than fiction. Dare to step into the shadows and confront the darkness that awaits."

Carolina, etched by years of her father's cruelty, prayed not for salvation, but for oblivion. Little did she know, a hungry ear lurked in the shadows – not in the heavens, but in the crimson gleam of Sebastian's eyes. As the earth swallowed her tormentor, Carolina found herself swept away by the alluring vampire, into a world cloaked in moonlight and shadowed desire. As one life was laid to rest, another was born.

Sebastian, with his unearthly beauty, easily shattered the bars of her fear. Yet, within her, he awakened a dormant beast – a thirst for a different kind of vengeance, one painted in shades of crimson and fueled by Carolina's own suffering. He had unleashed a force he could barely control, one that threatened not just Carolina's soul, but his own very existence.

Dare to follow them into the haunted heart of Romania, where nightmares bleed into reality and the gates of Hell creak open. Be warned, traveler, for amidst the captivating facade, sinister truths lurk, waiting to ensnare the unsuspecting.

"My new book is out today! Dive into a forbidden love story set in the haunting beauty of Romania, where nightmares come alive, and reality is not always what it seems. Get your copy now, and let the thrills begin!

As an author, I fully believe that a good story comes from lots of research and a clear understanding of what you're writing about. I have spent hours upon hours researching Vlad the Impaler. I have studied Romania, homing in on fine details of the land and culture. This book has been almost 2 years in the making and professionally edited for quality. Deliberately created to be readable, and not dreadfully outstretched.

Written with lots of time, dedication, sleepless nights, headaches, tears, writer's cramps, and, yes, enough shredded paper to form a dragon's nest. I have devoted the past two years of my life to this story.

This is my story, but ultimately, it's yours to decipher. Dive deep, question, and lose yourself in the echoes of a bygone era. I can only hope that the whispers from Romania resonate long after you turn the final page.

As always, if you enjoy this story, please consider leaving a review. Your reviews not only appeal to other readers, but they also give me the courage and drive to continue writing.

With ink-stained fingers and a heart full of gratitude,


Sneak Peek

The Burial - Born from death.

He was already there, leaning against the weathered granite of a mausoleum, his dark figure a stark contrast to the pale marble. As I approached, a single raven took flight from the rooftop, its wings beating a tattoo against the stillness. The first rays of the sun were just cresting the horizon, casting long shadows that flickered like phantoms across tombstones.

His face was hidden in shadow, obscured by a wafting willow tree. A cigarette dangled from his lips, a wisp of smoke curling into the chilled air. There was a stillness about him, an air of quiet contemplation that seemed to echo the peace of the graveyard.

I gave no thought to his presence, I assumed that he too was mourning privately amongst the calm, peacefulness that only a cemetery could provide.

The rain began lashing down unsympathetically, an icy curtain across the realm of death, blurring the edges of tombstones and drowning out all sound but its own insistent rhythm.

I stood there, gazing into the somber hole that was now my father's home. Tears mingled with the rain on my face, a salty counterpoint to the bitter tang of the downpour.

“Is it grief that drives you out, seeking solace in this bone-chilling storm?” His voice was oddly familiar and yet unsettlingly strange.

“Is it a love lost, a dream shattered or the weight of disappointment heavy on your shoulders that lures you here?”

There was a peacefulness in his smokey voice. An inviting, sultry echo tempting me to react. The rain became a mirror, reflecting the tears that fell from my eyes, each drop swallowed by the downpour. I choked back the words that were forming on my lips. I wanted to scream. What kind of human being would intrude upon a lady saying goodbye to her father?

I turned, preparing myself for the altercation that would surely take place. As he stepped out of the shadows my anger was immediately replaced by numbing fear.

The mist clung to the ancient headstones, swirling like phantoms among the crooked shadows. I was uncontrollably subdued by an inexplicable yearning, a whisper on the wind that promised… something unpredictable.

I rounded the moss-covered mausoleum. His shadow, tall and cloaked in midnight black emerged from behind the weeping willow, my breath hitched in my throat, there was a primal fear clawing at the edges of my consciousness.

He approached slowly; his footsteps were the only sound in the deathly stillness. He was breathtakingly beautiful, yet undeniably terrifying.

"Such a sad, lost little girl." His voice was a silken caress, sending shivers down my spine.

I momentarily found my voice, though it trembled. "I... I just wanted some peace." My voice was a faint, conquered whisper.

I stood there like a wounded animal, heart pounding, afraid to move. I feared that my very breath would draw him closer. His inquisitive expression burned holes right through my soul.

He grinned; his full, tempting lips painted red by dry, cracked blood. "Peace is but hope lost, dead, cold, void of existence." he breathed. His gaze swept over me like a predator sizing up its prey.

Despite the terror, a strange peace bloomed within me. An enigma draped in shadows, a perfect, desirable man with stories etched in every line of his face stood before me.

His beauty was undeniable, yet there was an underlying ferocity burning within him. His features were sharp and angular, with high cheekbones and piercing eyes that gleamed with an otherworldly intensity. His skin; pale and flawless, but there was a hint of something inhuman beneath, an unnatural coldness that sent shivers down my spine.

The rain whipped the windswept strands of his dark hair into a frenzy, creating a halo of wild, wet tendrils. Water clung to the tips, making them sparkle like spun glass against the stormy sky.

A tense silence stretched between us broken only by the harmonic thrumming of nature’s white noise. I knew that I should run, flee into the safety of the living world. But my feet seemed rooted to the spot, my eyes locked on the handsome creature before me.

"Perhaps," he murmured, his lips brushing against my ear, "I can offer you a different kind of peace, taking away all of the pain that’s suffocating you."

A bizarre, unusual sensation began to burn through my veins, igniting an impulse unlike anything I had ever experienced.

The offer hung in the air, a temptation both alluring and deadly.

That’s when I first met Sebastian Blackwin; in that sodden graveyard, on the precipice of dawn, on the day of my father’s entombment. As one life was being laid to rest another was born.

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