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Love from College

familiar voice chuckled

By Moharif YuliantoPublished 30 days ago 3 min read
Love from College
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The worn brick walls of the campus coffee shop echoed with the clatter of mugs and the murmur of stressed students cramming for exams. Amelia, nose buried in a philosophy textbook, barely registered the figure hovering by her table until a gentle cough startled her.

"Hey, you okay down there?" a familiar voice chuckled.

She looked up to meet the warm hazel eyes of Liam, her classmate from literature. Relief washed over her. "Liam! Hi. I didn't see you there."

He gestured to the empty seat opposite her. "Mind if I crash?"

She offered a tired smile. "Of course. Save me a caffeine overdose, would you?"

Liam chuckled again, the sound like wind chimes on a summer breeze. He ordered a double espresso, a stark contrast to Amelia's herbal tea. They had met in Professor Thompson's class, their contrasting personalities creating an unexpected spark. He, the effortlessly charming jokester with a passion for classic rock, and she, the quiet bookworm lost in worlds of poetry and existentialism.

Their friendship blossomed over late-night study sessions, fuelled by coffee and Liam's endless supply of witty anecdotes. He, in turn, discovered a quiet strength in Amelia, a fierce intellect hidden beneath her shyness. He'd prod her out of her comfort zone, dragging her to campus debates and impromptu poetry readings. She, in turn, introduced him to the joys of rainy afternoons spent curled up with a good book.

One crisp autumn evening, they found themselves stranded in the library after it closed due to a power outage. The darkness was unexpected, the silence heavy. Liam pulled out his phone, its dim light illuminating Amelia's face, serene and beautiful in the unexpected glow. Emboldened by the shared vulnerability, Liam spoke.

"You know," he began, his voice low, "the way you frown when you concentrate, it's incredibly fascinating."

Amelia, startled, met his gaze, her cheeks flushing. "Is it?" she whispered.

The silence stretched, thick with unspoken emotions. Then, Liam leaned closer, his hand reaching for hers. His touch sent a warmth through her she'd never experienced before. In that stolen moment, under the cloak of darkness, their friendship blossomed into something more.

Their love story wasn't a whirlwind romance. It was a slow dance, each stolen glance, shared joke, and late-night conversation deepening their bond. They explored hidden corners of the campus, Liam regaling her with fantastical tales about the gargoyles perched on the library roof. They wrote sonnets about each other in Professor Thompson's class, their poems filled with veiled confessions.

Graduation loomed, a bittersweet prospect. Amelia had secured a coveted research position in London, while Liam was set to join his father's law firm. Long-distance relationships were a gamble, riddled with uncertainties.

The night before graduation, they sat beneath the old oak tree on campus, a silent haven their bond had created. Liam pulled out a crumpled piece of paper, his voice cracking as he confessed the sonnet was meant for her. As he read the final lines, "My love for you, a constant, a star, shining bright through distance and time afar," tears welled up in Amelia's eyes.

Their goodbye at the airport was tearful. Promises to call every day, late-night Skype sessions flickering with the warmth of their love. But reality settled in. Work demands, time zone differences, and the constant nagging feeling of distance began to chip away at their connection.

Months turned into years. Phone calls became shorter, Skype sessions less frequent. The vibrant world they had created crumbled under the weight of reality. The silence on the other end of the phone became deafening.

When Amelia received the final call from Liam, a simple, "We need to talk," her heart sank. His voice, heavy with guilt, explained the pressures of work, the growing doubts, the unbearable distance. By the end of the call, their chapter was closed, a story left unfinished.

Years passed. Amelia thrived in London, her research leading to groundbreaking discoveries. Yet, a part of her remained anchored to that campus oak tree, a bittersweet reminder of a love that bloomed and withered.

One summer, she found herself back on campus, visiting Professor Thompson. They reminisced about their college days, and the professor mentioned a book launch party for a successful lawyer named Liam Evans. Amelia's heart skipped a beat.

The party buzzed with conversation. Liam stood across the room, his hair streaked with silver, a few lines etched around his eyes. Time had changed him, yet his hazel eyes still held the same warmth.

Their eyes met across the room, a silent conversation unfolding. He excused himself and approached her table, a hesitant smile playing on his lips.

"Amelia," he said, his voice slightly roughened with age. "You look incredible."


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