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Humor Me

Chapter 13

By Alexandra LaceyPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Humor Me
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We've all had those types of days. Months, even; when you can't seem to outrun the storm, and all anyone else can seem to advise is "get an umbrella".

I will always remember my first year "coming home" after Entirety and all that he brought with him. It took me three months before I finally crawled beyond the confines of my childhood bedroom walls. Every waking moment was spent sobbing, sleeping, and staring up at the fading adhesive stars just betting on which one would come crashing down first. All the meanwhile, my bank account sat dwindling and my online business was barely idling above water. After mustering my will to live once more, I finally decided to step back into the outside world.

At that point I was essentially penniless, with my rickety old Acura that didn't run worth beans, and a broken spirit to match. I begrudgingly decided to get back into dog sitting for the meantime, as it was something somewhat mindless that I could do for the time being.

My very first stay at my new client's home, I had somehow managed to misplace their house keys. Although the keys were eventually recovered under a hoodie at the bottom of my vehicle, my dignity was not. My second stay resulted in a parking fine in the amount of roughly fifty percent of my paycheck... and an embarrassing realization that you can't park within fifteen feet of a fire hydrant. I felt like I was spinning in circles, trying to catch the embers as the world around me burned. All I could seem to do was chomp at the bit in anguish, flinching as each flash of heat skittered across my skin. My outlook became "Humor me, World. What else would you wish to inflict upon me today?" I was waking and preparing for the worst with this ideology in mind that my life was being run by Murphy's Law.

By the time my third stay with them had rolled around, I was confident something was bound to blow up or fall out of the sky on me. To no avail did I receive such mercy, as what I got was even better. On my return from a grocery store run to my client's home, a cop had come bellowing from the shadows and nabbed me for a speeding ticket. Naturally so, I was ticketed for my lack of registration as well. Despite all efforts, I couldnt quite hold back the tears on that one. The flood gates opened, and with it came my muffled life's story inbetween audible sobs and breathy inhales. A part of me will always be convinced he knew the rain cloud I was under. My empathetic officer gave me the grace of issuing a fix it ticket for the registration; the biggest cause for my concern as I already couldn't afford to do so nonetheless with a fine to pay on top.

Within itself, that simple interaction was enough to set my heart straight on a dime. The officer's compassion in telling me "It look like you have a lot on your plate, and I really don't wish to add to it" warmed my aching soul to its very core. Although I walked away expecting to pay my speeding fine, along with resolving my registration, the ticket never actually made it to the system. I checked every single month for six consecutive moons. Nothing ever came of it.

Upon allowing what happened to fully resonate with me, I began to understand that nearly every occurance of similarity to this one had a common theme. After a while, they just kind of have a way of "resolving themselves" and vanishing just as they came. I suppose in retrospect, the ideology there really did "Humor Me", for I am just about the most unlucky luckiest gal I have ever met.


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Alexandra Lacey

Los Angeles >>> Las Vegas

I am a young entrepreneur with lots of stories and experiences to share! I have been on my own the majority of my young adult life, and love offering tips and tricks on how to make it in this world.

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