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Faded Shadow

By Catherine Wanjiru NdaiPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Grey got home with his muddy dress and took it off at the entrance of his sold building as his mom come out. ''My son who did this to you?'' she asked picking up his clothes she has to watch them so that they can dry for him to wear tomorrow. ''It's just May'' he said explaining everything to her as she burst out laughing. ''Grey you are an idiot, better use her money'' she said.

After what his mother told him, the other day he made sure to make May spend as much money as she had to the extent of her building a new house for his family and sponsoring him through school and even giving him a job at her father's hospital after they both graduated. When May told her parents she wanted to marry Grey, they did not force her not to marry him despite the fact that they could see him using her money. ''But i know deep down he loves her'' May's mom said to her husband at night before telling May to go ahead and marry Grey. Grey's parents were very excited about the wedding. They had bragged that their low life son had caught a mighty fish in his net. The wedding was fully sponsored by May's parents and they were happy doing it for their own child. Marriage life with Grey was sweet and she loved it, they loved each other very much.

Unfortunately, May lost her first pregnancy due to stress because she was still working at the hospital. This only angered Grey he knew clearly he told her to stop working. ''I told you to stop working, focus on your pregnancy but you did not listen. You allowed your love for work kill our first child, its all your fault.'' he yelled at May who was sobbing like mad woman, she expected maybe he would understand but it was a different case. After her second miscarriage, there was trouble in paradise, so many problems arose from the house to the extent he forced her to stop working if she loves her marriage and till now May had not visited a patient at the hospital. Grey even left her parents hospital after they argued with him on the reason why he would force her to leave work after he began work at a federal hospital. May wiped her tears as the gate man opened the gate. She gently drove her car inside and highlight from the car as she walks like a spirit inside the house since after her second miscarriage she had not gotten pregnant again and life was hell for her.

May was still in her room when someone slightly pushed the door open. She raised up her head to see Greg as she cleans up her eyes. ''I don't see any food on the table'' he asked as she stood up. ''Of course there is no food, your fake accident is the reason why there is no food'' May yelled as Grey slapped her so hard to the floor, he did not even give her a breathing space as he bounced on her and beat the living hell out of her. ''You don't want to cook right?'' he asked as he dragged her by the shirts and took her to the kitchen as he turned on the gas cooker. ''Grey let go of me'' she pleaded with tears as he pushed her right hand into the flames of the fire as she screams dragging out her hand. ''useless woman, can't bear a child, you can't even cook'' he yelled as he goes out of the kitchen leaving May to scream.


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