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Faded Shadow Episode 1

By Catherine Wanjiru NdaiPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

May paced up and down the stairs as she was looking for her keys. She got a report from a hospital close to her husband's work place that he was admitted there. So she quickly rushes to find out where she had earlier dropped her keys. She stood on the first floor looking around trying to trace her steps where has she been today. She could clearly remember that she only went out to the supermarket to get some supplies for food and she came in and dropped her purse in the first parlor and immediately rushing to the kitchen "living room" she shouted as she ran towards the living room almost slipping down due to the slippery tiles. She picked up the keys and rushed out yelling at the gate man to open up the gate but suddenly stopped to look at her. "why are you looking at me, I said open the gate". She yelled as she realized she wore a blue singlet and a bum short. "oh God...…." She yells rushing into the house to put on a large gown that was three times her size, it was not even hers but but one of her customers who asked her to sew the dress for her.

But what does she care about? Even her hair was rough but she neglected it and drove straight to the hospital. "Please where is the room Greg?" she asked as the nurses pointed towards the room as she opens the door to see the doctor inside and her husband awake but his head wrapped. "Baby are you okay?" she asked as he ignored her. "Do you guys have family troubles?" the doctor asked clearly his throat as she look away. "What do you mean?'' she asked. "Your husband tried to kill himself and even asked us not to call you or anyone that he was at the hospital" the doctor said as May gave her husband a hard look. She dressed like a mad woman all because of someone who wanted to have himself killed. "What is the meaning of that?" May asked immediately the doctor left. "I want children" Grey yelled as May looked away trying to not sob.

"You know the way back home" May said as she stood up and walked towards her bag that she had dropped on the floor. ''Just give me children even a child, is that hard of you to do?" Greg asked as she did not reply him but walked out of the hospital. May got home and begun crying out her eyes, she could vividly remember how everyone was eager to get them married. At the time she met Grey was back in secondary school where they became good friends but after some years before graduation, she left for the states and returned to further her education in Bayelsa at NDU Amassoma. She was in her 200 level in medicine and surgery when she met Grey again. In fact, they had been course mates and did not even realize they once knew each other.

''May'' Grey called out as she slacked down her spicks, she had mistakenly splashed mud over someone and pulled just to realize it was Greg. ''Grey'' she said as she steps down to give him a hug. ''It's been ages, how are you?'' asked as she brought a lovely smile. ''I am good and you?'' she asked as he took a good look at himself from head to toe, with his muddy dress and a polythene bag that he uses to carry about his books. ''I'm breathing'' he said as she scoffed over his negative attitude. ''That is enough for you to be okay, let me make up for your dress'' May said. ''Ah no, don't bother my house is already close by, so no need'' he said with a smile as she shook her head.

''Ok then, since you insisted on that, here is my business card, feel free to call me anytime'' she said as she enters in her brand new high lander and drove away. Watch out for episode 2.


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  • Mwendiyy4 months ago

    Nice one, waiting for episode 2 kindly

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