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Eye on Her – Chapter One

Ezna's Nightmare

By Shital Ajit LondhePublished 2 months ago 4 min read

It was a dull evening, and no one was in the city. She was driving a vehicle after the party; she dropped every one of her companions and began music behind the scenes; her speed was higher than her typical speed; she crossed the distance of 5 km from the party setting; she saw one man before her vehicle, and he was going to fall in the event that she was unable to press the breaks of her vehicle. The hints of horns had not irritated the man, and she in a real sense might have hit him inside a negligible part of seconds.

She halted the vehicle, emerged from the vehicle with full red eyes, and began chiding him for his way of behaving. 'Ezna Yelled noisily' Hello, fella, would you say you are utterly insane? I have been attempting to caution you from the beyond a couple of moments minutes, and mightn't you at any point pay attention to the horns of my vehicle? Please, to bite the dust, go anyplace, yet not presently, not me; it's now 12 PM (12.05 in the clock). Or on the other hand do you maintain that I should drop you some place? She was talking, and he was simply investigating her eyes with a ton of adoration (the manner in which somebody checks their darling out).

He came near her and pulled her near him and said, hello, Lovely Woman, assuming that I will sit in your vehicle today, you need to drop me where I say, Is it good with you?

Ezna began moving her hand and attempted to drive him away. I'm giving you a lift since it's the haziest evening and the streets are vacant. You will confront issues later on.

If it's not too much trouble, let me know your name and address, and I will drop you off at your area. Presently, kindly come quick, man. She drove him away out of frustration. The second she drove him away, he returned quickly on her chest like a magnet.

Hello young lady, you will be dropping me off at this location. He gave her one piece of paper. She halted the vehicle, emerged from the vehicle with full red eyes, and began reprimanding him for his way of behaving. ' Ezna Yelled uproariously' Hello, fella, would you say you are absolutely crazy? I have been attempting to caution you (from the previous) couple of moments, and mightn't you at any point pay attention to the horns of my vehicle? Please, to bite the dust, go anyplace, yet not presently, not me; it's as of now 12 PM, 12.05 in the clock. On which address was composed, Ezna said OK, I will drop you here and afterward I will go to my objective.

The two of them began their excursion around 12.30 12 PM After 30 minutes, his location came, and Ezna dropped David and said, Bye, man, and from now on, don't come to pass on before my vehicle, (essentially, she murmured.)

Ezna contacted her home around 2 a.m. in the evening, and afterward she switched out the lights in her room with her #1 cover wrapping her body like an infant enclosed by a delicate towel. She snoozed full harmony, and around 3.30 a.m., she awakened because of a bad dream and begun searching for something to eat in the ice chest. She at long last got a chocolate frozen yogurt, which she generally attempts in the late night when she gets up at 12 PM because of dreams.

She dozed around 4 a.m. and afterward awakened the following day in the first part of the day for her office at 9.30 a.m. At the time she awakened, she realizes that today she needed to go for a field visit to her client's home, and she had bunches of work to do as they had been pursuing her for the beyond about fourteen days.

She prepared for the workplace, ate a few natural products, squeeze, and sandwiches, and called her companion Lisa, who was helping her with development scales, plans, and inside stuff. Hello Lisa Ezna, I want to believe that you realize that we need to visit a property of our client who took an arrangement before about fourteen days. Yaa, it's today around 1.30 p.m. I will be with you and will call you once I arrive at there. Presently hanging up, and Ezna separated her call.


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I am a public figure (blogger/lyricist/author), who is working with global market publications, and my hobbies are singing, dancing, photography, writing articles, poems, gardening, spiritual activities, yoga, aerobics, counseling, cooking.

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