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Crazy Love and Bloodshed

Zaid and Layla's Journey to the Abyss

By Ameen younisPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

"Zaid" was the only son in his family, with nine sisters. His father, "Fadel," was sixty-one years old, and his mother, "Umm Zaid," was fifty-six. It was the year 2014, and Zaid was 21 years old. Zaid had been fiercely protective since childhood, characterized by a strong heart and indomitable spirit.

He also had distinctive features, with bright green eyes, fair complexion, and light brown hair almost bordering on black. He was tall, broad-shouldered, and handsome.

Umm Zaid decided to marry Zaid to see her son have a family, as he was the only male among his nine sisters. She spoke to Zaid, saying, "Zaid, my dear, my eyes' delight, I want to marry you and see your children before God takes my soul, as I feel lonely."

Tears filled her eyes, and Zaid had never seen his mother in such a state. Feeling a pang of conscience, he agreed to get married. Umm Zaid smiled and said, "Are you willing?" Zaid replied, "Yes, my eyes' delight and my fig and date rope."

After a month of searching, Umm Zaid found the suitable wife for her son, Zaid. Now, let me tell you a bit about her.

The girl's name was "Layla," exceptionally beautiful with authentic Arab charm, and she was 19 years old. Zaid was captivated by her beauty even before marriage.

Three months later, they got married, and both were very happy. They became deeply in love with each other. After a year, on October 12, 2015, Layla gave birth to a beautiful daughter named "Rifal," inheriting her father's beauty and her mother's softness.

They lived a happy life until December 5, 2016, when laughter turned into the darkness of hallucination, bringing sorrow and pain to the household. Jealousy and madness awoke within Zaid, transforming him into a "wise fool" in love. He abused Layla, physically and emotionally, breaking her ribs, humiliating her, and forgetting their love, all because she glanced at someone passing by in Cairo.

Layla quickly escaped to her father's house, revealing the abuse to her family. Zaid's madness escalated as he sought a second wife, believing it would extinguish the fire within him. Little did he know that this decision was a mistake and would disrupt the life of the second wife, destroying her as well. Despite his futile efforts, he decided to search, find, marry again.

The second wife's name was "Yasir," and she was 21 years old, with dark skin, brown eyes, hair like a halo, and lips resembling Jasmine flowers. She lived peacefully with Zaid for two months, but he couldn't forget Layla. He pressured both his and Layla's families for her return after numerous attempts. Layla agreed to return, but her condition was that Zaid must leave Yasir and refrain from harming her. Zaid accepted all her conditions, leaving Yasir, who deeply loved Zaid.

However, Zaid discovered that he was passionately in love with Layla, an unparalleled love filled with jealousy, obsession, attachment, and infatuation. Three months after Layla's return, in January 2017, Zaid struggled repeatedly to control himself.

One day, while Layla went to visit her family, Zaid heard from "Ammar," one of Layla's relatives, that she had not gone to her family's house but had gone to meet her lover. Unable to control himself, Zaid went searching for her and, upon inquiries, found out she entered the house of her birth. In a fit of rage, he entered the house, and Ammar intentionally turned off the lights upon Zaid's entrance.

With a dagger in hand, Zaid searched for Layla in the darkness to stab her. Frightened, Layla hid behind her mother, and Zaid, unable to see anything in the darkness, stabbed multiple times. After realizing what he had done, Zaid fled the house.

"Layla's mother" received two stabs in her shoulders, and Layla also received two, one in her belt and the other near her heart. They were rushed to the nearest hospital, both in critical condition, bleeding profusely and in great danger.

After several hours, Layla's mother's condition became critical. Layla miraculously survived but suffered severe psychological trauma, rendering her speechless upon hearing the news of her mother's death.



"During her mother's death"

The doctor spoke, "Tie her legs and hands. Are the defibrillators ready?" An assistant replied, "Yes, doctor, everything is ready." The doctor said, "Place it on her chest repeatedly... Come on, quickly. Oh no, the blood pressure is high. We're on the verge of losing the patient. What?"



Layla's mother succumbed to exhaustion; no one can interpret it, not even the interpreters, as she is the warm blood and the soul of the orphan.

After three years, in 2020, Zaid was on the run, fearing the security forces. He had become a murderer, living on memories. One day, Ammar recorded a video of Layla dancing at a relative's wedding and sent it to Zaid. Watching the video, Zaid returned to his madness. He rushed to Cairo, where Layla lived, and found her dancing at her home. Pulling a gun from his belt, he shot her until the Cairo sands wept for her. Afterward, he quickly went outside. Three young men, relatives of Layla, joined Zaid to kill him. One of them saw Zaid in front of a lifted stone, ready to strike, but before the stone reached his shoulders, Zaid died from the intensity of his love for the apple of his eye. He died of seven heart attacks, and he was labeled the worst lover in Cairo. As for "Ammar," he confessed to everything but didn't reveal why he did such things. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.


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Ameen younis

Versatile writer weaving magic and mystery, exploring life's nuances. Through evocative language, I aim to leave a contemplative mark by crafting resonant literary experiences.

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