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Cortship Book Launch

My Cortship book launch has hit the shelves.

By Lynne BlackPublished 7 months ago 2 min read

My Cortship book launch has hit the shelves. So, what do you you do when the person you grew up with is the person you want to spend your forever after with?

Sisterly Love – Edie

When Edie’s life was taken in November 2015; my world was shattered. Be sure to read my Losing Edie post to read about this traumatic day that forever changed my life.

Early in 2019, this case finally went to trial. To read more, be sure to visit my Long Awaited Closure March 2019 post.

Before Edie was killed; she started working on The Cortship. When Edie started this manuscript; her goal was to create a story about friendship and romance.

Cortship Book Launch

Since Edie’s death, I have worked off and on on the manuscript. After the trial was over, I was finally able to pick up the pieces. With my co-writer, Alan Cohen; we collaborated to bring this manuscript to life.

At the same time, The Cortship is the story about Samantha who meets Heather Cort and her family. As Sam’s friendship grows with Heather; she becomes close friends with both her brothers, Brian and Matt. Although Sam is captivated by both brother’s; she soon realizes she has a strong attraction to Matt.

Sam and Matt begin a relationship and shortly after, the relationship unravels. Once, Samantha graduates from high school, she loses touch with the Cort family. Eight years later, Sam meets the family in London.

When you think, Samantha has it all figured out; she soon realizes she has never forgotten her first love.

With the perfect blend of comedy, young love, loss and reconnecting; you will feel like you’re part of this story.

In summary, Alan and I look forward to your comments and hope you enjoy this story as much as we enjoyed working on this manuscript.


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