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Our fight

By Lucy TorralbaPublished 2 months ago 16 min read
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Before I could say another word the morning bell blasted me back into my body. Covering my ears instead of my eyes made me scream. Light seeped into my eyelids making the ringing in my ears unbearable. Crawling around until I felt something cold and metallic. I quickly hid in the dark until the noise stopped.

Moving from under my bed I stayed on all fours to find my case. By the time I found my glasses Ed was knocking on the door asking, "You ok in there?" With my eyes finally covered I replied, "Give me a minute." Taking in a few deep breathes until I no longer felt my heart hammering in my chest. Getting up to do some quick stretches for my aching muscles took longer than expected. Once it became easier to move I went to the bathroom.

Finally done I went to open the door, Ed was in the middle of banging on it before it opened. Side stepping out of his range of motion he froze seeing me instead of the door. Mat and I watched him lower his arm embarrassingly before saying, "You really do look like hell in the morning." While rolling my eyes I grumpily said, "I'm a night owl not a morning bird."

Ed turned to lead us to the main door. Mat looked at me with worry in his eyes. I signed 'I'm good', he gave a nod in reply. Ed left first, Mat next, and me last. As we walked down the long hall to the cafeteria I thought of ways to talk with them privately in this godforsaken place. Feeling the sudden shock as we reached the end of the line to finally get our breakfast. I saw Edgar with a smirk on his face. Thinking to myself just you wait asshole I'll make you pay for everything that you've done.

Looking away due to Mat pulling at my shirt sleeve for me to get my own tray. He and I followed Ed to our usual table in the back. As we all scarfed down the gruel that was every meal I had to ask some questions while we were out of earshot.

"Is it just me or does everyone prefer to be around Hannah than us?", I asked them nonchalantly.

Ed spoke between mouthfuls, "It's easier for them to hang around her when they find out where we go to by the end of the day."

"Care to elaborate why?", I asked.

Mat spoke this time, "It's because we're not just dangerous compared to them. Ed and I have killed people, haven't you?"

Looking both of them in the eyes before saying, "I had to."

A heavy silence fell between us as we finished the last bits of our gruel. Noticing Ed about to leave the table I reached out to take his hand, "I need to talk with you two." He turned his head around before asking, "What's it about?" I told him, "We need to back to our area to go into Mat's room." Ed and I looked to Mat who took a few seconds before nodding. Relieved I let out a heavy sigh.

We all got up to put our trays away. As I began to walk back to the solitary area I felt another shock. Knowing it was Edgar again I stopped in my tracks to fully turn around. Seeing that smug smirk on his face I gave him what's known as El Ojo (the eye or evil eye in Spanish) with my own smirk in return. Walking away I had to preoccupy my mind with ways to make that man scream instead of trying to strangle him now.

Mat and Ed noticed that silent death threat. Mat signed 'you ok'. I responded with a nod while the smirk was still on my lips. Catching Ed and Mat exchange a worried look didn't bother me one bit. After Mat passed through the door, Ed next, and me last. Finally on the other side we followed Mat into him room.

Once inside I turned my back to the camera before saying, "I know of a way for all of us to get out of here."

Ed had ask, "How?"

"I can astral project when I'm asleep or in a deep undisturbed meditative state. That's why I've been looking like hell recently. While in those states I've been visiting Mat these past few nights due to the fact his room doesn't have audio. This is the safest places for us to talk." Seeing Ed's face drop even though I had just given him hope I continued with, "Another reason why I didn't tell you is because I know about your brother Eric."

"How do you know about him?"

"I met him officially last night. We talked before the morning bell rang. He even gave me some of his blood so now I can hear everyone telepathically. I don't just control and turn into shadows, I can also turn into someone with a sample of their DNA. I wasn't entirely sure I could gain his ability, although it was worth a shot. Ever since then I've had to block everyone out. If you don't believe me give a try."

They both looked at me amazed with an underlying fear in their eyes. Ed looked deeply into my eyes while his mind pondered about me. I hope this is a recent thing I heard him think. Then I saw him mind begin to wander of things he wanted to do with and to me. Feeling blood being rushed to my cheeks Ed said, "Oh fuck, what did you see?" I lifted a finger to indicate I needed a moment.

Mat's eyes moved between the both of us. I even heard him think when will these two finally get together? I turned to him with a raised eyebrow to say, "I heard that." He had to look away this time before Ed spoke, "So now what?" Looking back up at him I said, "I need the both of you to stay here while I go into my room. I'll tell you what to do when I come back in my astral form this time." They both nodded at me as I left Mat's room to enter my own.

Once inside I sat down right in front of my door. Feeling myself begin to leave my body I carefully moved through the shadows into the vent. Reaching Mat's room to hide in the entryway of his bathroom doorway I said, "Don't turn around." Neither one of them did. "I'm in the bathroom, there's a camera watching you two right now. I'll talk from here while it seems that you're talking with each other." Ed asked, "What do you think is going to happen today?" I answered, "I'm going to go to the surveillance room to disarm our collars. Once that is done I'm going to come back for us to fight the guards. Just so you both know and make sure to tell the others that Edgar is mine." I couldn't keep the growl out of my voice saying that asshole's names. They nodded in agreement to my own demand. "I'll see you guys later", I said about to leave. Ed walked into the bathroom to say, "Please be careful." Mat looked into the bathroom to sign 'please'. "I promise", I said hopefully.

Back in the vents I made my way to the surveillance room. Two guards were watching all of us on the screens, even the three of us in solitary. Moving down the wall I hid under the desk to take control of their shadows. Carefully making myself known to them I rose from behind their chairs to whisper, "Sweet dreams guys." Faster than they could think I forced their heads to smash into one another. Seeing a little blood and closed eyelids I took their clothes off to gag and then hog tie them.

Moving their limb bodies to the entrance of the door to keep everyone else out. Balling my hands into tight fists I began to smash everything electrical until the monitors read NO SIGNAL. The sound of boots running to this room while guards were yelling through the door, "What's going on in there?" Knowing that the collars were now disabled I reached out to Ed and Mat's minds to say, "Now!"

Moving through the door I took down any and all guards that came my way. In main area I saw all the others looking confused about the collars. I told them, "What are you waiting for? Fight back!" Each and everyone of them entered a rage fuel frenzy aimed at the guards. I found Edgar trying to use a cattle prod on Hannah. "Leave that thing on and go to your room. I don't care who your uncle is", he threatened to shock her.

Grabbing him from behind I said, "Why don't you pick on someone your own size limp dick." Hannah asked in a shaky voice, "Z? Is that really you?" Looking into her eyes I only saw terror. "Don't just stand there. Go help the others", I told her. She didn't waist any time after that little pep talk. Realizing her ability was speed all along I thought to myself makes sense. Turning Edgar around to look into my eyes I whispered, "You're mine." Seeing the stunned shock of horror finally register in his mind made me grin. He didn't start kicking and screaming until I started dragging him to my room.

Ed and Mat found me halfway there, they had the same look in their eyes as Hannah did. "Hey guys, Mat can you help me out?", I asked. Once he heard my voice he replied with, "Of course" Lifting Edgar to his feet while he had his fingers in his ears. I said to Mat, "Can you tell Edgar here to go into my room and stay there until I come for him?" Seeing a mischievous smile reach his lips I freed Edgars ears to hear Mat clearly. "Edgar go to Z's room and stay there", hearing Mat use his commanding voice sent a shiver through me. Watching Edgar obediently walk to my room while avoiding anything that could get in his way was truly amazing.

Noticing Ed was a little hunched over due to the fact that he was caring my body on his back. When he set my body down on the floor I said, "Thanks man, you saved me a trip." Going back into my body I saw that the collar was already removed from my neck. Taking my glasses off I handed them to Mat. "Hold onto these for me. Ed and I have bigger fish to fry, I need you to help the others. Do whatever you want with the guards just make sure everyone else is safe", I told him. Mat took my glasses and ran into the thrall of people fighting each other up ahead. "Ed I need you to turn into something that's both strong and fast", I said keeping an eyes peeled. In a matter of seconds a tiger came to my side. "Good choice, now follow me", I said beginning to run towards the double doors.

We kept running and attacked anyone that came our way. Finally reaching the Maximum security door I told Ed, "I'll open it." Hovering my hand over the keypad I used the shadows to short circuit the wiring. With the door open Ed pushed his way in for me to follow behind. Catching a glimpse of Aunt Patty entering the control room I sprinted toward the door only for it to close in my face. Before I could turn around an ominous growl made ice go down my spine. I knew that sound all too well, it was the thing from the pit.

Adrenaline like never before ran through my body like lightning. I used all my strength and will to open the door. After one hard push there was enough room for Ed to squeeze himself in growling at whoever to stay put. I could only assume it was both Aunt Patty and the Colonel in there.

As I was about to set foot into the room I heard a long since dead familiar voice call out to me. "Little Z, little Z, its me", my late father pleaded. Frozen I couldn't move an inch. Feeling my ears begin to muffle I could barely hear Ed roaring as a tiger or hear him think Z! You have to get in here! Wake up! Fighting against my body I began to shake uncontrollably. Feeling my astral form being ripped out I pushed my body into the room while telling Ed as I closed the door behind me, "Keep my body safe. Make that bitch and the Colonel pay!"

Turning to see the thing from the pit had fully taken on the shape of my dad. It looked like a living breathing memory. "I know you are not my dad", I tried to keep the trembling out of my voice. He took a step closer to say, "I've been trapped inside that thing, in the dark for I don't even know how long, praying that you're still alive. My little warrior princess", he said reaching a hand out to me. I screamed in reply, "STOP! Just stop! I know you are not my dad, he died over ten years ago holding my mom. You may look and even sound like him...", I couldn't continue. My voice was breaking while I was losing the fight against my tears. It took the chance to continue, "I remember when I first showed you Xena and you wondered why was her name spelled that way. Even after I told you why you still spelled her name with a Z instead of an X. That's when your mom and I started calling you Little Z. Before that night you were going to be an older sister, sorry older sibling. I remembered you told us that your pronouns are they/them."

Hearing this thing using my past against me fueled me with a painful furry. Taking in a deep breathe I knew I'd have to be the one to make the first move. Looking deeply into it's eyes I growled, "You are not my father!" Charging at it with all the speed I could muster it waited until I was within arms reach to wrap me in a tight embrace. While I was fighting to get out of its grasp I felt a kiss on top of my head. It whispered with my father's voice, "Te extraño mucho mija (I've missed you so much daughter)." Taking in a sharp inhale I slowly lifted my head to see tears in his eyes. Feeling my own begin to leak I whispered back, "Papi (Daddy)?"

For that brief moment I let my guard down. Believing for just a second that I really was in the arms of my dad. Only to be engulfed into a void of darkness.


Mat used his ability to disarm the guards, take all their gear off, leaving each and everyone of them in their underwear. Once all the items that could be used against them were confiscated they were all given a collar. Mat commanded them to go into one of the rooms everyone has had to call home. All the rooms that were used had at least one person watching over them with a weapon to keep them in line.

Hannah asked the question everyone had on their minds, "What now?" Mat looked each and everyone in the eyes before saying, "Z and Ed went to go after the Colonel and the Director. Do any of you know where the Maximum security area is at?" They all looked confused and turned to one another except Hannah. Mat took a step toward her to say, "I really don't want to use my ability on you although if you don't help I will." She cast her eyes down, it was the first time anyone had seen Hannah shaken by someone. Before Mat could open his mouth she said, "Yes I know where it's at. My uncle took me there only once to prove a point." Mat asked, "Do you remember it?" Hannah only shook her head while keeping her eyes down.

Someone their hand raised to say, "I can help her remember." Everyone turned to this person who happened to be one of the tallest women in the facility. Hannah looked back at her with pleading eyes, "Please don't make me to do that Alexia, you know what my uncle is like." Alexia moved toward her to say, "Hannah, I think your uncle is the least of your worries right now. I'll try to make it as painless as possible." She looked to Mat to ask, "Can you hold my gloves for me?" Mat reached his hand out under hers. Alexia rubbed her hands together before placing the tips of her fingers on Hannah's temples. She said softly, "I'm going to need you to close your eyes and focus on that memory." When Hannah's eyes were closed Alexia's started to glow amber.

"I need you to remember when your uncle called for you that day."

"I went to the door where one of the guards escorted me out and followed him down the hall"

"Do you make any turns?"

"A few, and then it was a straight line."

"Good, was there a keypad or was a key used to open any doors."

"A keypad although I didn't get a good look at it."

"That's ok, I'm going to let you go now. Think of your happy place, Ok."

As Hannah's face relaxed Alexia took her hands away from her temple. After a few blinks the amber irises turned back to a light brown. "I know where they should be at", Alexia said. Mat turned to everyone who was as surprised as they were to see what had just happened. "Everyone keep an eye on the guards, one of you watch over Hannah. She needs to rest, if we're going to need anyone of you I'll yell." It barely took a second for the order to seep in. Everyone moved to follow Mat's command with he followed Alexia down the hall.

By the time they rounded the corner to reach their destination Alexia stopped dead in her tracks with an arm out to keep Mat at bay. He immediately regretted moving her arm away to see a hardened black ball that could only have been the thing from the pit in the middle of the hall. Alexia dragged him away to keep them both hidden. She knew exactly what was happening, she had seen that sight before. They both sank to the floor with their backs to the wall. Both their minds kept replaying what they had just seen only a few second ago.

Alexia eventually whispered, "We need to get out of here now."

"How? That thing is a starved killer."

"I've seen that thing kill mercilessly, whoever is in there with it isn't dying they're becoming a part of it."

"Are you telling me that thing can absorb us?"

"Yes, it can."

"How the hell do you know that?"

"I've seen it happen with my own eyes."

Mat saw Alexia shaking. He knew she wasn't lying. Getting up he reached out his hand for her to take. She took it slowly, on her feet now to be at his eyes level. He tilted his head for her to follow him when they both heard someone speak into their minds. Mat it's me, you can come out. He and Alexia froze in place before taking a step. Mat thought Z is that really you or did the monster take your ability? Alexia's eyes turned amber hearing his thought while their hands were still clasped. Before she could whisper in protest they both heard, "It's really me Mat. I know you're scared and that's ok. You and everyone who saw me in my astral form had the same look in your eyes. I'll tell you why soon, please don't think I'd ever hurt you." Mat thought Alexia run, if I die it's up to you to get everyone else out of here. As he let her go, she sprinted to the main area. Mat turned the corner to see Z in the place of that black ball.

He stood at the threshold of the hallway to say with his commanding voice, "Who are you really?"

"It's Z, Mat. I know that I looked like that monster in my astral form. That's why when you and Ed saw me just a few minutes ago you were thinking 'Oh my god. It's come to kill me.' Just like the others who saw me until I talked with them. As of right now I don't think we have the time to go into every detail right now. For you I'll answer one quester so you know that I'm actually the Z you know."

"What did the thing from the pit look like when I was on the other side of the glass?"

"It took on the form of your dog until it morphed into it's original form to try to attack you."

"How can I believe you?"

"Don't get pissy with me just because you picked the one memory you shared with us."


"Look Mat, I really don't have the time for this. As I told you before 'I've got bigger fish to fry'."

Mat followed behind me until I was at the door. "Are you Z?", he asked with his commanding voice. I turned to him to say, "I am Z and the thing from the pit." Placing my hand on the door a gave a gentle push for it to open. Greeted with Ed still in tiger form and Aunt Patty in the the corner cowering. Keeping my eyes on her I ignored Ed growling at me while in a crouched position ready to pounce.

"Hi Aunt Patty, did you enjoy the show?"

"You are not my niece. You haven't been since the day my brother died."

"There you go blaming me for his death."

"You are the reason he died, that thing wanted you."

"Actually that thing wanted to live and it did just that through me and your unborn nephew."

"You mean?"

"Yes, my parents were going to have a boy. At least that's what you would have referred to them due to the genitalia."

"That's basic biology."

"I told you gender is a spectrum not just biology."

"You liberal little shit."

"It's funny that you say that. Cause politics don't matter on this island."

"What are you going to do? Torture me?"

"Are you trying to be a comedian today? You sent me to Nurse Ratchet with no restrictions."

"You deserved every second of it."

"It's no surprise that someone like you would think that way."

"You're not even human, you haven't been for over a decade now."

"Speaking about human where is Colonel Armstrong?"

"How would I know?"

"Wrong answer."

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