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Black Heart

Chapter 7

By Madiha MasoodPublished 10 months ago 7 min read

The call that ignited a spark of hope in Jamal's heart, leading him to believe he could find his missing daughter, ultimately ended in disappointment. Following the location traces, Jamal accompanied the police to an abandoned factory. The vast two-story building was divided into sections for the search. Jamal, alongside his son Karim, joined the officer in charge, armed and cautious. As they explored, they reached a stairwell leading to the basement. Jamal's heart raced, thinking this might be the place where his beloved daughter was held captive. The anticipation was palpable as they descended the stairs, unlocked the door, and entered the room. However, what they found shocked them – an empty room, meticulously cleaned but with traces of ropes and a chair, hinting at confinement. The police confirmed Zabel had been there, yet the abductor had moved her elsewhere. Heartbroken, Jamal cried, and his son consoled him, assuring him they would persevere.

Returning home, the stark reality of Zabel's absence struck Jamal. Harel, her sister, was eager for answers, but Jamal sought solace in his library, yearning for solitude. Time's passage felt disparate for them – Zabel, confined and feeling every moment like an eternity, while Jamal watched days slip through his grasp. The weight of his promise to find her bore down on him, amplified by the dearth of new leads post the factory discovery. Desperation and guilt clawed at his conscience.

A knock at the door interrupted his contemplation – Kaan had arrived, clutching a package. Inside were photographs that shattered Jamal's understanding of his daughter's life. In one, Hydr visited the same location where Zabel was purportedly held captive; in another, he was intimately engaged with another woman. Kaan explained he had discreetly enlisted a detective to unearth these disconcerting images. Jamal was struck by shockwaves – Zabel's perplexing choices and the revelation that his perception had been skewed. The possibility of someone close to her being implicated in her abduction loomed.

Amidst the tumult of emotions, Jamal refrained from hastening to conclusions. He reached out to Hydr, requesting a meeting the next day. Hydr demurred, citing his mother's health as a pretext. Suspicion swelled, compelling Jamal to ponder the extent of his daughter's misguided choices and the betrayal lurking beneath. As the call concluded, uncertainty and doubt enshrouded him.

As the tenth day unfolded, Jamal's environment grew increasingly somber, mirroring the shadow cast by the past ten days. Engulfed in a mystery of abduction without a discernible motive, the situation remained shrouded in uncertainty. Despite maintaining constant contact with the police, the case exhibited no progress, stagnating into a frustrating enigma.

In the afternoon, Jamal summoned Kaan for a meeting. Upon his arrival, Jamal requested comprehensive surveillance on Hydr's activities – his whereabouts, actions, and interactions. Kaan reassured Jamal that such surveillance was already in place, promising to relay any developments that arose.

The clock's hands pointed to midnight, marking 3 am, when Kaan's call pierced the silence. With haste, Jamal answered, learning that Kaan had sent a link tracking Hydr's nocturnal movements. Kaan was en route to the location, urging Jamal to follow suit. Within minutes, Jamal and Karim were on the road, trailing the designated coordinates. The journey concluded at an aged, slightly decrepit warehouse. Instructed to wait, Jamal stood poised for Kaan's guidance.

Once Kaan arrived, armed with a revolver, he beckoned them to accompany him. Despite Jamal's suggestion to involve the police, Kaan's reasoning was that Zabel's presence was uncertain, warranting their inspection first. As they advanced, the sight before them rendered Jamal breathless – Hydr struggled to unchain Zabel, bound to a chair. Swift action followed – Jamal, Karim, and Kaan entered forcefully. Jamal displaced Hydr, focusing on liberating Zabel, who appeared disheveled, almost lifeless.

Efforts to rouse her were futile, prompting Karim to cradle his sister and rush her to his car, en route to the hospital. Hydr's attempts at explanation were thwarted; Jamal deemed the moment inopportune. The trio embarked on their journey to the hospital, followed by Hydr and Kaan in separate vehicles. Upon reaching the hospital, they enlisted the aid of both the police and the family doctor. Zabel was admitted to the ICU, her condition dire as her breathing grew faint.

Karim contacted their family while simultaneously notifying the police. As Hydr approached the ICU, Karim's protectiveness surged, repelling him. Hydr attempted to convey an explanation, but Karim's emotions held sway. Asserting that Hydr's intentions were misunderstood, Jamal intervened, deflecting the situation and promising to address the matter later.

Everyone, including the police, anxiously awaited news from the doctor about Zabel's condition. Jamal, upon seeing his daughter in such a state, was consumed with worry. Dark thoughts clouded his mind, contemplating the suffering his beloved daughter had endured. Eventually, the doctor emerged from the ICU, assuring them that Zabel was stable and would regain consciousness soon. Jamal, overcome with emotion, interrupted the doctor, expressing his desire to see her immediately. The doctor consented, allowing one person at a time to visit. With hesitant steps, Jamal approached her bedside, gazing at her in disbelief. His eyes fell upon her foot – wrapped in gauze, bearing the mark of a chain – and his heart ached. Tears welled in his eyes, wordlessly reflecting the anguish within him. She appeared lifeless, her hand swollen from the drip needle. Overwhelmed with grief, Jamal implored Allah for strength to endure this heart-wrenching sight. Holding her hand, he apologized for not protecting her, pressing a kiss to her forehead before leaving the room.When Hydr attempted to enter, Jamal intercepted him, firmly declaring, "I don't want you anywhere near my daughter." Hydr began to speak, mentioning Zabel being his fiancée, but Jamal interrupted him, asserting, "Unless you can prove your innocence, stay away from my sight. When she wakes up, she will give her statement. Until then, you are not welcome here." Hydr gazed at him with tear-filled eyes before turning and leaving the hospital.

At 10 am, Zabel regained consciousness. Opening her eyes, she found herself in what seemed like a hospital room. Perplexed by this unfamiliar environment, she wondered why her captor would bring her here. Suddenly, the door swung open, and her father, Jamal, entered the room, quickly followed by other family members. As they surrounded her, Zabel's dreamlike state started to fade, replaced by the realization that this was not a dream. Jamal inquired about her well-being, his voice laden with concern. The sensation of someone gently shaking her brought her back to reality, dispelling any notion of it being a dream. She clung to her father tightly, tears streaming down her cheeks as she sobbed, clinging to him as though afraid to let go. Amidst the emotional reunion, other family members joined in, showering her with hugs and kisses.

Concerned, Jamal inquired about any discomfort or pain she might be feeling. She offered reassurance that she was alright. Tearfully, she hugged him once more, admitting her fear that she might never see him again. He held her close, providing comfort and assuring her of her safety. Her heartfelt plea for her family's constant presence moved Jamal deeply, and the doctor granted her request. After a comprehensive examination, the doctor advised additional tests, prompting him to discuss these matters privately with Jamal in his cabin. These tests included checking for any signs of potential harassment or assault. Acknowledging the sensitivity of the situation, Jamal requested that these tests be conducted discreetly and without her awareness.

As evening approached, a female doctor arrived to conduct the examinations. Despite Zabel's initial reluctance to leave the sight of her parents, Jamal assured her that he would wait outside the room to ensure her safety. With this reassurance, she consented. Anesthesia was administered, and Zabel underwent the examination, her concerns about being drugged temporarily eased by her father's presence. When she woke up, Jamal, her mother, and heral were by her side. Her fear that she had been drugged resurfaced, but Jamal explained that she had been sedated for a painful X-ray. He then shifted the atmosphere, asking about her appetite. Memories of eating crabs flooded her mind, and she declined food, expressing a desire to rest and sleep.

Jamal's worry about the test report was evident, and he couldn't even blink for a moment. The following morning, around 10, he received a call from a doctor to come to his cabin. Rushing there, he was seated by the doctor who shared the results of her complete check-up. Jamal's voice trembled as he asked about the report's findings. To his surprise, the doctor revealed that the lady doctor who examined her confirmed that she hadn't been raped or assaulted; she was still a virgin. This brought relief to Jamal, knowing that she hadn't endured such a traumatic experience. The doctor also mentioned that there were no traces of DNA on her body, making it difficult to identify the perpetrator medically. Jamal expressed his determination to find the kidnapper. The doctor also voiced his confusion over the purpose of the abduction, as there was no assault and no ransom demand. Jamal agreed, acknowledging that there was something more to uncover.

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Dealing with a profound burden and enduring agony in search of solace, I made the choice to document my experiences and paint the world with my vibrant thoughts, hoping to receive recognition and understanding for my efforts.

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