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Black Heart

Chapter 6

By Madiha MasoodPublished 10 months ago 7 min read

Caught in her wretched state, she grapples with the feeling that time is either stagnant or moving at a tortoise's pace. Every day, 24 hours seem to usher in a new life, only to fade away at day's end. Despite her relentless attempts to escape this distressing existence, she remains trapped within its suffocating confines. The previous night, however, provided a rare moment of solace through a conversation with her father, a reminder that she still holds a place in the world's consciousness. Yet, with each passing day, an ever-deepening void and emptiness settle into her soulless existence.

Six days have elapsed since her captivity commenced, the motive for which she now avoids probing. Despite her last conversation with her father, who promised rescue, she can't shake the inkling that she's ensnared by the devil himself – her father's intervention seems implausible. Lost in thought, the door creaks open, revealing the man with the grotesque mask. Sitting upright, she faces him as he places a tray before her, instructing her to eat. She picks at the food like a child with little appetite, akin to a wariness of the unknown. He offers an alternative meal, met with eyes brimming with resentment, her voice dripping with loathing as she asks, "Could you arrange my funeral instead of a meal, so I may escape this wretched abyss?" Accused of disobedience and ingratitude, she retorts with bitter defiance, highlighting the torment she endures. He counters that he will arrange an experience for her that fosters gratitude, leaving her pondering his cryptic words.

As she contemplates the unknown, the clock's hands reach eight, and the door reopens, revealing the same man carrying a tray. A frigid shiver courses through her as her eyes lock onto the contents – roasted crab, a terrifying prospect due to her severe allergy. Suppressing her fear, she refuses to reveal her vulnerability. Then, a brown basket appears, the lid unveiled to reveal slumbering rats, set to awaken in an hour. Presented with two choices – to display gratitude or face a night with these creatures – she recognizes his manipulation, using her vulnerability to his advantage. Offering an inscrutable smile, she confounds him, and with a determined resolve, she devours the crab, a food she detests and her body rejects. Her act of consuming the crab disturbs him As the meal concludes, he notes that her willingness to eat outweighed her fear, leading him to a revealing conclusion. Her dry laughter echoes as she confronts him, pointing out that his knowledge about her is incomplete. Her allergies, stemming from a harrowing incident at five, disrupt his expectations. Struggling to breathe, she detects a novel fear in his eyes, distinct from mere exposure. Panicked, he rushes to the door, summoning aid, while she succumbs to unconsciousness.

Upon regaining consciousness, she found herself lying in a meticulously designed room that was a far cry from a hospital environment, an IV drip connected to her hand. With a struggle to sit up due to her severe weakness, she questioned her whereabouts. His presence interrupted her train of thought as he inquired about her well-being. She responded with her survival, then quizzed him about the unfamiliar setting and how he managed to procure her medication. His answer revealed that his family doctor had attended to her, providing allergy medication and a restorative drip. As he detailed that this was her new confinement while she recuperated, the harsh reality of her situation sank in. Her query about how long she'd be captive and why he wouldn't release her was met with his assertion that he would do so when the right moment arrived. With a command to rest, he exited and locked the room. Later, during her bathroom break, she noticed a paper covering the window, rendering the view outside blurry. Upon checking the time, the clock on the wall glowed with the digits "9:00 AM.. Lying back on the bed, she reflected on the unexpected medical care he'd arranged, feeling a mix of shock and uncertainty. Succumbing to the medication's influence, she drifted back to sleep. Hours later, around 4 in the afternoon, he entered with porridge and fresh juice, inquiring about her condition and revealing his motive for abducting her. He confessed to viewing her as a novelty, but promised that he'd release her when his interest waned, a revelation that moved her to tears. Advising her to rest, he left her alone once more.

Despite the intense bodily discomfort and fatigue, the drip induced drowsiness, allowing her to drift into sleep.. The sun hadn't yet risen, but darkness had already relinquished its hold. She remained in bed, then decided to explore the wardrobes, finding some clothes. Opting for a hot shower, she immersed herself, the warmth like a balm for her soul. After changing, she confronted her reflection in the mirror, her eyes bearing the telltale marks of relentless tears. A hairbrush later, she emerged, encountering him seated on the bed. His comment on her refreshed appearance earned a muted response, her gaze averted.

With his assistance, the drip needle was removed, his observation about her acclimatization to the room met with silence. She positioned herself by the window, lost in thought. At his behest, she consumed a small portion of the food he'd provided, a symbol of her concession or perhaps an expression of depleted energy. Contemplating her possible release, she acknowledged the grim reality of her predicament. She pondered his intentions, the likely permanence of her captivity reinforced by the cameras she suspected were hidden. A tear of helplessness betrayed her resolve.

Closing her eyes, she delved into the past, revisiting the pivotal moment when she'd confessed her affection for Hydr. In a bustling cafe, amidst colleagues, their eyes met, an unspoken connection. Waiting until others had departed, she approached him, and as the coffee arrived, she got straight to the point.

"I want to talk to you about something," she began, her voice carrying a mix of determination and vulnerability.

He paused, his eyes locking onto hers, waiting for her to continue.

"I like you, and I know you like me too," she stated boldly. "I want a serious relationship. If you think we could spend our lives together, then we can move forward in this way. And if you think you're not ready for commitment, then end this awkward friendship as well."

Her words hung in the air, a moment of suspended tension between them. Then, she tried to get up, but he gently caught her hand, holding it firmly.

"I do want to spend my life with you," he finally said, his voice carrying a mix of emotion. "But I think we have a status difference, which you might consider a big problem."

She shook her head, meeting his gaze with earnestness. "I know everything about you, and I approached you knowing everything. Status and money don't matter to me."

A deep, intense look passed between them, and a genuine smile broke across his face. "I am the happiest person on this planet. I never thought fulfilling a prayer could be even possible, but now I'm seeing my prayers being answered."

As she opened her eyes, those cherished memories evaporated, leaving her with a sense of vulnerability.

When her eyes opened, she found herself right back in the confines of her captivity. The lack of surprise wasn't lost on her as she got up from her resting spot, surveying the empty room. The light hung directly above her, casting its unforgiving glow. As the sound of unlocking reached her ears, he entered, placing the tray aside. His inquiry about her sleep was met with her own question, cutting through the air: "Did you drug me again?" His immediate affirmation closed the inquiry's chapter. She took the tray in hand and began eating, all the while feeling his gaze on her.

Breaking the silence, he mused, "You seem tamed now, quite the transformation." Her response remained a void. A playful urge struck him again as he shared, "I have something important to show you that might lighten your day." Looking into his phone, he continued, "There you go." The image that appeared plunged her into a world of agonizing pain. It depicted Hydr, engaged intimately with another girl. The clarity of the picture debunked any possibility of forgery, leaving a lump lodged in her throat.

Mockingly, he commented, "Your lover is enjoying his life, rather than exerting energy to find you, he's dating someone else." His laughter echoed in the room, each note cutting deeper than the last. He stood, asserting that soulmates were mere fiction, emphasizing her insignificance to the world. The notion of her true love loving another was punctuated by his boisterous laughter before he exited, leaving her struggling to breathe in the aftermath of her shattered world.

Grappling with the image, she realized it was his final blow – stripping away her last fragments of hope. Seated like a lifeless figure, she remained in that state for hours until a man offered food. Her refusal was her defiance, a declaration that there was no reason to nourish a body devoid of purpose. In solitude, she contemplated her deception, questioning what was left to live for. The warmth she once felt in her heart had been replaced by an icy void, her heart itself having been taken.

Despite her captivity, her heart clung to the memories that once brought her joy. Yet, now, everything was blurred, her mind an empty canvas. As she confronted the depths of darkness, she surrendered, considering the option of staying within these walls, not even clinging to life. Refusing sustenance, her captor's efforts to break her resolve faltered. Emotions had faded, her readiness to face whatever lay ahead became resolute – she was prepared to confront the devil himself.

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Madiha Masood

Dealing with a profound burden and enduring agony in search of solace, I made the choice to document my experiences and paint the world with my vibrant thoughts, hoping to receive recognition and understanding for my efforts.

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