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Black Heart

Chapter 8

By Madiha MasoodPublished 10 months ago 5 min read

After leaving the doctor's cabin, Jamal was deeply perplexed about the motives behind the kidnapping. His mind raced, searching for answers. He entered the room where Zabel was admitted, finding her mother and Heral there. They inquired about the reports, and he quickly assured them that everything was fine. Gently kissing Zabel, who was still sleeping, he observed her peaceful slumber. Suddenly, the room's tranquility was disrupted by murmurs, and Zabel opened her eyes to see her father talking to a police officer who wanted her statement. Anxious, she asked Jamal what was happening. The police officer explained that he needed to ask questions to help find her abductor. Jamal reassured her and pledged to find the person responsible. She agreed to answer the questions. With the recorder on, Zabel began recounting her ordeal of being confined and drugged, describing the person who terrorized her using her weaknesses. Tearfully, she shared how he knew her vulnerabilities, including her fear of dogs and her poor eyesight. She revealed he forced her to eat crab, causing her to lose consciousness, during which he assaulted her. When the police officer referred to her medical report, stating she was not raped and still a virgin, Zabel was shocked. The officer explained that the abductor used psychological tactics to torment her. Asked about the second location, Zabel denied being moved, describing the elaborate illusions created to mislead the police. She detailed her attempts to escape and her captor's methods, including wearing grotesque masks and involving three unidentified individuals. Expressing her confusion over the abductor's motives, Zabel admitted feeling stripped of everything, including her dignity, hope, and love. The officer's question about her feelings towards her captor remained unanswered. Zabel recounted how, on the eighth day, she stopped eating and responding, almost giving up on life. She revealed the breaking point – seeing a picture of her fiancé with another girl. The officer decided to continue the conversation later and left the room, after which Jamal comforted Zabel, assuring her of her strength and his support. As she tearfully expressed her desire to find the abductor, Jamal shed a tear, feeling helpless.

After obtaining permission from the hospital, Jamal brought Zabel back home. The entire house was adorned with flowers and balloons, a warm welcome for her. Her favorite dishes were prepared, and a special cake depicting a superhero was presented. Despite her inner turmoil, she wore a fake smile, not wanting to dampen everyone's efforts. As she cut the cake with the image of Wonder Woman, she questioned her own strength, feeling like a shattered soul. In the midst of this facade, Jamal entered the room with a pair of eyeglasses and placed them gently on her, instantly clearing her vision. Grateful, she silently thanked her father. After the celebration and dinner, Jamal invited Zabel to his library, where he disclosed all the hints that had led them to her abductor. She listened in shock and then firmly asserted that she was certain Hydr wasn't the kidnapper. Her reasoning was based on the fact that only Hydr and her family knew about her seafood allergies, a detail the kidnapper was unaware of. Her logic convinced Jamal that she was right. The conversation shifted to identifying potential suspects, and Zabel expressed her belief that it could be someone who despised her to the core and aimed to strip her of everything. She mentioned how this person seemed to know her intimately and had a vendetta against her. When questioned about her friends or colleagues, she remained uncertain. Jamal reassured her, suggesting they would speak to Hydr for more clarity. As Zabel retired to her room, memories and flashbacks flooded her mind, making sleep elusive. She stared out the window at the peaceful night, listening to the crickets and gazing at the stars until sleep finally overtook her.

The following day, she awoke enveloped in a sense of security, yet her heart was burdened by the uncertainties of the world. Herald entered her room and paused, surprised to find her by the window. He gently suggested that she freshen up and join them for breakfast, to which she quietly agreed. Rising from her spot, she began searching for a change of clothes, but her gaze was drawn to the box containing her engagement ring. A conflict of emotions ensued as she opened the box, took out the ring, and then placed it back. She eventually selected an outfit and proceeded to take a soothing, hot shower. After changing and grooming herself, she emerged to find everyone gathered, awaiting her presence. Greetings were exchanged, and she settled down to eat. As the meal progressed, she found herself struggling to swallow each bite, her efforts hampered. Jamal intervened, suggesting an alternative, but she declined, persevering through the meal.

Once the meal concluded, Jamal revealed that Hydr and his family would be visiting. He instructed everyone to remain silent and assured them that he would handle the situation. Zabel retreated to her room, seeking refuge from the aftermath of her recent meal.

Around 5 pm, Hydr and his family arrived, ushered into the drawing room where refreshments were offered. After a while, Jamal and his wife, followed by Karim and his wife, joined, filling the room with casual conversation. However, Hydr's gaze remained fixed on the door, awaiting her entrance. After a few minutes, she appeared and greeted everyone before settling near Jamal. Inquiring about her well-being, Hydr and his family received a polite response, though she avoided making eye contact with Hydr.

Jamal delved into the details of how he had located her. She began explaining how an anonymous call had led Hydr to her, with the caller demanding his presence alone to ensure her safety. As Hydr shared his experience, admitting to keeping it secret, she affirmed his account, recognizing the kidnapper's tactics. Despite Hydr's agitation, she calmly reassured him of his innocence, acknowledging that he was not her captor.

Then, a surprising turn of events unfolded. With conviction, she declared that since Hydr was not guilty, she could conclude the matter peacefully. Placing her engagement ring on the table, she offered him her best wishes for the future, expressing her hope to avoid crossing paths again. Before she could leave, Hydr halted her, questioning the end of their engagement. In response, she revealed that her soul had been shattered, leaving nothing to salvage, and departed, leaving behind an atmosphere of silence. Hydr bid his family farewell and left her house, grappling with his pain and holding back tears. He drove forcefully until his mother intervened, leading him to a quiet spot by the sea. Overwhelmed, he allowed himself to cry, the memories of their shared moments flooding his thoughts.

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Madiha Masood

Dealing with a profound burden and enduring agony in search of solace, I made the choice to document my experiences and paint the world with my vibrant thoughts, hoping to receive recognition and understanding for my efforts.

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