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Be Careful What Website You Open!!!

When My Laptop Crash From A Virus

By Mariann CarrollPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 3 min read
Be Careful What Website You Open!!!
Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

May I suggest to all you technology users, Invest in getting a external portal hard drive as seen on my cover story picture. Save your important computer files on it, that way if your computer 💻 🖥 get an virus or crashes , you have back up.

Let’s get to my story, I open up this new website and got my laptop acting up a few minutes after opening this website. The windows was jumping and closing on my laptop. I shut down my laptop and turn it on again.

I thought the problem was solved, after a few seconds my laptop screen had a bunch of windows shutting and opening on the screen.

I tried going on YouTube, on my phone, to figure out to handle this problem. I watch several videos on how to fix a laptop when it gets a virus. I used their instruction and still my laptop did not get fix. I even had a firewall software, called malware. It was not helpful in fighting the virus.

The next solution is to hunt for my store receipt with the warranty. Sadly it took a while for me to find it. I did purchase this laptop last year (2022). I used my tax return to purchase the laptop. I was planning on starting a business last year. I had two ideas on my business plan but they flapped, because of my health issues and personal stresses I was going thru last year.

I was not able to give my new business undertaking my full attention like I wanted to. I will try again once I get rid of some of my major stresses.

Everything is definitely a process. I finally found my receipt with the three year warranty. I suggest always get a warranty with technology products. It was in my old passports purse pouch. Why I forgot where I put it ? I like to reorganize my things so many times that I lose tract where I replace them. Silly me 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️.

I found it right before I was going to a doctor’s appointment. I usually get to my doctor’s appointment forty-five minutes before the appointments. I called the number that was on the warranty card the store give out with the receipt . I also suggest, always register the product you have a warranty on , online so it’s easy to make a claim when you call.

I called the number and give my information. I thought they were just going to replace the laptop. They direct me to a computer technician. I describe the issue with the the technician, he asked if I had the laptop in front of me. I did not. I told them I will call them back.

I got home from my appointment. I was hungry so I made myself a turkey sandwich. I had two because I did not eat breakfast before I went to the doctor’s office. I set up the laptop on the table and do the usual turn on procedure. I have a passcode to open the laptop.

I called the warranty company number when the laptop was set up. The next computer technician asked me if I back up all my files. I told him no, he give me instruction to reset the laptop without losing the files.

mariann Carroll’s laptop photos

The laptop was not completely repair, I had to used the external mouse because the mouse pad on the laptop have no control over the cursor(mouse icon) arrow on the screen.

The next procedure is to completely reset the laptop which will erased all files that was on the computer. That’s why it’s important to have an external hard drive for your laptop or your PC computer . I hope my laptop mishaps memoir help others . Thanks for reading .


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Mariann Carroll

Proactive for positive change.Born in the City of Chicago ,Illinois.

Multi race .Studied in a foreign country .Fluent in several languages .

fascinated by diversity.A Romantic and a dreamer.Interest in healthy living

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  • Grz Colm5 months ago

    I’ve missed so many of everyone’s pieces the last few weeks with being away and then no being as active on vocal. Hoping to get back into it more and hopefully you got this issue sorted out properly. ☺️👍

  • L.C. Schäfer6 months ago

    This is good advice 😁👍

  • Rebekah Crawley6 months ago

    What a nightmare! Thank you for the warning I’ll definitely be more careful in future

  • Gina C.6 months ago

    Oh man, computer viruses can really throw your plans for a loop - how stressful they can be! I'm so glad you didn't lose your files. 🥹❤️ I've been on a break from Vocal, but I'll be back to catch up on more of your work soon 🥹❤️

  • Omgggg, this was so scary! I'm so glad he was able to tell you how to reset it without losing your files. I also always forget where I keep things. I'll keep it in a safe place and I'll forget what place that is, lol.

  • Deasun T. Smyth6 months ago

    Great story Mariann! Man viruses are annoying.

  • Jason Ray Morton 6 months ago

    Computer viruses kill work so easily. Great subject

  • Arghhhh! That's so frustrating. The first time I got a virus was before people were online much. For the most part I just got email, so I dropped my antivirus subscription--just in time for Klez. Up to that point, you actually had to open a suspicious email to be attacked by a virus. There were two different subject lines for those with Klez. I only remember one of them which said, "Japanese girl vs. Playboy". Both were obviously not something I was going to open, so I deleted them. Unfortunately, highlighting the email to delete it was all that was required. It took three days for me to fix it.

  • C.S LEWIS6 months ago

    This is an amazing great job You can also join my friends and read what I have just prepared for you

  • Affirmative, viruses suck👍 👀🚫Thanks for sharing!

  • Lamar Wiggins6 months ago

    Viruses are terrible. Happened to me before a while ago. Lost a lot of stuff including some writing projects. I have a better security system now. But haven’t backed stuff up in a while. Sorry you had to go through that and thanks for the reminder.

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