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Chapter Seven:Unlocking Hidden Realms

By Ameen younisPublished 5 months ago 6 min read

*******Chapter Seven*******

When I opened the door to get out of the car, I looked at him and said:

This is a very interesting idea. And if they offer it well, you can travel with them and agree to work there."

I could feel his gaze piercing me, trying to restrain me with curiosity and disbelief. I had no idea where it was going to lead, and I had to stick to the lies I was spinning. He called me back, looked at me through the window, and then carefully asked.:

"How does the delegation know. What exactly did you talk to him about?"

I smiled and said to him, "Oh, I forgot to mention you. He was the only one who coped well with the delegation when they walked nervously.

He's not gaining trust and he can't find a solution out of thin air. What do you think?"

He prayed, and I found him asking me to show him the file. I gave it to him, and when he looked at it, I noticed that there was approval in his eyes. I began to relax and prayed for him to accept. he surprised me by saying:

"Wow, that's impressive. All these achievements and language. It seems like I'm trusting you for the first time and he'll be in a good position."

I was so excited and I asked him, "Do you agree?""

"If he has a passport, let him travel tomorrow. If not, make sure you arrive early tomorrow, and I'll send someone to speed up the paperwork."

I was very happy, I went in through the window, got a file from him and remembered Moataz Abu Karsh before I left. I asked him anxiously:

"And what about Mr. Moataz? We shouldn't let him know what we're doing."

Confidently, putting on his glasses, he replied, "If you see whose decision is more beneficial for the company, let me handle it this time." Let me be the one to take action. Please let me know when you have reached an agreement."

I thanked him, got into my car, stood my ground and stood smiling. I saw that he was looking from a distance, his irregular posture and gaze were waiting for a signal from me.

Even though I was very excited and wanted to run to him as a child, I stood there not knowing how to move.

Everything stopped at once. I remembered the first time I saw him from a distance, but he was not clear to me, and his gaze was blurred. I was afraid of him.

Why did I suddenly feel as if I could see all her details now, her expression was almost clear to me.

I remembered the horror of the day, even though it was at the same distance and everything was alive.

I was hoping this would happen for him. It will help him get what he deserves, and it will also benefit me in my work. But I was worried about her, as if she was my daughter traveling without me for the first time, even if she had just appeared in my life.

I focused for a moment and felt a feeling of paradise. What was going on? How did you ask Mr. Moataz to unknowingly ask for a passport? Why did I lie so easily to help him get what he wanted. How did he involve me in so many details and adventures in just 2 days.

When I noticed his nervousness from where I was standing, I approached him and stood in front of him in the usual posture. I clasped my hand behind my back and looked at him. He asked me:

"Don't refuse."

I asked him firmly:

"Do you know the feeling of serving an old pie, honey or cheese?"

He looked at me and was stunned. I told him I was trying to hide my smile.:

"Because when you get them back, we need to have a place where you will take care of them before signing the contract."

Let me tell you, my friend, how much time you have. Yes, you don't have a watch. A good half hour and we'll get there. I'm sure you'll like it soon, like me.

He was very happy that day and eager to travel. He couldn't believe it. I saw her surprise, joy and childlike innocence, which appeared as soon as she found out that she would travel if she had a passport the next day, she was always ready for anything she wanted. Before he left, I got in touch and got his number to figure out what to do next.

As he was walking away, I noticed that he turned around and asked questions that left me speechless:

"Why are you helping me like this?"

I had many words that were lost at that moment. I am not weak; I am not young. i am a mature person in my 30s and I know what you want and why. But the truth is, I didn't understand what he was doing.

Suddenly it brought me back to the age of 24. I smiled, tried to get myself back and quietly said:

"It's not just for you, it's my job. I love my job and I do it for work."

She smiled at me and walked away, but I felt ridiculous about my approach to her. I should have been more encouraging with my attitude, or at least calmed down. After contacting Professor Jad and letting him know what was going to happen, we agreed on everything — both he and I were ready. When I finally checked the time, I was surprised that it was already late. I went into the kitchen, took a plate of watermelon from the refrigerator, picked up a fork and handed it to the sofa. I decided to open my social media profile to see if there was an important update.

As always, I scrolled through the junk posts that people share as a way to pass the time. I came across an update on his status and it's constant for 3 of them. The first one was a few minutes after he left. It was a picture of the sky and its clear note against the background of clouds. He was holding it in his hand, and underneath the date today was a sentence: "If you apply for something, be honest, be brave.""Don't worry about anything, don't worry about losing.Below was another sentence indicating the same day as the day he left."

I sat upright in my seat, feeling that I did not understand what he was saying, but the words were aimed at me. I've read them many times, but I still don't fully understand them. He seemed to be waiting for me to say something effective, but what did he want to hear from me.

2 With a picture of the plane. i saw the situation and 3. the case was a video of a small German shepherd dog. He wrote under the video: "You will be my prize at my first promotion.

*********** To continue***********


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Ameen younis

Versatile writer weaving magic and mystery, exploring life's nuances. Through evocative language, I aim to leave a contemplative mark by crafting resonant literary experiences.

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