The Perfect Pairing

The Perfect Pairing
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The Perfect Pairing


First place: $2,500 + $100 Gift Card

Second place: $1,000 + $100 Gift Card

Third place: $500 + $100 Gift Card

Gift Cards can be used to purchase Bright Cellars wines, but not required.

Dates to know

October 30: Submissions open

December 10, 11:59 PM EST: Submissions closed

December 15: Winners announced

About this Challenge

We strongly believe that two is better than one—at least when it comes to good food and drinks. While we all have our personal preferences, we’re curious to hear some of your most creative (and surprisingly good) food pairings—especially when it comes to the holidays! Whether it’s a classic cheese and wine duo, or a more timely take on this classic, such as a slice of pumpkin pie with a chilled glass of white wine, we want to hear why you deem this pairing the ultimate match made in heaven.

We’ve partnered with Bright Cellars for this Challenge. Bright Cellars' mission is all about offering a personalized experience, so we want this Challenge to reflect a pairing unique to you! Tell us what makes it your go-to, when was the first time you came across this duo, and anything else that could help us understand why this particular pairing, as simple or as crazy as it may be, will be a must for you during this holiday season. Of course, feel free to browse Bright Cellars' stellar wine selection for some inspiration!

If you'd like to treat yourself to some personalized wine, feel free to use this link for 50% off of your first 6-bottle box of Bright Cellars!🍷


For your story to be eligible, it must be between 600 and 5,000 words and adhere to our Community Guidelines. Stories published on Vocal and entered into the contest up until December 10, 2020, at 11:59 PM EST will be entered for consideration. Official Rules for the Challenge can be found here.

To be eligible to win the grand prize, second place, or third place prizes, you must be over the age of 13 and residing in a country where Stripe is available at the time of entry. A complete list of countries where Stripe is available can be found here—winners will need to have a Stripe account created and connected in order to receive the prizes. For this reason, entrants located outside of any of these 35 countries will not be eligible to win. Bright Cellars is only able to operate in the continental U.S. Additionally, Bright Cellars is unable to ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Utah, Mississippi, Kentucky, Michigan, and Delaware.


How to enter

  1. Create your story on Vocal.
  2. When submitting your story for review, select Submit to a challenge and select The Perfect Pairing.
  3. When your story has been approved, it will appear under Submissions on this page.

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