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Patience on hard days

By Batuhan AkkusPublished 29 days ago 2 min read

Poem that gives me strenght on hard times..

Sometimes, one needs to distance oneself to get closer; sometimes, one needs to remember to be remembered; sometimes, one needs to cry to open up; sometimes, one needs to commemorate to be commemorated. Sometimes, it is necessary to remain silent to hear, for if speaking excessively were beneficial, we would have two mouths and one ear. Therefore, it is essential to listen more and speak less. The brightness of silent can overshadow speech, as both the light of silence and the benefit of speech are concealed within it. I understand that everything that happens eventually falls silent. I understand that silence is profound and majestic. Let our silence speak volumes; let's find a language without words within ourselves, where only the two of us understand the sorrow. My heart, refrain from expressing too much; the more you express, the more your heart swells, making it harder to wait and increasing anxiety. My heart, speak less so our affairs may mature, so no wrongful words may be uttered in the sight of truth. My heart, remain silent like the letter 'alif'; spring is almost here. Endure, my heart, like the unseen waves within the sea; if there were any other solution besides waiting, believe me, it wouldn't stop you. But there is no other remedy; even medicine doesn't take effect without waiting, and flowers don't bloom before their time. My heart, remain silent until distant paths converge, until relief comes after distress, until our faces are moistened with tears of relief. My heart, trust in the decree of your Lord until it is realized, until your portion reaches you, until those who haven't received theirs understand that they have no master. My heart, remain silent until you see his coming, until you realize that pain turns into sweetness, until you see that his heart is tied to yours with the knot of love. My heart, remain silent until reasons emerge, until excuses fade away, until our destinies become intertwined. Despite all these silences, have faith that everything happens for the best. So, my heart, let every silence be an answer, let every silence be a testament to patience, faith, and love. Let silence be the balm to my wounds, as deep as the innermost cry of my heart, heard only by those who truly listen. Let silence speak, and may the mercy of Shams Tabrizi be upon us.

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