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Safe Spaces: A Journey from a Frightened Little Horsegirl to a Global Empowerment Leader by Merja Sumiloff With Lisa Wallace

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By Lisa WallacePublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read

Safe Spaces is a profoundly insightful and enlightening story of becoming and the beauty of discovering your life passions. A once-frightened little girl learned to go deep within and find her strengths by overcoming a painful childhood, uncovering her superpowers, and going on to be a successful entrepreneur and global empowerment leader. The touching memoir begins with the author discovering her first safe space while sitting on a horse named Donut and how it changed the course of her life. Safe Spaces is unapologetically honest and full of relatable reflections and revelations.

Readers will find clarity and practical tools for deep introspection, self-exploration, and lasting growth. The author gently guides readers through the steps to uncover your true purpose path by overcoming pain and suffering and using it to find your strengths. Learn how to take control by reclaiming your power and live the meaningful life you've always dreamed about. A heartfelt and touching story about letting go of anxiety of the unknown to accept change and use negative experiences to realize the unique superpowers we all hold within.

"This book is written as an homage to the safe spaces I have been given and those I have created. Safe spaces are imperative for our healing, development, and self-mastery." Merja Sumiloff

Many wander through life feeling unfulfilled while holding onto the shame and guilt from pain and heartbreak from the past. Uncover your essence and passions by looking deeply within and releasing the heavy baggage you've been carrying. Finding your safe spaces allows you to grow and thrive, and being a safe space for others gives them the freedom to be who they are while building deep and lasting human connections.

About the Authors

Merja K. Sumiloff, ITEC, SAHIMM is an equestrian, MBTI® practitioner, a personality decoder, a master mentor, the author of multiple bestselling personal development courses, and the creator of the 4 People Within® personality decoding tool. She takes readers on a journey by illuminating the path of self-discovery, digging through life's struggles to uncover the lessons, and unharnessing the superpowers within. Merja uses her knack for storytelling, intuitive magic, and deep insights to relay her story. Readers will learn the value of uncovering their safe spaces to take control of their lives and champion their stories as they wish to write them.

Lisa Wallace is a writer, author, and human rights activist passionate about lifting others and giving a voice to those who can't speak for themselves. A strong passion for understanding others deeply, genuine human connection, and self-discovery led her to cross paths with Merja Sumiloff and eventually to work on this life-changing project and share the gifts of wisdom and personal empowerment with the world.

Uncover Your Inner Strength by Exercising the Power to Choose

Combining wisdom, experience, and carefully developed self-discovery and mastery tools, Safe Spaces is an enjoyable and eye-opening journey of hope and self-empowerment. Finding our authentic and meaningful purpose in life is often a long voyage, and some never truly reach their destination. The memoir teaches that if we genuinely want to create something different for ourselves, we must make conscious decisions to be different. That requires letting go of the need for perfection and accepting change, even when uncomfortable. Vulnerability, loving boundaries, and speaking our truth allow us to connect deeply with ourselves and others.

"Pain helps us grow if we respect, listen to, and heal from it."- Merja Sumiloff

We empower ourselves by learning to set loving boundaries and empower others by accepting theirs. Perfection is an expectation impossible for anyone to live up to, and learning to fail forward can help you reach your most significant potential.

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Safe Spaces is more than a great book. It is an international personal empowerment movement, and you are invited to join us! Visit the link to Balboa Press and order your copy today.

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About the Creator

Lisa Wallace

Writer, author, and human rights advocate with an innate and life-long passion for speaking out for the oppressed.

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