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New Indie Releases: March 2024

If you're looking for something different for the new year, check out these indie titles!

By Marie SinadjanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Hello, book friends! We're about to start a new month, so you know the drill — it's time to check out new books and new authors! 📚

1 March - Pilgrim (Woestynn Chronicles) by E.M. McConnell (@McconnellEryn)

"It's going to be Woestynn, Pilgrim. I'm sorry."

Rho had always known that he would be sent to Woestynn if they caught him. He was too much of a nuisance. They wanted him gone forever.

But Rho wasn't going quite so easily. With his team, he had one task before time runs out. Get a plan together to survive the first days on the worst prison planet in the Ruben system. And Rho planned to do more than just survive. He planned to take the power, too.

8 March - Hall of Hauntings: Spooky Stories by N S Ford (@nsfordwriter)

Do you dare to read these six spooky stories of the supernatural? Feel the chills running down your spine and your pulse pounding with fear as you encounter…

The reality show in a haunted mansion where the ghosts aren’t real… are they?

Murder and mayhem at a bakery… who is the evil man in the corner?

A terrifying ancient mummy, but how is it linked to a beautiful portrait?

The old piano with a horrible history... are you afraid to play upon it?

A mysterious glowing figure with a secret to die for… what is hidden in the attic?

The deathly stillness of a barricaded library, but are the hauntings inside, or outside?

12 March - Among Thorns and Stardust by Marie Sinadjan (@marienettist), Amy Johnson (@amyjohnsonwrites), Dawn Christine Jonckowski (@dawncjonckowski), Hayley Anderton (@hayley_a_writes), Meghan Tomlinson (@meghantomlinsonwrites), Destiny Eve (@destinyevewrites) and Meri Benson (@meriscorner)

The sky was never the limit.

What if Snow White lived in a virtual world where the lines of reality are too blurred? What if Cinderella's ugly step-sister was half made of metal and springs? What if Sleeping Beauty slipped into a hundred years of cryo sleep?

Seven authors join forces to reimagine your favorite fairy tales as new sci-fi adventures filled with space, tech, magic, charm, and of course: happily ever afters.

21 March - Pierced by Silver (Paranormal Misadventures Book 2) by Anca Antoci (@AncaAntoci)

Where the boundaries blur between the living and the dead, the line between hero and monster is thin.

Deep in the heart of Transylvania, nestled amidst ancient forests and shrouded in centuries-old superstitions, lies the village of Vânători. A string of gruesome murders has left the villagers terrified, and the authorities baffled. Joining forces are Ella Martin, a witch with a hidden past, Felix Goia, a brilliant but haunted police inspector, and Radu Lupu, a mysterious police captain whose supernatural nature has the potential to unravel everything.

As the bodies pile up and the villagers’ fear turns to rage, Ella, Felix, and Radu find themselves caught in a race against time. The locals suspect one of their own to be a strigoi—a relentless force that hungers for blood. They must uncover the truth behind the killings, whether it’s a human monster or a strigoi, before the village is consumed by darkness.

However, their investigation takes a perilous twist when Radu, as a vârcolac, becomes the target of an unrelenting predator armed with silver tipped arrows. With their strongest ally out of commission, Ella and Felix must hurry to save him and stop the killings before Vânători becomes a ghost town.


Hi! I'm Marie, a Filipino fantasy author and book reviewer currently based in the UK. I’m the co-author of The Prophecies of Ragnarok, a Norse myth new adult urban fantasy trilogy, and I also have short stories published in anthologies and literary journals.

You can find more info about me and my books, and also subscribe to my newsletter for more content, here. And if you like what I do, please also consider supporting me on Ko-fi! 🩷

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Marie Sinadjan

Filipino spec fic author and book reviewer based in the UK. •

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  • Brin J.2 months ago

    Oooo. Among Thorns and Stardust sounds intriguing. These are great. Thank you for doing this <3

  • Test2 months ago

    Thank you for sharing these exciting book releases! As a fantasy author and book reviewer, your insight into these new titles adds valuable perspective. Good luck with your own writing endeavors and thank you for contributing to the literary community!

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