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Juvenile Fiction at Fully Booked 2024

For middle grade readers 9-12 years old

By Leila GatdulaPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Juvenile Fiction Fully Booked SM MOA

Hello, book nerds! Here are the latest releases of juvenile fiction available at Fully Booked in the Philippines. I’ve chosen five titles for ages 9-12 (middle-grade) readers. I hope you enjoy my recommendations.

A Roof! (Hardcover)

By Stephanie Ellen Sy (Author), Daniel Tingcungco (Illustrator)

Dive into this dazzling picture book debut about a young girl in the Philippines who, after a typhoon, finds a neighbor’s roof in her backyard. Determined to return it, she embarks on an adventure with her tatay, collaborating with community members to rebuild what the storm damaged. With lush illustrations and a heartwarming narrative, A Roof! captures the Filipino spirit of bayanihan. This story, perfect for fans of juvenile fiction fully booked on exciting reads, is a testament to community and resilience.

FGTeeV: Out of Time! (Paperback)

By FGTeeV (Author), Miguel Díaz Rivas (Illustrator)

Join YouTube’s favorite family of gamers in their fourth graphic novel adventure, Out of Time! The FGTeeV family gets sucked into a gaming watch, embarking on a perilous journey through different eras. From avoiding a T-Rex to battling space invaders, this action-packed story promises laughs and thrills. Ideal for fans of juvenile fiction, fully booked with high-energy adventures, this book continues to captivate young readers with its humor and excitement.

Beyond the Isle of the Lost: The Descendants, Book 5 (Hardcover)

By Melissa de la Cruz

Travel down the rabbit hole with Red, the daughter of the Queen of Hearts, in this hilarious and adventurous prequel to Disney's Descendants: The Rise of Red. Set in Wonderland, Red dreams of escaping her mother’s strict rule. She plans a rebellious party with friends Ace and Chester that might change Wonderland forever. Full of whimsy and humor, Beyond the Isle of the Lost is a must-read for those who love juvenile fiction fully booked with fantastical escapades.

Gimo Jr. and the Aswang Clan (Paperback)

By Andrew Jalbuena Pasaporte (Author), Auggie Fontanilla (Illustrator)

Experience the thrill of Filipino folklore with Gimo Jr. and the Aswang Clan. This middle-grade novel brings a fresh and fun perspective to the supernatural genre. Danny and his friend Eddie uncover sinister secrets in their seemingly harmless town after Danny receives a mysterious gift on his 13th birthday. The story’s blend of humor, mystery, and Filipino culture makes it a standout choice for readers interested in juvenile fiction fully booked with eerie and exciting tales.

The Ultimate Wizarding World History of Magic: A Comprehensive Chronicle of the Harry Potter Universe through the Ages (Hardcover)

By The Editors of MuggleNet

Delve into the rich history of the wizarding world with this comprehensive chronicle from the editors of MuggleNet. The Ultimate Wizarding World History of Magic explores significant events, from the creation of the first Horcrux to the final adventures of Harry Potter. This detailed exploration is perfect for young fans of juvenile fiction fully booked with magical and historical lore, offering a deep dive into the beloved universe of witches and wizards.

Juvenile Fiction at Fully Booked

This selection of five captivating titles exemplifies the diverse world of juvenile fiction at Fully Booked. These titles range from heartwarming community stories that celebrate the power of friendship and compassion, to thrilling adventures that transport young readers to far-off lands and realms. Additionally, our collection includes magical histories that intertwine fantasy and folklore, appealing to the imagination of every young reader. With such a wide range of options, there's something for every middle grade reader, ages 9 to 12, to explore and enjoy.

Please visit or call Fully Booked near you to check the availability of these juvenile fiction titles. Happy reading!

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