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Darkness in her heart

Fantasy stories

By Nathasha aktharPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

Once upon a time, in a far-off kingdom nestled amidst lush valleys and towering mountains, there lived a beautiful princess named Isabella. She had long, golden hair that shone like the sun, and her eyes sparkled like the clearest blue skies. Isabella was renowned throughout the land for her exquisite beauty, and she knew it. Her beauty had been her source of pride for as long as she could remember, But her beauty wasn't the only thing she was proud of. Isabella was known throughout the land for her cruelty and her disdain for the people of her kingdom.

In the heart of the kingdom lay a quaint village, where kind and humble people resided. Yet, Isabella often treated them with disdain, viewing them as mere peasants unworthy of her time. Isabella's days were filled with vanity and selfishness. She spent hours admiring herself in the mirror and rarely showed any kindness to those around her. Her servants, the common folk, and even her friends were subject to her harsh words and mistreatment. She revelled in the attention and adoration that her beauty brought, leaving a trail of heartache and sorrow wherever she went.

One fateful evening, a brilliant, mystical comet streaked across the night sky, casting a radiant light over the kingdom. As Isabella gazed upon the comet with an air of superiority, she made a careless wish upon a falling star, ignorant of the power it held. She wished for eternal beauty, believing that it could only enhance her already unparalleled loveliness.

The following morning, Isabella awoke to a shocking sight. She stared into the mirror, only to find that her once breathtaking features had transformed into something quite the opposite. Her hair had lost its lustre, her skin had grown rough and freckled, and her eyes no longer sparkled with their former radiance. She was now an ugly, poor girl, living in a small cottage on the outskirts of the village. Anger and sadness engulfed her heart as she realized her striking beauty had vanished overnight.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized her transformation. She rushed to find her friends, hoping they would help her. However, when they saw her new appearance, they mocked and shamed her, making her feel even more alone and miserable.

For the first time in her life, Isabella experienced what it was like to be poor and unattractive. As she roamed the streets, her former subjects now treated her with the same disdain she had once shown them. The princess, now a humble and pitiful girl, struggled to make ends meet. She cleaned houses, fetched water, and did whatever she could to survive.

As days turned into weeks, Isabella wandered the streets of the kingdom, experiencing the hardships that the common people faced every day. In her vulnerability, she saw the world from a different perspective.

Alone and desperate, Isabella soon realized that her beauty had been a shallow shield that had shielded her from the trials and tribulations of life. She had never learned kindness, empathy, or humility. Yet, deep within her, there was a glimmer of hope and a spark of goodness that remained unextinguished.

Isabella soon found herself helping those in need. She shared her meagre food with the hungry, offered comfort to the sorrowful, and gave warmth to the cold. In doing so, she began to understand the true meaning of kindness and compassion.

Over time, the bitterness in Isabella's heart began to melt away, and she felt a warmth she had never known before.

One day, as Isabella was sharing the little food she had with a hungry child, a remarkable transformation took place. Her eyes began to regain their sparkle, her hair started to regain its shine, and her skin cleared up. She felt a warmth spreading through her, and as she continued to do good deeds for others, her beauty was gradually restored. But this time, her beauty was not just skin deep it was a reflection of the kindness and compassion that now filled her heart.

One night, the mystical comet returned, casting its light once more over the kingdom. Seraphina, standing beneath it, made another wish. This time, she wished not for eternal beauty but for a heart that would forever be kind and compassionate.

The comet granted her wish, and in a breathtaking burst of light, Isabella was transformed. She was no longer the cruel, selfish princess who had once scorned the world. Instead, she became a beacon of beauty, inside and out, spreading love and warmth wherever she went.

The villagers, once scornful, welcomed her with open arms, and the kingdom flourished with her benevolent rule. Isabella had learned the most valuable lesson of all, true beauty comes not from physical appearance, but from the kindness and love that reside in one's heart. From that day on, she ruled her kingdom with fairness and compassion, and she lived a life filled with genuine happiness and fulfilment, She lived happily ever after, her beauty forever radiant, and her heart forever compassionate.


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