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Dance With Darkness Broke Bestseller!

I've become a bestselling author!

By Sai Marie JohnsonPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

Look at this!

Well, thanks to all of you wonderful people the most amazing thing happened to me this weekend!

Our book scaled the Fantasy ranks and topped Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson, and Terry Pratchett.

I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am truly speechless and trying to find a way to convey the emotions running through me this entire weekend.

I went to the Seventh Annual Labyrinth Ball at Old Nick’s Pub in Eugene and had a blast. This was intended to be my own celebration for the book launch and release of the Dance With Darkness anthology, but I was stunned to notice my collaborators and I had crested this far and I’ve just been holding a perma-grin ever since.

If you haven’t already gotten a copy please get one ASAP because the .99 cent special is ending today and we want to ensure everyone gets a chance to get their hands on this One-of-a-kind and unique limited-time collection.

Dance With Darkness is an enemies to lovers collection with 12 different authors stories and each is a paranormal romance/romantasy novella around 15,000 to 25,00 words in length — here’s the blurb:

To protect your people, you must allow yourself to be captured by the creature everyone has feared for over a century.

Or maybe, you’re a stowaway bested by an enemy on distant shores or a princess seeking a deal to save your kingdom.

Whether this collection of stories takes you on a journey through a magical landscape or brings a creature from a distant land to your doorstep, you won’t be left wanting of magic and excitement. In this collection, you’ll be captivated by dark magic, anti-heroes, and tough heroines who don’t cower in the face of their demons. In fact, you might find some falling for them.

Fae, vampires, elves, and more grace the pages of this book, written by various beloved fantasy and paranormal authors. Be captivated by unconventional enemies to lovers stories with twists to thrill, surprise you, and sometimes, break your heart.

Grab your copy of DANCE WITH DARKNESS today. Discover nearly a dozen romantic fantasy stories for fans of Elise Kova, Emily Blackwood, Sarah J. Maas, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Laurell K Hamilton, and more!

Get yours here:


by Sai Marie Johnson


“You have come for sacrifice. Have you not?”

Steps began to echo as the entity’s feet met with the ground, and the crunch of leaves seemed to grow closer with every second,

“Ah, ha; pardon me…”

His chuckling suddenly lifted to graze Eulie’s ears and she furrowed her brows in confusion,

“You can’t speak. I know this is probably a bit alarming for you. But you see, in the past screaming gave me a crushing migraine and I’ve learned to take precautions. However, I’d like to speak with you so…”

The creature trailed its words, stepping forth once more. Eulie, still slightly euphoric from whatever gaseous device he’d used, remained limp as the entity continued its speech,

“If I remove the gag will you behave? Tch, I’d so hate to have to punish you…"

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Open the gates, Prince Xi is waiting for this one. Make haste.”

“Is that your favorite command?” Eulalia chuckled suddenly, finding the order of his words both amusing and instantly recognizing her mistake.

“Hush it, you. I warn you now, I can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. What shall it be, girl?”

“My name is not girl. It’s Eulalia.”

“Your name is whatever His Lordship should determine it to be, girl.”

“I am not a girl. I’ve long grown past it.”

“Funny, that’s what all the girls say – later they learn.”

“Learn what?”

“Not to try my patience, now move it on through those gates!” Having failed to gauge her surroundings, Eulalia jumped – her flesh riddling with shockwaves as the cracking sound of a whip echoed mere inches from her ear.

“You could’ve split my cheek!” Her hand instantly lifted to flatten against her face, and her lips fell agape with stunning surprise as her palm remained pasted to her skin.

“You have a hard skull in that head of yours. Fancy it wise to use whatever brain rests within it and move, eh?” He furrowed his eyebrows then, crinkling his forehead with frustration as a scowl overtook his face. Now, concerned that his next motion might actually mar her flesh, Eulalia found the courage to step through the gate and continued into the corridor. A dark shadow fell over the hall. With only a few sporadically placed torches to guide in the darkness the luminant reflection of embers flickering upon dark stones gave the appearance of the ground being wet. Though an illusion, Eulalia’s apprehension lifted as she strode onward and with careful steps, she slowly made her way forth – with no true clue where she was to go, “You will stop in five paces – move not an inch more from this point.”

“Yes, Sir.” Murmured Eulalia, her voice a mere whisper on bated breath.

“You will enter the next chamber to be bathed. After your bathing – a handmaid will deliver you before the Prince’s court. You are not to speak unless addressed – you will keep your eyes averted to His Lordship until he calls your attention to peer at His face. Do you understand, girl?”

“Yes.” Inside, a fear unlike any other had boiled up within and Eulalia knew her voice had been lined with tepid intimidation even as muttered it.


As featured in DANCE WITH DARKNESS anthology.

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