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Why Vegan Makeup Products Are Good for You and the Environment

Many are making the switch to vegan makeup. But what does this mean? And why?

By Vivi HigginsPublished 6 years ago 2 min read

It's a known fact that veganism is an increasingly popular trend in Millenials, and only continuing to grow in recent years. It's no surprise that many companies will start to jump on this new trend, including, the makeup industry. You might be familiar to these new phrases, "vegan" or "cruelty-free" in makeup, but you might not know exactly what they mean. What's the difference between regular makeup and vegan makeup? And what is the benefit of buying these new products?

What does it mean when a product is "vegan"? By definition, vegan makeup is a product that does not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. For example, this means that the product is free of thing such as: honey, beeswax, collagen, gelatin, cholesterol, and other various things. Normally, regular products will use animal byproducts and various chemicals in their formulas. This isn't true for vegan makeup. Because of this, vegan makeup is said to be more gentler and safer than regular products, leaving out not only animal byproducts, but harmful chemicals, metals, and other harmful substances.

Now, what does it mean to "cruelty-free"? The term might give it away but to put it simply, "cruelty-free" means that the company doesn't test there products on animals. It is very common and widely-known that that the makeup industry uses animals to test their products on, which can be very harmful to the animals, and is a form of animal cruelty. Even if the company itself doesn't test on animals, there is such as thing called, "Required by Law" which means that a third party is required to test the product on animals. Buying "cruelty-free" products is helpful and ensures that no animals are harmed in the process, however, not all "cruelty-free" products are vegan. Many companies choose to be "cruelty-free" but still choose to not supply vegan products. This is why it's recommended to research companies or products that are both vegan and "cruelty-free."

Now that I've told you what it is, now for the why? What can switching to these products do for me? For starters, began vegan products are much more gentle, it works better for sensitive skin. Along with that, many vegan products don't contain gluten, which can be beneficial for people who suffer from celiac disease and various skin diseases. Vegan makeup gives you a more natural, healthier look because it is used with natural ingredients. In addition to physical benefits, it is also eco-friendly. Using natural products is one, and on top of that, most of the vegan products and containers are usually recyclable and environmentally friendly. This applies to cruelty-free products as well.

Although it comes with benefits, it does have some disadvantages as well. The biggest being price. Because of it being all-natural and eco-friendly, it is often more expensive than regular makeup products. This can be a disadvantage to many people. Another big disadvantage is that many companies will try to pass off their regular makeup as "vegan." So please, check before you buy! Some other disadvantages are, not lasting as long as normal makeup, not being waterproof, and having limited colors due to the use of natural ingredients.

Hopefully now you are well educated in what "vegan" products and "cruelty-free" products are and how they are good for you. I hope that you will make the switch to vegan makeup! Even just a handful of your makeup can be beneficial to you and the environment!


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