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Why is the skin getting worse?

4 bad habits of ineffective skin care, must be corrected in advance

By Egg LemmonPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Why is the skin getting worse?
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Why the skin is getting worse and worse ineffective skin care 4 bad habits, must be corrected in advance

The big brand of skin care products used, every day coated layer after layer, but also often follow the rhythm of skincare bloggers to do skin care, why the skin is still getting worse, not a lot of people have such doubts about money spent but is unable to achieve the effect they want, is it the cause of skin care products?

Not, then expensive skin care products if not absorbed by the skin, long attached to the surface of the skin, the skin is harmless, in the end, what is the cause of it? With the following 4 points, hurry to see if you are also hit ~

Why is the skin getting worse?

One: skin care practices

I think we often see girls in short videos using cotton pads dipped in water to wipe the skin, as a secondary cleaning, this habit for the thicker stratum corneum sisters to speak the impact is not large, but those with a thin stratum corneum or more sensitive skin girls, this technique is more violent, will damage the stratum corneum, causing damage to the skin barrier.

The correct way is to pour 1 to 2 pumps of lotion in the palm of your hand, then press and pat from the face, cheeks, forehead, and chin, in turn, waiting for it to be absorbed by the skin is OK. For oilier skin, T-zone can be appropriate to use more makeup, which is conducive to the balance of water and oil in the skin and can make the makeup more durable.

Two: After the mask does not wash your face

Many people feel that the thicker the mask serum the better it is not so, the reason why the mask serum thickened because it contains a lot of thickening agents, if you do not wash it off immediately after the mask, a long time will clog the pores, smothering acne also breeding closed mouth, so not only a waste of mask money but also make the skin worse, so that does not want to "rotten face "after the mask must be timely to wash the face clean.

Three: excessive overlay products

Whenever the skin care can't wait to have all the skin care products on the vanity to the face, I don't know, skin care products are not the more the better, the skin will have a kind of absorption process, plus too much hydration for the skin is a burden, will make the cells in a long-term full state, become more sensitive, short-term look at the water tender elastic, once the skin inside the lack of water, the skin will become saggy inelastic. It is difficult to repair later on.

Lotions, creams, and other skincare products are all effective

Lotions, creams, and these skin care products are the same efficacy, the use of the morning and night to distinguish can be, there is no need to apply all the brain in the face, in the premise of basic skin care, dry skin with creams, on the contrary, oily skin can use the lotion, you can achieve the basic needs of the skin.

Four: cleaning is not in place

Many skin problems are caused by the cleaning is not in place, washing the face is too simple, or the use of cleansing products cleaning power is too weak, resulting in the face is not clean or wash the face after feeling of tight skin, these are the main reasons for acne, blackheads on the face.

The correct way to wash your face is first from the water temperature, followed by washing your hands before washing your face, do not hold the idea of washing together, the bacteria on your hands to the face, which will make the pores become enlarged, and then when washing your face must be the cleanser to foam before the face, so that dirt and grease can be washed clean, followed by skin care products to be completely absorbed by the skin.

To sum up: the above 4 points are many people will the wrong bad habits, which is the main reason for the deterioration of the skin, the good thing is that it is not too late to know, we must hurry to correct Yo.

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