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? When a woman washes her hair, it is suggested to avoid these four "misunderstandings". The quality of the hair is softer and the amount of hair is more.

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Girls are more concerned about their own hairstyle and hair quality, because hairstyles can improve our temperament and appearance, good hair quality is the basis of beautiful hairstyles, after all, you find a highly skilled teacher Tony. If the amount of hair is small and the quality of hair is poor, you can't support a good hairstyle.

So what can I do to make my hair better in daily life? In fact, when we wash our hair every day, many girls are using the wrong way to wash their hair, which will affect the quality of our hair over a long time. Here to tell you, when women wash their hair, it is recommended to avoid the following four misunderstandings, hair quality will be more supple, hair volume will be more, let's have a look!

Myth 1: wash your hair every day

Some people think that hair should be washed every day to keep the scalp clean and make the hair healthier and healthier. In fact, our hair is not as dirty as we thought, and keeping a certain amount of grease on our hair can prevent hair damage.

Washing your hair every day may wash off the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands, thus losing the protective film on our hair and scalp, so washing your hair every day may not make your hair better, but will affect its health.

Tips: it is now in a dry winter. It is recommended that people with oily hair wash their hair once every 1 to 2 days and dry hair once every 3 to 4 days. In addition, it is recommended that damaged perm dyed hair should be washed less frequently. If the hair does not feel obvious irritability and oil stains, can not wash, wash hair too frequently will make hair loss, short hair more and more serious.

Myth 2: rub your scalp hard to wash your hair

When many girls wash their hair, because they are afraid that they can not wash their scalp clean, they always rub their scalp hard with their fingernails. on the one hand, they think it can clean the scalp, and on the other hand, they can relieve the itching symptoms of the scalp.

In fact, this kind of practice is very easy to scratch the scalp, and it is also possible to scratch off the hair at the root. It is recommended that you gently rub the scalp with your finger belly when washing your hair. The soft finger belly rubbing the scalp will make it cleaner, and it is not easy to cause hair loss or hair loss.

Myth 3: the hair dryer dries the hair completely

After washing your hair, everyone will dry your hair with a hair dryer, which is really convenient and quick. But for some dry and damaged hair, the excessive use of hair dryer is an important reason for the dryness and roughness of the hair.

The hot air in the hair dryer blows directly to the hair for a long time, which will take away the moisture of the hair itself, causing it to break and dry. Use the hair dryer properly to reduce excessive damage to the hair. It is recommended that every time you use a hair dryer, try to turn the hot air down as much as possible, then blow your hair to seven minutes dry and then air dry naturally.

Myth 4: conditioner can replace hair care essential oil

Conditioner is used by most girls when washing their hair. it can make our hair softer, but for dry and damaged hair, the effect of conditioner is really minimal, but some people still think that conditioner can replace hair care essential oils.

In fact, conditioner and hair care essential oil are two different products. Hair conditioner needs to be washed off when applied to the hair. Hair care essential oil is applied after washing your hair. It stays on the hair for a long time and can make it more moisturized and glossy.

At the same time, hair care essential oil contains a variety of plant essence extracts, often used can improve the rough hair, it is recommended that the hair quality is seriously damaged people, these two kinds of hair care products should be used.

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