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What Lipstick Color Matches Your Vibe?

by Robyn Reisch 12 months ago in makeup

Look no farther for your new signature shade!

What Lipstick Color Matches Your Vibe?
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"Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together," instructed Elizabeth Taylor. The perfect shade can really enhance your personal power - but only if it rings true to you.

Find your best match here!

1. Who are you trying to channel?

A. Old Hollywood Starlets: Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, and Rita Hayworth

B. Girl-Next-Door Leading Ladies: Gabrielle Union, Reese Witherspoon, and Ali Wong

C. Polished Royal Women: Kate Middleton, Crown Princess Victoria, Grace Kelly

D. Badass Rebel Girls: Kate Moss, Megan Thee Stallion, Iliza Shlesinger

2. What's the occasion?

A. I'm leading a workshop at the office, and then taking the team out for drinks. It's time to blow off some steam!

B. My crew from college is reinstating our traditional Taco Tuesday. I'm bringing my famous churro cupcakes for dessert!

C. I'm attending a black tie fundraiser for a cause dear to my heart. My husband's hitting the open bar hard, and I'm hitting the silent auction even harder!

D. My best friends and I are going to a drag show, tearing up every dance floor in the city, and probably joining a stranger's bachelorette party!

3. We hear enough about dream dates. Which of these is your personal nightmare?

A. Your date starts the night off by arriving twenty minutes late. Over dinner, he talks about his "crazy" exes and casts himself as the victim in every relationship. His boss is out to get him, too. You're noticing a pattern...

B. He insists on ditching your girl friends, talks disrespectfully about his mother, and describes his happily married best friend as being "whipped." You can't - and won't - imagine any kind of future with this loser.

C. Mr. Wrong honks in the driveway instead of coming to the door. Then, he takes you to a cheesy chain restaurant where he's rude to the wait staff. The night ends with a desperate play to get in your apartment. No, thank you!

D. You run into his old frat brothers at a club. They spend the night making misogynistic jokes, and your date doesn't have the courage to shut it down. You can't decide whether you're more bored or offended.

4. You win a free airplane ticket to France! What are your plans?

A. You sign up for the Paris Marathon. Running one is on your bucket list, and what better time - and place - is there to train?

B. Who wouldn't embrace this chance for a culinary tour?! You dive right in to a pastry course, learn the fine art of cheese making, and hit several wineries. Yum!

C. This is the ultimate dream for an art enthusiast like you! You head to Paris, of course, and spend days just wandering around the Louvre.

D. At first you imagine yourself skiing in the Alps. Then, when booking your hotel, you come across an ad for ice climbing. Obviously you have to try it out!

5. Who makes your favorite lipstick, anyway?

A. Chanel or Smashbox

B. MAC or Anastasia Beverly Hills

C. Charlotte Tilbury or Dior

D. Fenty or Urban Decay

Mostly A's: Red

Nobody should be surprised you came up aces. A classic beauty and a straight shooter, you are a woman who knows what she wants. Get it with the help of a true red like Dior 999 or MAC Ruby Woo.

Mostly B's: Pink

You are the ultimate girl's girl: fun loving, family oriented, and a loyal friend to all. No doubt you're a hugger. Go bold with Pink Pigeon by MAC or get more sensual in NARS Sex Machine.

Mostly C's: Nude

Hello, princess! You are sophisticated, cultured, and deeply kind. Your favorite look is a subtle but flawless one. Accentuate your natural beauty with a perfect nude like Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk.

Mostly D's: Purple

Creative and adventurous, you are a woman who makes her own rules. Purple is a brave and original choice, just like you! Go moody and sensual with Fig by Smashbox, or bright and fun with MAC Heroine.


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