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We Have Some Exciting News: Recent Studies Suggest That Grey Hair Can Be Reversed

There is a possibility that grey hair may be avoided and even reversed.

By Jacob DamianPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Wisdom, self-awareness, and the ability to buy fabric softener are just some of the wonderful benefits that come with advancing years. However, other changes, such as the appearance of grey hair, may not be everyone's preferred indicators of maturation.

If you count yourself among those individuals, we have some good news (kind of). The New York University Grossman School of Medicine sponsored a study that led to the discovery of what causes greying hair and what people might do to potentially stop or slow the process.

In a study that was only recently made public, the researchers came to the conclusion that the stem cells connected to grey hairs (melanocytes) seem to function in a manner that is distinct from that of other stem cells. The failure of the stem cell occurs initially in both humans and mice, resulting in the development of grey hair in both species.

Here is how the cell influences the colour of your hair, as well as what experts believe the best course of action is to take.

What did the most recent research find?

Melanin is a pigment that may be found in variable concentrations in the skin of humans and other animals. Its creation is what gives each person their own distinctive eye, hair, and skin colour.

According to the findings of the research, melanocyte stem cells, also known as McSCs, travel through your hair follicles. In addition, these various sections of your hair may include a variety of proteins, each of which may be responsible for initiating a certain stage of cell growth.

According to the findings of this research, unlike other types of stem cells, which pass away in a simple manner, mesenchymal stem cells (McSCs) seem to transition between different phases of life as they travel through your hair (pretty cool, huh?).

However, despite this one-of-a-kind life cycle, the cells do undergo changes as a result of ageing; otherwise, there would be no such thing as grey hair.

Instead, as you become older, the McSCs tend to remain in one compartment of your hair known as the hair follicle bulge.

In point of fact, rather than causing the McSCs to mature prematurely, this particular region of your hair stops them from growing at all in the first place. They do not acquire any colour and continue to seem grey, much like a sheet of paper that has not yet had any writing or printing done on it.

In a nutshell, grey hair results from your hair growing while the McSCs in it do not develop.

What was it about switching the colours of the greys?

To put it another way, lowering your stress levels will reverse the greying of your hair, although the reason behind this is still a mystery. A research conducted in 2021 found "striking associations" between changes in hair colour and recent complaints of stress. The findings were published in the year 2021.

"A hair's pigment was lost whenever a donor mentioned an increase in their level of stress. The identical hair recovered its colour after the donor reported a decrease in the amount of stress they were experiencing.

The change may not be permanent, and greying hair that is "on the turn," that is, hair that is just about to turn grey or that has already gone grey, seems to be more sensitive to stress-based reversal or induction of the condition.

"The model showed that there could be a threshold for temporarily greying hair; if hairs are ready to go grey anyhow, a stressful event might induce that change sooner. And after the stressful incident is over, if a single hair is hovering just over the cutoff point, it may return back to its normal dark colour,

Altering the mechanisms of the McSC that are responsible for the creation of greys could be helped by stem cell treatments as well as by de-stressing. And here's some even better news: these discoveries could potentially aid in the fight against cancer.

In an interview with NPR, Mayumi Ito, a professor at NYU Langone Health and an investigator for the 2023 project, said the following: "When the stem cell regulation goes awry, we will have multiple health problems including cancers."

"The melanocyte stem cell system is advantageous to understand this comprehensive problem in medical science because the malfunction of the system is so visible,"

In the interim, I'm going to participate in a class on mindfulness.

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