Ways to Reduce Signs of Aging

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Look younger and feel good!

Ways to Reduce Signs of Aging

Looking young, and seeking out ways to slow down the aging process has always been popular among those who care about themselves, and their outer appearance. Over time people have come up with many ways to reduce signs of aging. Skincare, make-up, clothing, hair, and even eating certain foods can all help reduce the signs that you have been around the sun a few times.


Jumping on the skincare game while you are still young is key to this trick. You will want to set up a regular skin care regimen. This will start with a gentle cleanser with a low PH, because the lower the PH the gentler it is on your skin. You also want to invest in an exfoliant due to the fact that as you age, your skin cells take longer to replenish themselves, and you want to get that dead skin off. This will leave your skin soft, smooth, and glowing. Lastly, an anti-aging serum is always good to top it all off. Get one that contains Vitamin A and C to help replace collagen in your skin.


Applying makeup is key for aging. If you apply it poorly it can make you look older, if applied well it can make you look younger. Always start off with a moisturizer of some sort to prep your face. This will plump your skin, and reduce wrinkles so that when you apply face makeup the makeup does not sink into any lines. Next, some people like to cake on the concealer to cover dark rings or circles around their eyes. NO. Do not do this. Applying a bright, lightweight concealer with a light hand will do the trick just fine. With your mascara, do not put any on your lower lash line as this can draw attention to little wrinkles and imperfections there.


Eat good food! Healthy foods will make you look and feel better and younger. Eating foods that specifically contain polyphenols is a good trick. These are foods such as fruits, vegetables, lectin-free cereal grains, tea, coffee, and more. Polyphenols can help protect our bodies against oxidation. They can help the heart and brain, and are especially active in a way to help prevent aging. This is kind of the secret when it comes to eating, so if you don’t already know much about it don’t worry, just find a polyphenol guide that will walk you through the science behind the anti-aging affects. It will also give you ideas of which foods to eat.


People may not think there is much you can do with your hair to help you reduce aging, but fear not, there is. First off, if you are open to dying then you should always go for tones that make your hair warmer. Ashy tones are a middle-aged woman’s nightmare, as they totally wash you out. Warm colors soften your facial features, and give you a nice glow. Next, age knows no lengths! Just because you are getting older does not mean you have to give your hair the classic “mom cut.” If you love your long hair, keep it! But also if you prefer shorter hair, that is totally okay too. Do your thing! Whatever you do, make sure your haircut frames your face. Pulling your hair back makes anyone look ten years older.


The age old saying that black makes you look skinnier… well it may be true, but it can also make you look a lot older as well. As you age your skin tends to get more pale and sunken in. The color black will only enhance these negative traits, which is not what we want. As you age, do not be afraid to throw some pops of color in your outfit! A bright pink may scare you away, and make you think it is a younger girl's outfit, but you need to put that on and rock it! Brighter colors will liven you up, and make you look younger. Another tip is to pick shoes and pants that will elongate your legs for a younger look. Sandals and longer pants will do this for you.

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