Trying 100 Face Masks

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What to Look For

Trying 100 Face Masks

**These recommendations, provided by me, are for those with an oily forehead and a dried out chin/jaw. Otherwise known as combination skin. My skin is also very sensitive with pink pigmentation.**

I also keep all my face masks and under eye strips in my refrigerator so that it reduces my puffiness at the same time.

For some reason, I decided to buy a 24k gold face mask from Amazon completely out of impulse. It was $32 and I still can not tell if it was just gold glitter in there or not. But whatever was in there tinted my face a little bit yellow so it gave the illusion of glowing and even skin. I was a sucker...

From that day, I made an Instagram account dedicated to skin care and have been trying every face mask I came across. This is gonna shock you so get ready... The best face masks with the most results that were, apparently, just what my skin needed was from... Kroger.

It is a brand called Bio-Miracle and they are Korean face masks. There were other brands that I got from Sephora called Fresh, specifically the Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask, that I really did enjoy. However, three ounces for $92.00 without tax? No, thank you. (One ounce is $35 without tax). There was another by Farmacy, it was a honey mask. These were helpful only the first couple of times and the honey one started to burn me. I really liked French Girl Polish exfoliator followed by Belief Aqua Bomb moisturizer face lotion—I do not travel without this.

Putting raw honey from the jar under your eyes does help with dark circles and costs way less... Black tea, coffee, and pretty much anything that has caffeine in the product is your best friend. My personal favorites from Bio-Miracle (Kroger) are the Matcha and Arabica Coffee. These are very gentle and do even my skin tone and leaving so moisturized without causing my forehead to produce too much oil. It balanced my skin and left me glowing for days and these masks can be used every week.

When you are buying expensive masks, you need to look at how often you can use the product. Also, if you can be using a retinol. I made this mistake with a Drunk Elephant mask and I had chemical burns after.

Another thing that is really good for your skin is rose water with a drop of witch hazel. Tea tree oil is also helpful but the amount you use is extremely important. It has to be diluted with water and even then, it being mixed with whatever is in the face mask you are trying can still be way too harsh for those with sensitive skin like me.

The first thing I do is look at the ingredients and if I do not most of them (being natural herbs or fruits and vegetables) I do not go for it. Home remedies really are the best thing for your skin unless you do need some professional help including prescription lotions or products that have a specific chemical that is intended for health-related acne or hyperpigmentation. (I have a cousin with cystic-acne who has to have medical treatment.) But that does not mean that putting something grown in a garden won't do the trick.

If you haven't guessed, I am pretty much advising that your face masks have natural ingredients in them along with whatever chemicals that are not harsh to the skin. Charcoal is okay for some people but was also too harsh for my skin.

Bath and Body Works also has great detox masks. They have their own line, Skin goals that is pretty much a line of products with different teas and herbs. A-ma-zing. These were very calming for my dry skin areas and helped my redness go down.

In conclusion, do not waste your time on expensive skin care. It is a waste and a gimmick.


Layla Elkassih
Layla Elkassih
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