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Tired is good

Tired is good

By dayna pagePublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Knowledge is never finished, and the most effective way to acquire knowledge is to read. As the saying goes, "there is a golden house in books." My bookshelf is filled with sweat. Among so many books, I like one of the most, now it is old and thin but I still treasure it. "Pinocchio" is my favorite story book, its thick cover painted with a puppet with a long nose, very lovely. The author of this story book is a famous Italian writer. Although the story is more than a century old, it still has a strong will to inspire. The story is mainly about the old man Geppetto made a puppet. The protagonist of the story puppet - Pinocchio was once a bad boy, has the shortcomings of playing, lazy, ignorant, and so on, often make trouble. He experienced danger again and again, then learn the lesson, become more and more sensible, gradually learn to brave, honest, responsible, love learning, respect parents...... To be a real boy at last. "Pinocchio" story idea strange, humorous exaggeration, full of imagination and fantasy. I think the most interesting is: Pinocchio lied, the fairy punishment, the nose became long. But as soon as he admitted his mistake, his nose returned to normal. While I was amused, I could not help thinking of another question: how important it is to be honest. Lies make others lose confidence in us. I learned a lot from Pinocchio. It's an old story, but it never tires of reading. I will keep this story in my heart. When we make mistakes in life, we must have the courage to admit them and correct them in time. We must change our mistakes like Pinocchio and be a good boy. I will also cherish the opportunity to read, continue to maintain the good habit of reading, so as not to "book to time square hate less".

It's been a long time, but it always comes to my mind. It was in a PE class, I accidentally fell down, Wang Hong and Wang Li quickly ran to my side, while helping me to ask: "All right? I said, "It's okay! "After they help me up, Wang Hong will pull up my pants leg to have a look," Ah! It's bleeding! Look, there's blood on the pants, too. "I just felt the pain through my heart! Wang Hong and Wang Li said nothing. They helped me to the infirmary on the second floor of the office building. On the way up the stairs, Wang Hong said, "Come, I'll carry you upstairs." I just want to break free, but in the support of Wang Li on the back of Wang Hong bent, the stairs on the second floor have more than a dozen, Wang Hong through half showed the appearance of difficulty, I said: "quickly put me down! You're so tired! "But Wang Hong firmly said:" Nothing! Just hang in there. "Hearing this, Wang Li tried to support me in the back, so as to give Wang Hong a little help. When we reached the second floor, Wang Hong was already sweating. In the infirmary, the doctor teacher to my leg wound disinfection, and put on the potion, said: "It doesn't matter, just bruise, rest will be OK, but don't strenuous activities. "After a rest in the infirmary, Wang Hong and Wang Li helped me to the classroom. I said, "Thank you! "They said," You see, we are good sisters, what can I thank you for? Besides, isn't helping our classmates what we should do? Although it has been a long time, I can't forget it. Yeah! Helping classmates is what we should do, I also want to be like them, try my best to help the students in need of help.


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