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This "skin care products" will only make you older faster

Older women use less of this skin care products

By GonzagaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
This "skin care products" will only make you older faster
Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash

After women get older, these "skin care products" recommended to use as little as possible, will only make you older faster

Now the diversity of people's aesthetics, there are no more limitations on the definition of beauty, as long as the overall face value online, is the best interpretation of beauty. Especially women, with a variety of styles, and a thousand faces, all have their unique charm.

In life usually like to use flowers to describe women, because enough apt, although flowers have fragrance and are delicate, also have a flowering period the limit. Just as women have had beautiful faces, but they can not withstand the years of refinement.

It is often said that the years pass and the face ages. Although we can not reverse the situation, we can do it for the skin on a rainy day. The right skin care can effectively slow down the aging process and improve the symptoms of aging so that you can continue to bloom a unique glow even when you reach the "flowering stage".

Exquisite looks require investment

A fine face requires investment, and the earlier this investment is made the greater the return, and as long as it is adhered to, the harvest is not half a star. The main stars on the screen, are in the skincare investment can be said to be painstaking, both money and energy than ordinary people pay much more, which is why they all look as if they are "frozen" reason.

The fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

The topic of women's skincare products has always been of great concern, but cosmetics are rarely spoken about. To know the perfect look not only to have a good skin base but also inseparable from delicate makeup to do with. In this issue, I will focus on two cosmetic products with an important impact on the appearance to share, this 1 cosmetic products, although makeup has a supporting role, but also to the skin with a lot of burdens, especially recommended for older women, who can not use the time to try not to use, so that our facial skin in a more healthy state.

Reduce the use of foundation

When it comes to foundation, both makeup whites and makeup veterans are very familiar with the foundation as a key product to create a base makeup, if any flawless makeup needs use. If you don't use a foundation, the sophistication of your makeup will not be well protected, and your makeup will not be as obvious, and it will be hard to see that you are wearing makeup.

The role of the foundation in makeup is important, but the potential damage it causes to the skin is also present, especially for older women, the use of foundation after the burden on the skin will be more aggravated to a greater extent, already facing a dry, dehydrated skin in the overall state of the foundation coverage will worsen, mainly in the form of pigmentation, acne, if the makeup is not thoroughly removed, but also cause Pore blockage, seriously affecting the skin's breathing function.

The perfect face can not be separated from the delicate makeup

Therefore, when a woman reaches a certain age, it is best to avoid heavy makeup on the mirror, including the use of foundation should also try to reduce the number of times to uses, if, in life, there is a real need for makeup, it is recommended that you can use face cream to replace the use of foundation.

Mask is also a necessity in life, there is a saying that hard work for most of the year, a sun back to liberation. Every penny you spend is visible on your face.

The mask is applied early, the face looks smaller. Bad skin, bad temper. Bad temper, the skin is not good. The girl who loves to put on a mask, her career will not be too bad even with LAMER eye cream, you have to stay up less oh. While young, let yourself be more young will. I hope you remove the makeup also beautiful.


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