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The perfumier portrays scent as dangerously beautiful

"I had never experienced what it is, happiness. It seemed as fleeting to me as a scent."-Sunny

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Der Parfumeur //The perfumier is a 2021 movie with Emilia Schüle, Ludwig Simon, and Robert Finster as the main cast.

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Sunny (Emilia Schüle)gets a change of scenery with a new job and new location. She hopes for happiness and longevity with her fellow officer and lover, Juro(Robert Finster). Her absence of smell haunts her so she strikes a deal with the perfumier who plans to make the perfect scent.


"We came up with nothing"- smart and strategic people leave little to chance but often have a slip-up or misstep as Sherlock in Enola Holmes 2 said. Regardless, they find the desired suspect.


We learn the six basic scents and follow Sunny on her journey of re-discovering scents each day. Dorian (Ludwig Simon) says "Smells are feelings. Memories.". These memories came back as she said, The invisible wall had vanished. But with the smell, memories returned, and a curiosity.".


Tina(Sólveig Arnarsdóttir) and Rosa(Sina Martens).


Dorian was warned by his mentor that he should never take things so far as to create a love perfume but he sees it as something that "is greater than human will". Dorian appreciated preserving fleeting moments as scents similar to the Maison Margiela "memory in a fragrance" scents. However, "He believed he had also found a formula for the human soul." He said, "The world will be more beautiful."

Dorian wanted to destroy the first trial he did, he deemed it to be a failure because it doesn't bring love, "just sex". Sunny said she couldn't smell it but could feel the power of it. She could identify it after Juro that was giving her the silent treatment in the car is immediately drawn to her as some spilled on her hand. As she kept using it, he continuously left his family (at this point, unwillingly almost) to go back to her. She enjoyed his company but felt bad because she was deceiving him and herself.

She searches for the perfumier to teach her how to smell so she could smell her baby with Juro. She and Dorian make a deal that he would be her teacher and she, his protection. Despite not asking once about the deceased people, they start the classes. After giving him inspiration as he could smell her baby, he chucked her body from a high ledge. As unfortunate as this might sound, this fall allowed her to regain her sense of smell.

Image credit: Screenshot Top Trailers Plus on YouTube

Sunny and Juro continue with their relationship and she continues using the perfume. This shows horrible effects when Juro cries confused about what is happening to him and when Rex (Anne Müller)is overpowered and eaten from the concentration on her. Dorian had a bad smell from birth which prevented love and friendship, so he and Rex (whom no one liked as well) used a dead chimpanzee's extractions to create one similar to a human scent. His father (a reverend father too) felt he was sinful and poured something on his nose (acid, I believe). He's still mixtures with Rex doing the killings to get the smell of love.

I wondered if Dorian and Sunny were connected because he could feel she was alive and sense her presence. This man, Dorian did the surprise candlelight trail to attract Sunny to strike another deal as he said she needs his perfume and he needs her as inspiration. After a moment, she realizes he doesn't know love and how could he create what he doesn't know. She told him, "True love can never be forced. When it does arrive, it's easy.".

He and his icon discuss achieving the perfume of love. They talk about their extraction methods as well. Rex never did the dirty work which Rex did and felt bothered but was introduced to a considerable plan shown to him. They talk about a less violent way to extract the essence from people through a vacuum (as it disturbs the sanctity of the product). Eventually, Sunny took away his heightened ability to detect and preserve smells after she crushed the odourless toxic substance in his hand freeing him of this gift and burden. Dorian was imprisoned but did not lose hope as he said his dreams could not be locked up and hoped that they build a hot air balloon and scatter his perfume "until all hate turns to love.". The mystery is solved in the first parts of the movie but is still interesting throughout.

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